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Animal Spirits's Life Story

I know that a lot of you wonder which animals I work with and what my life has been like.  I believe that in all fairness I should be open about my life journey.  I am going to tell you a bit more about me in the hopes that you will see that while I am able to do things now, the journey on that road has not been easy.  I was told it would not be easy, but since I have no fear that didn’t bother me.  I believe that everything in life is a lesson and if we can learn the lesson and discard the rest as baggage, then we can walk into our futures with a much lighter step. 

It seems to me that posters out of fear of something hide so much.  I always read profiles of new posters wherever I go on the Internet in an effort to get to know them and feel their energy.  I hope that by posting this it will make others more comfortable in doing so themselves.

With respect to my values, I pretty much raised myself. I was a child of nature…a true tomboy.  My parents were married until we lost my Dad in the 1982 due to illness.  I married at age 18 and had my son at age 19.  I divorced when he was 5 years old and tried to raise him on a secretary’s salary.  I started college soon after that.  That was before Pell Grants, College Loans, etc.  There were few single mothers going to college at that time…especially in the field of science.  I raised him, worked as a Laboratory Technician in the Biochemistry Dept. 20 hours a week, and attended college.  It took me about 6 years to get my Biology/Microbiology Degree, but I did graduate.  I worked as a Petroleum Chemist for the State for about 25 or so years before retiring.  For close to 30 years I have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome…that really made it hard for me.  Somehow I was able to work through the pain and fatigue and finally retired.  After my son was grown and left home and in addition to working full-time, I did volunteer work as a shift supervisor for the FL AID/HIV Hotline taking in progress suicide, grief, counseling, hysterical, and general information calls.  I did that at night.  Them I became a Guardian Ad Litem (advocate for neglected, abused, and abandoned children in court).  I did that for about 4 years.  After I retired, I raised the baby songbirds for a local volunteer wildlife sanctuary for about 10 years. That meant that from late April through September, I caring for them 12 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The animal spirits directed the making of the main website and the Animal Spirit Guides Forum.  I have done that since around 1998.  I also played a significant part in helping raise my Grandchildren.  I found that by not wallowing in my woe and going out of myself, that I actually helped myself distract the pain/illness.  There was always someone in greater need than myself and I wanted to help him or her.

During that time, I slowly became able to do the spiritual and physical parts of what I do now.  I traveled as much as I could and saw wondrous things.  My one regret is that I never made it to Namibia, as that was the last place I truly wanted to go to.  I also do wildlife art and love to garden and my do my spiritual work.  The four weeks I spent in the Outback of the North Territory in Australia was magical and I learned so much while there.

I have had a Visitor Guide from the Pleiades all of this life and for many of my previous lives.  At first she was a voice in my right ear that taught and nurtured me as a young child and adult.  She has a very distinctive voice and I always knew.   After working for many years, I am now able to see Spirits and Aliens in their physical forms and converse with each should either of us wish to.   This took years of patiently and slowly working to hone this ability to where it is now.  I am able to connect with any spirit I wish to and do work for others in Pet Communication.

I have never charged a penny for any work I do for others, whether it is spiritual or physical.  I am rewarded by the Universe with wondrous things.

These are the animals that work with me in each direction:

EAST–Snake (Cobra)
SOUTH –Coyote
NORTH –Moose
ABOVE –Armadillo
BELOW –Turtle
WITHIN –Cougar
LEFT/FEMALE/HEALING—A mated pair of Jaguars, the male is regularly spotted, the female is Black
AHEAD GUIDING MY PATH TO THE FUTURE – Dog and Two Dragons:  One Fire & One Chaos

It is through the hardships in my life that I am where I am today.  Without having to deal with the hard stuff, I would not understand and be able to help others.  This type of real life experience cannot be learned from books and workshops.

My Visitor Guide has been with me through all of it and I am damn glad she has been.

My Animal Spirit Website is:
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...anyhoo…that is my story and I am sticking to it.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Forming Intent To Journey Outside of Time And Outward Into The Universe

I am writing about how to form intent and allow the Soul to expand moving into the Universe while outside of time.

Not everyone will use this method.  As always trust your instincts and follow your path.   If you are already able to do this, then you will not need these instructions.

  1. This should to be done without the chance that you will be interrupted by outside distractions in your own physical life.

  1. Form the intent to be patient. Quiet yourself and clear your mind.  Do not concentrate on anything.  Unfocus.

  1. Make your Soul neutral.  It should not be in fight or flight mode.  Neutrality is the key to all of this.  Remember you are not looking for anything in particular and having your Soul neutral will allow this to happen.

  1. Call your protective Guides, Animal Spirits, Angels, Stones, or whatever you use for protection in your normal life.  You will sense their energy around you as a shield or bubble of protection.  It is extremely important that this protection be neutral also.  If it is required, the protection will manifest without you having to do anything.  For some of you, this protection is automatic and you will not have to do this step.

