Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Visitor Guide's Physical Appearance And Our Levels of Understanding

It will probably be helpful to you if you read or re-read my Blog post on November 25, 2010 titled “My Visitor Guide’s Eyes.”

As always, use it if it helps, disregard it if it doesn’t.  No worries. 

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VG = Visitor Guide
AS = Animalspirits

AS:  The message board members are having a discussion as what your true skin color is.   Could we talk about that a bit?

VG:  Yes.

AS:  I posted a discussion about the color of your eyes a while back.  We did not include how your skin appears or what your shape is without your protective covering.  To me it most closely resembles your eyes but without quite the dimensional depth.  Would that be accurate?

VG:  Yes.

AS:  Your body does not appear to me to be skinny as what is commonly depicted in pictures of the Gray Aliens. 

VG:  That is true.  Also, as you have seen we do not have the same physical makeup that Humans do.  We do not have two arms and legs.  We do have appendages that facilitate our ability to work on this planet.  These have been manifested when we arrive here solely for that purpose.

AS:  Actually, you appear to me to be more round than we are.

VG:  Yes.  We long ago let go of the need for appendages.  As you have seen, we are a species that uses the harmonics of color, so to speak.  We are using these colors in ways that are far beyond what Humans understand color to be.  If you think of it as a harmonic rather than a color, it will help you a great deal.  The depth and richness of our so-called colors are the result of this advanced use of harmonics.  Until recently, you would not have even been able to see what I looked like.  It wasn’t until you achieved Dimension 13 that this ability became feasible.

AS:  I am at Dimension 13 now?

VG:  Yes.  I realize that you believe that you are at Dimension 12, but that happened when you could see the Crop Circles from the inside in multi-dimensions.  That was early last year.  You achieved Dimension 13 when you became able to see my body as harmonics (colors to you).  This explains to you why I never showed you my body or eyes before.  It is to your credit that you never asked to see these before.  Your soul understood that it was not at a sufficient level to be able to even entertain this concept.  Your soul is at the age where it does not question what it knows it cannot understand.  It shows maturity and age.

AS:  Thank you.  That is a huge compliment to me.  I often wondered why I never had the desire to know that.  I do understand now.  I try to be patient and let things happen as they are supposed to.

VG:  (With a smile) You are welcome.  That is because you are so in tune with your soul.  Your soul understands that is not at a sufficient level to understand everything.  If it were, I would not still be here teaching you.  As you now understand, we have very unique bodies that are unlike anything seen on Earth before.  The constant changes that you are seeing in the color of my body is due to how I communicate, maintain myself, and do the things that are necessary to maintain its appearance.  I spend a lot of my time in pure soul form, as I no longer need the physical part of my body.  None of my species does.  We do enjoy inhabiting our physical bodies often because it is grounds us back to the time when our species was unable to spend so much time as a pure soul.  Think of it as returning home and living as you did during your early years.  It is a comfort thing for us.

AS:  Many Humans say you are here to harvest our bodies and souls.  Is that true?

VG:  (Laughing uproariously).  Absolutely not.  Why would we want to have a soul or body that is so far below what we have now?  That would make no sense. Our senses and emotions are at such an advanced level, that to have yours would be a huge step backward for us.  We would feel quite uncomfortable and lacking the complexity of the emotions we now have.  It would be similar to your having lost all but one of your senses.   We are here to facilitate the soul growth of Humans so they will have the ability to become members of the Galactic community.  Your planet is a baby among the majority of other worlds.  We are attempting to provide guidance for the ones of your species that desire soul growth.  This is solely up to each soul.  All Humans have total free will in this matter.  It is not up to us to change that as it is a primary decision that each of your souls must make on its own.   Your world is not the only one that we are working on.

There will come a time when the older Human souls will desire to leave the constraints of Earth and journey in the stars.  You are already doing this and have been for several lives.  You are already feeling the need to spend more and more time away from Earth and out among the rest of the Universe.

AS:  People are asking the questions:  Why do you not show us your true physical appearance?  What is the meaning of the Gray color and is the picture on the cover of Communion.

VG: All Alien species need to wear the protective suit when we are on your Planet in our physical bodies because our atmosphere is not the same as that of Earth.  What Humans don’t understand is that we do not remain on Earth for long periods of time.  We move back and forth from Earth and our home world because we are able to move through time and space as pure souls.  After we have completed the journey, whether it is from our home world to here or from your world back to our home world, we then manifest our physical bodies.  Each of us has a unique physical body in both places. 

AS:  Are all the different Alien Species that visit Earth able to do this?

VG:  Yes, otherwise they would not have the means to move from planet to planet.

AS:  How are you able to do this?

VG:  One must have the ability to access multiple dimensions at the same time.  This ability occurs at around Dimension 11 or so.  Of course, as we are able to access dimensions far greater than eleven, we are able to do things beyond what Humans can either sense or see.

As I have discussed before, in order for Humans to achieve these higher dimensions, they must learn to not use only their five primary senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste).  These five senses are used in a complicated way to maintain balance, feel pain, and motion, to name a few.  This is more a function of how the physical body uses the five senses.  The pure soul does not use true senses as it is beyond the need for those.  The soul is aware of methods that it can use to achieve what it needs to achieve.  Each soul’s ability to use these methods is a result of the age of the soul.  As each soul lives and learns through each lifetime, the ability to expand into more and more awareness is achieved.

Other Alien species will appear as Humans expect them to appear.  This is why the Communion cover triggered such a response in Humans.  Those that were not ready to accept that there are other species not of Earth were drowned in fear and terror.  Those that were, did not find her picture to be frightening.  If you remember, you were not fearful but excited.

AS:  Yes, that is true.  So it is a matter of expanding ones soul in order to achieve these higher dimensions?

VG:  Yes.

AS:  Many people are focused on trying to raise the vibrational level to a higher frequency while letting go of the lower ones.  Is this one way to achieve this?

VG:  No.  This is not a pure soul vibrational level occurrence.  It involves many more complex concepts in addition to vibration.  It is more a harmonic thing.  I realize that the Human word “harmonic” is insufficient to describe what I am talking about, but it is the closest Human language word that there is.  Since this is pure soul work, the understanding is beyond words.  It cannot be described in Human language.  What I have done here is to try and put it into Human words that match as closely as I am able what is actually occurring.  Most Humans will not even understand what we are talking about or their fear of being taken will outweigh their desire for knowledge.  These are young souls that I cannot help at this time.  They must do their work and learn over many lifetimes.  The ones that do understand have done their work and this should provide some validation for them.

AS:  Thank you so much for taking the time to explain this.

VG:  You are welcome.