Monday, February 28, 2011


As I have stated before, I have lived many, many lives as an Australian Aborigine. These people were telepathic and some still are (the ones that do not live in cities or around white men). That was their natural way of communicating. I learned telepathy then and it remained in my soul where all the knowledge of our past lives resides. Their telepathic abilities have been well documented by anthropologists that have traveled with the elders. I remember reading about one instance where the anthropologist was traveling with an elder about 100 miles from his home came when the elder stopped suddenly and stated, “My Sister just died. I have to return home.” The anthropologist recorded the date and time this happened and when they got back home, sure enough, it had happened at exactly the time the elder stated it had. 

It is also why I was never afraid of my VG and the fact that she communicated with me using telepathy. It seemed normal to me. She does at times whisper in my ear, but more often she uses telepathy. This has allowed me to put myself in places that I probably would not have had she not brought the opportunity to my attention. She never says I should or should not do it. She allows me to make the decision. I have come to trust her completely because she has saved my life more times than I can count. 

Telepathy is a much more honest form of communication. It does not allow for the hiding of intent, emotions, or other things. They are brought to the surface fast and can be dealt with much sooner. If we were telepathic, think of all the murders, dictators, and gun violence that would be prevented because of the knowledge that it this intent was being formed. Think of how many fewer games would be played between Humans. We worry so much about privacy…about not letting anyone know our thoughts. Those that are telepathic don’t worry about this. To them, it is a given that others know what you are thinking. It sure would make our elections more honest because we would truly know what a candidate is thinking. It would change everything. 

When a species is telepathic, it is simply that they know what you are thinking and you know what they are thinking (if you are telepathic). Think of it this way: when Humans speak (as is our form of communication), everyone within earshot hears what is said. It is the same with telepathic communication. It isn't that they are listening to everything you think, it's that they 'hear' your thoughts as you 'hear' the words of those speaking to you. A telepathic species is not going to view knowing what you are thinking as invasive. To them it is the form of communication. 

I am having very heightened occurrences of contact...almost on a daily basis with an increasing number of Alien species...some are on Earth and some are not. I am receiving so much information now that I could not begin to keep up with it in blog posts. A lot of what I am being shown I am not able to put into Human language. It's hard...very hard to know this and have no way to communicate it yet. I assume that I will when I am supposed to write about it. 

Events are quickening at a dizzying pace and if one is going to keep up with these events, then they must not be focusing on whether or not a UFO or black ops flew over their house the night before. These are distractions that the mind/ego is trying to keep in the forefront to stop the progression outward of the soul toward inter-galactic communication. This is going to happen. Period. Where or not one chooses to be a part of it is the only question important enough to answer. 

Let go of the past, the past abductions…move through the fear, remember and understand why they happened (which each and every abductee is told at the time this occurs). Move the knowledge to your soul and drop the rest as baggage you don’t need. 

Too often people that have moved past this are drawn back into the discussion of something they have passed and it brings up old scary memories. This in turn sets them back in their forward journey. Once one is set back, they have to do the work to get back to where they were before these discussions began. 

I am an exception to this. Perhaps, because I have been doing this for so long that I am now immune to falling back into the fear mode. How does one know if they are past this point? If you talk about past experiences and it brings forth the old questioning and fear, then you are not past it. If it doesn’t, you are. It is as simple as that. 

You are probably going to see post after this one talking about how telepathy takes away free will. It doesn’t. It does, however, make one responsible for their thoughts and actions that are based on free will. After all, should we not be responsible for our actions and thoughts (both positive and negative)? What a change it would make to what is going on Earth at this time.

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Middle East

As always, use it if it helps, disregard it if it doesn’t.  No worries. 

VG = Visitor Guide
AS = Animalspirits

AS:  May we talk a bit about what is going on in the Middle East?

VG:  Yes.

AS:  People in America seem to have not seen this coming.

VG:  Yes, that is true.

AS:  You told me years ago to watch the Middle East because big changes were coming to that region.  I felt an energy shift change of significant force when America invaded Iraq the first time. 

VG:  Yes.  That action began the energy shift in the whole region.