  1. Remove any fear you may have of encountering hostile spirits or beings.  Fear will stop this faster than anything.  Also, fear draws fear-based entities.  Remember that your have neutral intent and your protection.

  1. Let go of your mind/ego and connect to your heart/soul.  For those of you that have not done this before: let go of the static, fear, and doubt that your mind is trying to create in order to keep you from accessing your Soul.  Go to your Heart Space and acknowledge your Soul.  Ignore your Mind/Ego.  If necessary, tell it to go away.

  1. Once you are connected with your Soul just let go of everything external.  Become totally Soul-based staying neutral and without fear.

  1. You will feel a very subtle pull on your Soul.  Allow yourself to be pulled outward into space.  This is going to happen very fast for most people.  You are going to be moving outside of time, but not space.  For beginners, you may be pulled somewhere on Earth.  As you become more adept at doing this, you will go off Earth.

  1. When you feel the presence of either another entity, spirit, or space-based object, ask permission to approach.  You will know if it is granted, as the pull will continue.  It is extremely rare that you are denied approach.  Remember that remaining neutral is the key.  If you are denied approach, allow yourself to change direction, as the pull will do that automatically.

  1. As you approach, allow the other entity, etc. to begin the dialogue.  At this stage the most important thing to remember is that you have no fear.  Non-Human entities can look very different than we do.  If you have no fear, you will not be afraid of the difference in appearance.  Our society has labeled certain physical characteristics as being either evil or bad.  This is not the case.  They look different and you must allow these differences to not deter your soul growth.  It can be helpful to put the shoe on the other foot and think how you must look to them.  If they can allow you to appear the way you do, then you can allow them to do likewise.  Remember that contact is a gift and the gift is coming from them, not you.

  1. Above all, faith that your Soul cannot die or be harvested is the key to this.  If you fall into fear mode, you will be thrown back here.  If that happens, try again.  Keeping working on it until you succeed.  You will succeed if you have patience and courage.

  1. Have fun, learn a lot, and above all be grateful for the knowledge you receive.  Always thank them for taking the time to share knowledge and understanding with you.

  1. This is the most important step, yet the hardest to accomplish.  Do not dismiss what you see or are told even if it is confusing to you at the time.  Your mind/ego is going to continually attempt to make you doubt or dismiss your experience.  As you grow a library of experiences, you will see that they begin to meld together and that the knowledge is not just a series of bits and pieces but like a jigsaw puzzle, the pieces begin to fit together.  It can be helpful to keep a journal as you begin this.  You will be astounded when you re-read it after six months or so.

Your questions are always welcome.  You can post them in the comment section. 

Have fun out there and enjoy your trips as much as I do mine!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

How Do I Ask Questions?

If you have questions that are covered in one of the blogs, simply post your question in the comment section and I will answered it there. 

If it requires a long answer, I will write it as a new blog.

If you have a question that is not covered in one of the blogs, post it as a comment on the last blog that is showing. 

I get each comment and approve it before it is posted, so I will get the question and answer it.

The will not be comments that are derogatory to either myself or another person that comments.

Thank you all for reading the Blog. 

Portals - Questions Answered

These questions were asked on another Message Board.  I have removed the name of the person that asked them for their privacy.

Can you please describe portals?

The simplest way I can describe them is that they are like wormholes. It takes whatever enters them to another place instantly. They suspend time or are outside of time. If you think of a tube that punches a hole in the time stream thereby suspending it. They are not outside our existing time stream.

Can these doorways be seen with the naked eye?

Yes. I can see them and others can as well. Most people can't because they have not allowed their perspective to change from what is considered normal to Humans. It takes a lack of fear of what will be seen as portals are not the only thing one will see. You will see all manner of spirits...from all over the universe. They do not look like us and as such, are often seen as being either evil or the devil by those with limited perspective.

Can these portals be opened in a home?

Yes, they can be opened anywhere one wants to open one. When I open a portal, I just form the intent to open it with a specific destination and it opens...and off I go. I always close the portal when I return.

And my last question where do they take you if you were to enter one?

Each portal has its own destination. The one in my backyard is used by the Dragons that live on my roof. Rex, a protective entity, protects the portal. He has told me that I am not to disclose where it is (I know) and that I am NEVER to go through it. I talked about Rex in my interview with Anne Strieber which can still be listened to in the Subscriber Section of . She refers to me as "Diana" and it was done in March of this year, if I remember the date correctly.

There are portals such as this all over the Earth and most are not at what Humans designate as sacred sites. They are all guarded. They will be protected and these entities will put a world of hurt on anyone using one without permission.

I don't view this as control by them, but rather it needs to be viewed as us not encroaching on their boundaries, respecting them, and for our own protection.

Can you imagine coming out in the middle of a world of Dragons? Yum-yum! Lunch is here!

I know lots of questions.

Questions are welcome. Let me know if you have anymore. Hope this helped some.

