Tuesday, October 25, 2011


As always, use it if it helps, disregard it if it doesn’t.  No worries. 

VG = Visitor Guide
AS = Animalspirits

AS:  Could we talk again about Water and the impact on life on Earth as the changes intensify?

VG:  Yes.

AS:  You have told me before that the most important need for species on Earth during these changes will be access to clean water.

VG:  Yes.

AS:  Are we already undergoing the beginnings of these great changes on Earth?

VG: Yes.

AS:  Can you elaborate on this?

VG:  Yes.  The weather patterns on Earth are changing at an accelerated pace.  Places that had abundant water sources are beginning to see those sources dwindle as Earth changes how she moves weather systems around on Her surface.  Humans and the other Species that live on her surface have no say in how this is occurring.  The Earth is controlling this and you Humans have to begin to understand that you do not control this and never will.  There are going to be greater areas that fall in the extreme drought category in the United States and other places around the Earth.  As more and more of her plant species, especially the Trees are cut down to make new products, it creates a different surface global condition…one that decreases rainfall in certain areas and increases it in others.   This effect has already begun and it cannot be reversed quickly even if the world population decided to come together in an effort to stop this, which they will not because each country wants to come out of the situation in an advantageous place at the expense of the rest of the Earth.  It takes a great amount of time to grow the forests back to where they were.

AS:  Humans do not look at the longer overview, do they?

VG:  No, they don’t.  One only has to look at the world’s glaciers to understand this.  The Earth is warming and as She does the glaciers are melting.  The water that flows from these melts ends up in the Oceans where it is absorbed as seawater.  This seawater is not potable for the creatures that live on land to drink.  That is not the only problem that is going to manifest.

AS:  Can you elaborate on your last sentence?

VG:  Yes. Humans are in the process of polluting what remaining water they have in their aquifers.  Mining and natural gas production are causing great harm and pollution for far more miles around where this is occurring than the companies engaging in these practices will admit.  They know what they are doing, but they do not care.  They only care about how much money it makes for them.  These companies do not have a long view of what they are doing, nor do they care.  When they do begin to care, it will be too late for the Planet.  All pesticides, animal farm waste, fertilizers, and etc. wind up in the ground water, where they act as pollutants.  Many Humans seem to believe that if they move outside of urban areas and buy land that they will be safer.  They believe that their well water is more pure than water processed by your city water plants.  They are wrong.  The groundwater in most areas is already quite polluted.  If someone has a well, they have to be very vigilant in not only having it tested for pollutants, but they must also have quite sophisticated purifiers connected to their pumps to make the water potable and not polluted.  Many of these people fear that the coming changes will result in riots in urban areas and that they will be safer in the rural areas.  This is not necessarily true because there is little one small group of people can do to defend themselves from a greater number of Humans wishing to take what they have.

AS:  This sounds quite bleak for Humans and the other species on Earth.

VG:  Yes, to a great extent it is.  What I have talked about above is not the only issue these people will have.  They must be able to exist off the power grid because when that fails, and it will, their water pumps, etc. will not work.  However, those that have alternative means of making power will be in a better state that those that don’t have this.  Solar panels will prove to be increasingly important to all of Earth.  The great problem with them is their cost to the average Human.  They are so expensive when they do not need to be.  This is due to control of that industry by those wishing to sell oil and natural gas generating plants.  The large companies keep the smaller companies from making affordable solar equipment and becoming too large and profitable. 

AS:  Will these smaller solar panel producing companies ever become large enough to compete with these huge companies?

VG:  Not in time for it to help enough to make a significant difference.  As the water issue becomes critical, there will be a great rush to try and reverse its effects.  It will be too late as there will not be enough potable water left. Before that time, Humans will have to make the decision not to use their water and land in a wasteful manner by growing meat on land that will by that time be using far too much water than would be needed if these horrible farms were no longer in production.

AS:  You do not like these Animal Meat producing farms, do you?

VG:  Oh my, no. It is so cruel to the animals and is unnecessary.  My Species has no tolerance for the Humans doing this.

AS:  Will it affect their ascension?

VG:  Yes.

AS:  People are asking where the best place in the United States for them to move to avoid water shortages in the near term.

VG:  They have to look at the aquifers beneath them, the glaciers above them (whether they are shrinking or expanding) and where the water is being sent.  In the U.S., California and the Southwest are not good locations.  There are too many people in those areas to sustain human life.  Much of the Great Plains areas will become dry as well.  The Northeast has too many people.  The Southeast is not bad as far as water is concerned, but the problem there are the coming of significant weather changes such as stronger hurricanes and tornadoes.  There is a good aquifer under where you live that is quite large and fairly pure.  There will be an effort to tap that aquifer and take some of its water south to Southern Florida where they are wasting water to a terrifying degree.  The Northwest will not be subject to as much pollution and lack of water as other areas.  The greatest way that water is replenished occurs during Hurricanes that dump large amounts of water in short periods of time.  Of course, these powerful storms wreak havoc on the species living where they cross.  These storms will become stronger as time goes on.

AS:  Are there areas of the world where this water shortage will not be as bad?

VG:  Yes, New Zealand, Canada, Australia (to a degree), and Northern Europe will fair better than the United States.  Most have smaller populations and will be better able to sustain themselves.  Of course, there will be the problem of moving to these countries legally as they realize what is happening.

AS:  So as I understand it, there is going to be a fairly large die off of all species on Earth, including Humans, as these changes continue to increase.

VG:  Yes.

AS:  Is there an answer for these species or do they simply die?

VG:  They must ascend.  Those that don’t will die.

AS:  How much time do we have until this happens?

VG:  Within the next ten to fifteen years.

AS:  Those are all the questions I can think of.  If others have questions, may I ask you?

VG:  Of course.

AS:  As always, thank you for your time and wisdom.

VG:  You are welcome.