AS:  I remember thinking that this is going to destabilize the whole region and that it would not be good overall.

VG:  That is true.  Nations have to understand the future ramifications that are caused by going to war anyplace on Earth at this time.  Your Government did not look to the future, but only saw the possibilities for gain if Iraq was in the hands of a more US Government friendly Iraqi government.  As you know, this has still not happened.  Nor will it.  You will pay a huge price for this miscalculation.

AS:  I had been feeling great disquiet energy wise in Egypt, Yemen, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, Israel, Syria, and the whole of Africa.  No one seemed to be picking up on this or if they were they were not talking about.  It seemed to be a “well, if we don’t pay attention to this it will just go away” mindset.

VG:  No, they did not.  You picked up on it because you are more greatly tuned to the energy of Earth and all of her Species.  This disquiet is not limited to Humans.  All species are involved.  We have talked about this many times before.  Anyone picking up on this should have known that it was coming to the breaking point in Egypt and should not have been traveling there for some time.  This turmoil is far from over in Egypt and it is going to take years for real change to manifest there.  As for the other countries, as you often state: “All Hell is breaking loose there.”  This too, is going to take years to be resolved and the United States and other oil dependent countries are not going to like what the end result is.  Your Country has had the opportunity to shift to other energy producing technologies and has chosen not to do so for political reasons.  Your politicians are short sighted and the vast majority of them are there for the power and money they get…yet Americans keep electing them.  As a nation, Americans are lazy.  They consume too much and give too little in return.  This is why the rest of the world is beginning to turn on the United States.  This, too, is going to intensify to a very dangerous level for Americans.  As a people, you must learn what is really going on worldwide.  Your media does not report much of this.  You have the ability to view news from other countries on your computers.  If you want to know what is going on in the Middle East, you better begin to watch Arab broadcasting outlets such as Al Jazeera English: Live Stream.  Your media has a seven-day limit when relaying an important story.  After about seven days, they find something less intense to report and the American people forget.  Americans should not stand for this and they control this with the ratings for these news corporations. 

I realize that there are people on UC that are already doing this because they feel the great energy shift going on there.  There are not yet enough people doing so.  Americans are so used to being first in everything that when some Country or people challenge this, then they are incorrectly designated as enemies of the United States or they are called Terrorists, Communists, or Fascists. 

People that fight tyranny fight with what they have.  The so-called Terrorists do not have the sophisticated weapons you have, so they fight with suicide bombings, roadside bombs, etc.  If they had the same weapons the United States has then this would be a very different story and a very different war.

It is going to be a very long time before Egypt calms down and forms the government that the people want and even longer for the whole region to do so.

A very good example of media disinformation is the Gulf of Mexico oil spill that happened last year.  There are devastating environmental things going on in the Gulf still.  The media has decided not to report what scientists are finding on the sea floor in the Gulf.  That is why I told you not to eat anything coming out of the Gulf for years.  It is why your Roscoe and the other spirit animals protecting the Gulf are so angry.  They are seriously considering not keeping the hurricanes out of the Gulf this season.  The Government, in an effort to prop up the seafood industry there, is buying this tainted seafood and feeding it to your troops.  This is very bad energy wise and will have serious ramifications for those that have made this decision.  We can talk more about this in a future conversation if you wish.

AS:  Yes, I would like to do that.

VG:  That will be fine.

AS:  What should Americans be doing to begin to prepare for these Earth changes?

VG:  Solar and wind energy will help, but it will not be enough.  Water availability is the key.  Without it, there will be worldwide famine.  That is on the horizon also.

AS:  Is this tied to the 2012 hysteria?

VG:  No. 

AS:  Thank you for talking to me.

VG:  You are welcome.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Have you ever been bitten, attacked, or had another kind of significant encounter with an animal? 

Do/did you have dreams about a particular animal, especially as a child?  

Did you have one as a special friend when you were a child?  

Do you feel close to or collect one? 

Trust your instincts...who do you think it is?

You can post your answers to these questions in the comment section and I will try and confirm the animal.  Most of the time they will validate that it is among your lifelong animal spirits.  However, sometimes they will tell me that it is none of my business or refuse to answer.  This is rare though.