Comments On Implants

Most functioning implants are not made of terrestrial materials. They cannot be seen on X-Rays, MRIs, etc. because they appear on these to be a normal part of the body. The human body at the direction of our own DNA sequencing does maintenance on them. We all have a certain amount of alien DNA and have had for millennia. The discovery of DNA assumed that if it was found in all humans it was human. That is not true. A good bit of our DNA is of Alien origin. Since they don't understand the entire DNA sequencing line, they call some of it 'junk DNA'. It is far from that it. It is that DNA that enables some people to communicate and see in a manner that others cannot. Over time this 'junk DNA' is incorporated into what our scientists believe is normal DNA. Some people have more of this DNA than others do. It is a matter of learning to use that DNA. Fear will stop the body from doing so...just as fear can cause diseases if left unchecked.
The Visitors are perfectly capable of enhancing these implants if they need to without invasion of our bodies. They are there for communication rather than tracking. They have other technology that gives them the ability to track any member of any species on this planet.

They are a far more advanced species than we are...yet we continue to try to put their abilities and motives into our own small Human boxes where they don't fit. This is for the most part due to our inability to see and understand outside the box that our scientists have put us in.

This is our shortcoming, not theirs.

Attempting to validate their reasons for being here based on books such as the Bible and other scriptures is to assign them the same narrow sight that we have come to depend on to answer the questions we are either afraid to ask or afraid to understand. If you want to be realistic about Jesus, his 'virgin' birth would more than likely make him a hybrid than a god. We were shown something and have, in our usual selfish human desire for power/control/wealth dismissed his original teachings, written a book and made money off of his teachings. If Jesus were to come to Earth today, he would either be killed or put in a mental institution for insanity.

From Roscoe and My Visitor Guide - 10/6/10

She has told me that the changes have begun and said that the Oceans hold the key to the future of we better be paying attention to how healthy they are.

The one thing she keeps emphasizing to me is to be sure I am living where there is a good source of water all the time, which I do.

Actually, the most information I am getting is from Roscoe who is working to keep the Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico hurricane/tropical storm free. Its worked so far. I just hope that he and his friends can keep it up for another month.

He threw those fronts down far enough South of me to begin to cool the Gulf. When the Gulf cools, hurricanes don't have the hot water to use to feed their energy.

Visitor Guide Conversation 13

As I have stated many time before, every time I ask my Visitor Guide where she is from she shows the Pleiades. Every time I ask her where I am from, she shows me the Pleiades.

I listened to this week's Unknown Country Dreamland and then asked if I could talk to her about its content and interviewee. She said "yes."

As always...use if it is helpful...disregard if worries from either of us. It will reach those it needs to reach.

This is a conversation with my Visitor Guide mainly concerning the Dreamland with Christine Day about the Pleiadian Initiations of Light.

VG =Visitor Guide
AS = Animalspirits

AS: I just listened to this week's Dreamland broadcast with a woman named Christine Day about what she calls the Pleiadian Initiations of Light. Could we talk about it and what I have been taught?

VG: Yes.

AS: As I was listening to this broadcast, I became more and more uncomfortable with its content even though quite a bit of it I was taught as a child.

VG: Yes, you would because you understand the parts that are not as she has determined them to be. She has misinterpreted a lot of what she has been taught.

AS: Would paying for and going to her seminars/talks be harmful?

VG: Knowledge must be freely accessible to everyone. When people have to pay money, especially this much money it is confining in who it reaches. It is harmful because the people taking them believe they are at levels they are not at yet. This causes harm to the soul in that they will not longer attempt to advance. Her top level is very low when compared to where a Human soul can advance to and it is much too simplified to encompass the All or the One consciousness. People that seek to make their living by imparting their knowledge are trapped by their own egos and will never fully advance.

AS: As I was listening to it I could not help but think about the Michael Harner Shamanic Institute courses. They cost a lot of money and are quite structured in what is taught. They allow for no variance outside of the core course. There are levels that one must complete before they are certified to teach this. Am I correct in drawing this similarity?

VG: Yes. It confines soul growth and spiritual awareness.

AS: I found the part where she was told to leave her children and move within one month to the United States to be a quite selfish act or request. Could she not have been taught in her own country?

VG: Yes, she could have. Mt. Shasta is a powerful place, but evidently she has never sat at the bottom of Uluru or she would have realized that it is far more powerful than Mt. Shasta.

AS: Was she actually told by Pleiadians to leave her children or was it a vision she misinterpreted?

VG: No, we would never have inflicted that kind of trauma on her children. That is not the way of the light. One person is not that important to us regarding the knowledge we wish to impart to Humans. She is not that important to us. She is but one of thousands, including you, that have this ability. In fact, your understanding is greater which is how you are able to communicate with us on a one-on-one basis.

You were drawn to move to Australia when you finished college, but did not do so because it meant trauma to your Son. Did we insist you do that?

AS: No, you did not. I wasn't pushed one way or the other. It was my decision that he come first and the rest would have to wait. It is a decision that I am grateful I made.

VG: It was a test of priorities. Would you put yourself first and your child second or would you complete your responsibilities to him first? You passed that test. You listened to your soul and understood. It reflects soul maturity and the understanding that soul knowledge is not reflected in where one lives. If one can expand their soul sufficiently, they don't need to physically travel to other countries to 'study' under others. That knowledge is free and available to all regardless of where they live.

AS: She stated that every Earthquake that happens now affects the vibration of the Earth and we should adjust our frequencies each time that happens. I found that odd. The Earth has been having natural changes since she was born. Why would they matter more now?

VG: . Good point. You do understand! That is what you Humans call "poppycock." The Earth is constantly changing and SHE is adjusting HER vibration. That does not mean Humans need to try and keep up with Her. They can't! Humans need to be concentrating on expanding their souls individually and let the Earth do her work.

AS: You have told me my home is in the Pleiades. I know that to be true because I have visited what I call the 'Red Planet' since I was a very small child. Is that where this planet is located?

VG: Yes and that is your real family you visit. That is why you feel at home and peaceful when you are there.

AS: You have told me that I am not an Alien/Pleiadian or a hybrid. Is that correct?

VG: Your soul is both Human and Pleiadian, while your body is Human. You are not a hybrid in the sense that you had one Alien parent and one Human parent. Both of your parents are Human. You have lived on Earth many thousands of times this way. You also live on Pleiadian planets they same way. When you live there even though your soul if part Pleiadian and part Human, both of your parents are Pleiadian.

AS: Do my Human parents know that I am part Pleiadian?

VG: No.

AS: Do my Pleiadian parents know I am part Human?

VG: Yes, because they are much further advanced soul wise and this knowledge is not fearful to them.

AS: She stated somewhere that she channels the Pleiadians. I don't feel as though I channel you or other species, but am actually talking with you and others. Am I correct?

VG: Yes. You are actually communicating with us telepathically. You are not channeling. You were taught how to do this in past lives and brought that knowledge with you when you came back for this life.

AS: I may think of some more questions later. Would it be all right if we talked about this again if I need to?

VG: That will be fine

Roscoe's Crossing Story

I don't know if I ever told anyone, but Roscoe was shifty. He was smart and very shifty, but in a loving way.

His lifelong animal spirit was Coyote, which only increased his ability to be shifty.

Somehow, Roscoe had the ability to control weather, especially around himself.

His Doctor gave him the shot that would knock him out and relax him before she stopped his heart. She gave it to him Sub-Q because she said it burned if it was given directly into the vein. It gave him a few minutes before he was completely out.

My friend lifted him up onto his 'holy sacred couch' where he loved to sleep (before his back got too back for him to safely jump down). I had tried putting a stair step up for him to use, but nope he wasn't going to use that. So then I tried putting a bed down so he would jump onto a soft surface. Well, he just jumped over it. So I had to put things on the couch to keep him off of it. In his latter days, he had forgotten all about the couch.

His head was on my right leg and I was petting him. I kept telling him how much we loved him and would miss him, but that he could come back and sleep in the bed with me anytime he wanted to.

When this started the sky was blue and no sign of rain. Right as he was passing out there came a clap of thunder...and the thunder continued until he crossed then it stopped completely. I told everyone that thunder was his way of saying goodbye.

Our friend carried him out to his Vet's car because I am having him cremated and they left.

Within five minutes after she left, there came a downpour of epic proportions. It rained two inches in fifteen minutes. I don't believe I have ever seen such a hard rain.

When his Vet got back to her office and was carrying him in, it was raining Dogs and Cats. She said she said out loud, "Thanks Roscoe!"

She had to change clothes and dry her hair as she was soaking wet.

I have a very large concrete and coquina Dragon in my front yard. That thing must weigh well over 75 pounds. It rained so hard it washed the dirt out on one side of it (even though there is pine straw mulching there) and it fell over. Not even Tropical Storm Fay that dumped 20 inches of rain on us did that. My friend could hardly lift it up on one end to stand it up again it was so heavy.

I had to laugh as I could hear him telling all of his pack at the Bridge how he and Coyote had punk'd us on his way out.

That was Roscoe's sense of humor.

As my grandson texted me after I sent him the message that Roscoe was gone:

"Godspeed Little Buddy!"

Roscoe Dog Crosses the Rainbow Bridge 8/12/10


Posted 8/12/10.

Roscoe crossed the Rainbow Bridge this afternoon after a horrible set of illnesses. He crossed at home surrounded by family and friends.

Over the last several years he bravely battled illness after illness... all the while doing his best to care for his family.

He was known as Roscoe, the Weather Dog. He helped Mama Shine with one hurricane and one tropical storm. He saved my sister's home from tornadoes that went just north and south of them. He has moved so many storms away from us over the years I could not even begin to count.

Roscoe was a rescue Dog that was found wandering by animal control and taken to the kill shelter where he was rescued by a very kind couple who took him into foster care for six months before he was adopted by me. During his first few years, he battled constant abuse, poor nutrition, being left outside during thunderstorms without shelter, heartworms, and severe flea infestation.

He was my best friend for ten years. During that time he welcomed many animals into our home always with open paws and kindness. He did not have a mean bone in his body. He was courageous beyond belief, kind, gentle, and loving.

The entire pack that went to the Bridge before him escorted him home.

He is now young, healthy, pain-free running in a field of flowers where there is abundant food and water�and no thunderstorms.

Shadow and I are sad beyond belief.

Again we all thank you for your kindness and energy over this difficult time.

Animalspirits and Shadow


By the edge of a woods, at the foot of a hill,
Is a lush, green meadow where time stands still.
Where the friends of man and woman do run,
When their time on earth is over and done.

For here, between this world and the next,
Is a place where each beloved creature finds rest.
On this golden land, they wait and they play,
Till the Rainbow Bridge they cross over one day.

No more do they suffer, in pain or in sadness,
For here they are whole, their lives filled with gladness.
Their limbs are restored, their health renewed,
Their bodies have healed, with strength imbued.

They romp through the grass, without even a care,
Until one day they start, and sniff at the air.
All ears perked forward, eyes dart front and back,
Then all of a sudden, one breaks from the pack.

For just at that instant, their eyes have met;
Together again, both person and pet.
So they run to each other, these friends from long past,
The time of their parting is over at last.

The sadness they felt while they were apart,
Has turned into joy once more in each heart.
They embrace with a love that will last forever,
And then, side-by-side, they cross over� together.

Crop Circles -- How To See Them Multi-Dimensionally

It is my Visitor Guide that showed me the mult-dimensionality of those crop circles. She actually took me inside one of them. She showed how to see the doors to get out.

To me, they do not appear like a door to a house, but rather very small points in entrance and exit. It can be as simple as moving between to of the stars you see or the vision you have. Let yourself be drawn to that spot and your soul will do the rest.

It took me practicing for a while to become more proficient at doing it. It requires patience. Remember that you are entering them as a pure soul without your physical body. Your soul always knows how it came in so you cannot be trapped. If you have trouble getting out, telepathically ask for help and you will get it.

I am not sure if each soul is going to perceive what they see differently depending on the dimensional level they are able to 'see.' Don't look with you eyes only, use your other senses and your intuition.

Visitor Guide Conversation 12 - Crop Circles

She finally gave permission to post this conversation that was written 7/12/10.

This conversation concerns Crop Circles.

VG = Visitor Guide
AS = Animalspirits

AS: May we talk about crop circles that appear around the Earth?

VG: Yes.

AS: What is the reason that these are being made?

VG: Communication. We are trying to teach Humans how to communicate with us and also how to learn to use them as tools to elevate their knowledge.

AS: They have been appearing for many decades now. Have they been appearing far longer that is currently believed?

VG: Yes, they have always happened.

AS: Several years ago it became increasingly clear to me that they are more that two-dimensional. In fact, over the last two to three years they have appeared to me to be more than three-dimensional. Last year I began to see them as more like shimmering hologram-like circles. This year, I see them as over five dimensional. Am I seeing them correctly?

VG: Yes.

AS: This year I know they are not only vastly multidimensional, but that they have doors that when walked through transport one to places where increased knowledge is taught.

VG: Yes. There are enough people that have the opportunity to see them on what you Humans call the Internet, so we have increased their complexity. This complexity is not dependent on how intricate the circle is. The complexity happens when one steps through the door. Many of your people are only paying attention to the complex ones and overlooking the simple their detriment. We know that most need to take baby steps and the simple ones facilitate that.

AS: What about the ones that are not made by your species?

VG: Those are not multi-dimensional. Humans that have become adept at seeing multi-dimensions will immediately know that they are no real because they will stay two-dimensional.

AS: Are the doors meant to be apparent to all who see the circles?

VG: No. There are meant for those that have attained the level necessary to understand what happens to them when they step through the door into the multi-dimensions.

AS: How does one become able to do this?

VG: They must work to expand their vision to include new dimensions before they are able to step through the door. If the enter to quickly, they will not understand what has happened to them and become terrified.

AS: So you do not recommend that a Human, if they find the door, not step through the door without the ability to see more than three dimensions.

VG: That is correct.

AS: It seems to me that humans spend an inordinate amount of time dissecting the meaning of the circles as they appear on the ground. Are they correct in these meanings?

VG: Only superficially. They have not opened the door and therefore do not have a clue as to what the true knowledge of the circle holds.

AS: Thank you.

VG: You are welcome. It will clarify for those Humans that are seeing them as we meant for them to be seen.

Visitor Guide Conversation 11, Part 2

written 6/20/10.

AS: Are there parts of the governments of the World, including ours that believe they have built craft that is the same as yours? They call it reverse engineering.

VG: *Laughing uproariously.* Yes, they believe they are quite clever. The problem is that they don't have a clue how to really build these craft, let alone operate them. We are all laughing at them.

AS: Can these 'new' craft reek more havoc on the innocent species on Earth?

VG: Yes, they can.

AS: Will they be allowed to?

VG: Yes, if your species wishes to destroy itself, that will happen. We will know this beforehand and remove what is necessary to re-populate your planet once it calms down enough that life can be sustained again.

AS: I am assuming that you will remove everything needed, including plants, water, and so on?

VG: Yes.

AS: When will that begin?

VG: It has already begun.

AS: What will actually cause these great changes?

VG: A complex set of events including your Sun, Moon, and the Earth herself. They are living beings and have already begun to set up the sequence of events necessary to do this.

AS: A lot of people believe it will happen in 2012. Is that correct?

VG: No, but within 10 to 75 years it will. I cannot give you a certain date, as these things must be set in progress by each entity in its own time, which is not the same as yours.

AS: Is there anything that a Human can do to prepare for this and be saved?

VG: No. They may live a bit longer than some, but they will die. The whole planet is going not sustain life for a while. Humans will be chosen based on their soul growth, understanding of sustaining life for the greater good, knowledge of caring for the planet as she recovers, lack of selfishness, and so on.

AS: So those in power now will not be among those saved?

VG: No. They have built their fortresses deep in the Earth believing that they will be spared. They fail to understand that the change that Earth herself makes will begin in her core and they will be the first to die.

AS: Why are Humans afraid of returning the One?

VG: Fear and lack of faith in what they supposedly believe.

AS: Do you believe it will take as long as 75 years?

VG: No. The acceleration has already begun and it will intensify quite quickly once it gets going.

AS: Has this happened on Earth before?

VG: Yes.

AS: Did it happen for the same reasons?

VG: Yes.

AS: Why do we forget?

VG: Immaturity.

AS: Are we any more mature than the last time it happened?

VG: No. Humans are actually less mature now than then?

AS: What happened?

VG: Humans forgot what is in their souls. Many are beginning to remember, but it is too late now for them to affect the changes necessary.

AS: So all we can do is to watch this horrible thing happen to the Gulf of Mexico?

VG: Yes. There are equally horrible things occurring over the whole planet, but Americans are only fixated on themselves.

AS: Thank you for talking to me.

VG: You are welcome.

Visitor Guide Conversation 11, Part 1

...written 6/20/10.

I have been having an ongoing conversation with her about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the coming changes to Earth, and other things.

This is going to be a very long conversation for reasons you will understand as you read the conversation. There are a lot of short questions with one-word answers. I am going to divide the conversation into two posts as I did for the last one. So there will be 11a and 11b.

VG = Visitor Guide
AS = Animalspirits

AS: May we talk about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico?

VG: Yes.

AS: Was this spill caused by other species that do not come from Earth?

VG: No.

AS: Was this spill intentionally done?

VG: No.

AS: What caused it?

VG: Greed.

AS: Is it going to get worse before it gets better?

VG: Yes.

AS: How long will the ramifications of this spill affect the Gulf of Mexico?

VG: The Gulf of Mexico will not return to normal for at least 50 years.

AS: Will we be told that it is back to normal in a few years?

VG: Yes, but that will not be true.

AS: There are a lot of animals that are dying from the oil. Will any of them become extinct?

VG: Yes, on Earth they will be extinct. We have already removed those species to the new Earth in order to preserve them. We removed enough of them to ensure that they have a healthy reproduction pool.

AS: Will we know of all of the ones that become extinct because of this?

VG: No, Humans do not know many of them yet.

AS: Could you or the other species not from Earth stop this spill?

VG: Yes.

AS: Why not?

VG: Humans are at the point in their evolution that they must finally begin to take responsibility for their actions. Humans do not need to consume as much as they do. A simple life is better. Some Humans have begun to do this, but most have not. You do not even pay attention to the misery of you own species. Why would we help a species that refuses to help itself?

AS: You have disdain for Humans, don't you?

VG: Yes, for most of them. They believe they know so much when in fact they know nothing. Humans are babies.

AS: A lot of people laugh at me when I talk about the energy tubes that the Orcas are maintaining. Could that stop this leak?

VG: They are fools that are unable to accept that which they do not believe has been proven. Yes, they could stop the leak.

AS: But they will not?

VG: No, they will not. The Orcas have discussed this and they have refused to 'bail out Humans again'. These are their words, not mine. They are disgusted with Humans now. This is not a good place for Humans to be at this time. The Whales and Dolphins are all mad, as some of them have died. Whale and Dolphins are the most powerful of your species on Earth, not Humans. It is true that Humans have built a lot of useless things and even things that could destroy the whole planet. They are stupid. We keep telling them and they keep building.

AS: Not all Humans agree with this.

VG: That is true and they will be the ones that are moved off Earth when the changes come.

Past Life Glimpses

As I have stated on numerous occasions on the Board, I have known that I lived many, many lives as an Australian Aborigine. I believe I even told Anne about that during our interview.

I have very brief visions of these lives.

Two of them are longer and I am going to write about them now.

Number one:

Before I went to Australia in the 90s, I had two waking visions. The first one occurred when I was standing in my laboratory at work and all of a sudden there was an Eagle sitting on my shoulder. It looked real to me but I am sure it was in spirit as no one else saw it. I turned my head and looked at it. I was trying to figure out what kind of Eagle it was when it simply said, "Go to the Northern Territory of Australia as soon as you can." I began to plan that trip which took some doing because I only wanted to do Aboriginal led tours into the Outback. I was watching a National Geographic program on Kakadu National Park on TV about a week after my vision. There it was, the great Australian Sea Eagle. The planning for the trip really accelerated after that. I went into the Outback on a 5 day tour just as Hurricane Andrew was set to hit Florida. I remember thinking that it would come roaring out into the Gulf, re-intensify, and strike again somewhere along the Gulf Coast. I thought, 'Hum. I wonder if I will have a home to come back to.' Then I forgot all about it until after the tour was over as there were no TVs or Radios out there.

I had a waking vision of being a native man taking part in a corroboree ceremony. I was the focus of the ceremony. A double pointed crystal was put into my third eye charka. The ceremony continued for a good while. Then I came out of the vision.

When I was in the Northern Territory on that trip in the 90s, I went on a 4 day tour to the Land of the Lightning Brothers led by Bill Yidumduma Harney, a senior elder for the Wardaman Tribe. Bill is responsible for maintaining their rock art...that rock art primarily being the story of the Lightning Brothers.

Usually there are about ten to twelve people on the tour, but this time there was just myself and one other couple. They did not seem as interested in his culture as I was and as a result I was able to spend a good deal of time alone with him talking.

I told him about my vision and asked him if he knew what it meant. He said, "Yes. It means that you are protected from the weather. Those around may die, but you will live." This would be very important to anyone living there during the Wet, as there are a huge number of lightning storms in that area.

I also have come to know that this is also an implant that I use to see in ways that others don't. When I am through reading Dark Sparklers by Bill, I will write more about the connection that I believe I am going to find in that book.

Past Life glimpse #2:

I got the movie Whaledreamers from Netflix and watched it a couple of days ago without knowing much about it.

I sure had no idea what was going to happen when I watched that movie...and the past lives that I would remember.

When they first showed the Whale Tail rock, I burst into tears of such exquisite joy (and I don't do that) that I almost lost my breath. All at once I was standing on a cliff singing the Whaledreaming that calls the Whales in. I knew the words, I knew the Dreaming, and I knew song. Then later in the movie, someone does just that. I knew that some of the words they were singing were not exactly correct, but close enough for the Whales to understand. Sure enough, a Whale appeared. I have been blown away by that experience for the last few days. Had I seen that movie in a theater or with others, I am not sure I would have had that experience.

I know I am working with Orcas during this life and asked my Visitor Guide about that. I am going to post that conversation later today or tomorrow as she explains to me what is occurring between the Orcas and myself

My Visitor Guide's Eyes

A few days after my interview with Anne that was in the subscriber section, my Visitor Guide showed me what her eyes look  like.

As I told Anne in the interview, she wears a floor length hooded robe that is a shimmering purple with tiny gold flecks in it. The color depth is quite amazing for cloth.

I have known for some time that what looks to us to be lifeless black eyes are in fact done for a different reason. I cannot speak to all the different other world species here on Earth at this time, but for Her only.

I often wondered why...not anymore.

You are going to need to be patient with me regarding this post and I will try to answer your questions as best I can in my very limited Human language if you have any because vision is just one sense, with many, many more being available to us. I 'see' with more than vision in that I use my other senses at the same time.

As just about all of you know, I can see multiple dimensions at once and have been able to do this all of my life (I am 70 years old). As I have grown older with more practice and teaching, I have become able to see multiple dimensions more clearly than I did in my early life.

She was standing in my living room several days after we taped that interview. She said to me, "It is time for me to show you my eyes."

She smiled. Her lens became clear. My breath was taken away.

Her eyes contain all the colors found on Earth and many that aren't. There were so many colors that I was flooded with awe. These colors looked like very, very tiny glittering stars...and the depth of them was damn near infinite. It was like looking into the universe if all the stars were crammed together. The dimensional depth was astounding. There were colors behind colors, colors within colors, etc. I would say maybe 8-10 dimensions at least, probably more that I cannot yet grasp...all shimmering to a different vibration. The colors are so vivid and intense that I cannot do them justice in Human speak. As I looked into them, I did not breathe. Normally, I cannot hold my breath that long. This time I did. I simply wasn't breathing. Did I care? Nope. What I was privileged to see was worth it.

I was able to view them for not longer that one minute when she darkened the lens. I am not sure that my brain would not have fried trying to process that much new information had she left them open longer.

The beauty in and from them is just indescribable.

I understand that many, probably most, abductees talk about the terror they feel when they look into those black eyes/lens. After seeing hers, I honestly believe that most would go insane if they saw what they truly look like, because it is so foreign to the vast majority of humans.

I am left with the question: Do they have to allow the fear to happen to most in order to keep them from insanity? Is that the reason? After what I saw, I believe so.

If you have any questions, I will try and answer them.

Visitor Guide Conversation 10, Part 2

AS: What are the out of body experiences (OBEs) that Humans talk about?

VG: Those are people that are able to separate their soul from their physical body. The ones that are able to actually go somewhere have formed the bubble and are able to travel accordingly.

AS This makes many people either confused or afraid.

VG: Yes. That is because they do not fully understand what is happening to them at the time.

AS Is there a way to learn to be more comfortable doing this?

VG: Yes, with practice and lack of fear that they will be lost from their physical bodies. This can never happen because the soul always knows its home body.

AS: I am able to see all manner of beings and spirits that others do not. Others are able to do this as well. Why is that?

VG: You and the others have expanded your ability to perceive them. Most Humans are afraid to look at things differently than their brains tell them they can look. One must let go of the fear to see.

AS: I see Dragons, Unicorns, and other animals that Humans have relegated to mythical status. Do they exist in our timeline?

VG: Yes. Many species have the ability to cloak themselves from other species. This is what Dragons do. They actually exist along side of Humans and the other species at the same time. The species that have cloaking ability are far older than Humans.

AS: Do they ever harm Humans?

VG: Only in order to defend themselves, which occurs very rarely, or to defend Humans with whom they have become protectors for. They will protect what they feel needs protecting.

AS: Are there beings that are living in our timeline that are either ahead or behind us with regard to their own time frame?

VG: Yes.

AS: Does time slip? By that I mean does time jump forward or backward for us?

VG: No. It can feel as though it has sped up or slowed down and give one the false perception that it has slipped. At times one can feel something happened faster or slower because of the time speed change. That is what happens during missing time events for Humans.

AS: What causes this to happen?

VG: Fear, distraction, anxiety, inexperience to name a few.

AS: So during these periods of time, time itself has not been altered in its flow but rather the perception that it has?

VG: Yes.

AS: Are there alternative Earths in these alternate time spaces? Am I living another life in another time space?

VG: Yes, in some of them.

AS: I have a portal in my backyard. Where do portals go?

VG: They go into space without time.

AS: That would seem to not be a very good place to be.

VG: No, not without the knowledge of how to do work there.

AS: Where is the soul world or Heaven as some call it?

VG: In the very center of the circle that is time.

AS: How do souls get there?

VG: Pure souls know how to leave time and move in space to that place. Souls that return to time spaces to begin new lives know how to do the reverse.

AS: You stated that you would talk about the gap the circular time.

VG: Because time is infinite, the end cannot be reached. Linear time is a straight time line while circular time is curved and folded.

AS: So there are an infinite number of alternate time sections?

VG: Yes.

AS: How is it that I am able to form intent and then be drawn to other worlds?

VG: You do so as a pure soul. Because pure souls have no physical body, they do not need constraints. What you are doing is opening a travel tube that your soul uses to rapidly move in time. While these travel tubes are inside your timeline, they are outside of the speed at which time moves normally within that timeline. Therefore, you and others doing this can move very rapidly to places that would not be possible to do if you were traveling at the normal rate of speed for your particular timeline.

AS: I see many different what we Humans call 'Alien Species' here on Earth now.

VG: Yes. There are many. Some are not nice, but most are working to keep Humans from destroying the planet. There are races that are far more advanced than the bad ones. We will not allow those species to interfere profoundly with Earth. We have been here for longer than Earth has supported life.

AS: I can't think of more questions, so I will stop for now. Thank you very much for explaining this to others and myself. This is going to drive the science oriented board members crazy because it is so new, isn't it?

VG: Yes. It is good for them because they need to begin to perceive differently.

With that she smiled.

Visitor Guide Conversation 10, Part 1

I had a conversation with her titled Visitor Guide Conversation 9, but that was covered in my conversation with Anne so I won't post it here.

This is going to be a very long conversation for reasons you will understand as you read the conversation. There are a lot of short questions with one-word answers and we are talking about a lot. I am going to post it as two conversations titled Conversation 10A and Conversation 10B.

You may need to read these two posts more than once because they are very different than what we are used to.

VG = Visitor Guide
AS = Animalspirits

AS: May we take about time, alternate universes, soul movement and the other things that will come up as we progress into the conversation?

VG: Yes.

AS: Lets start with time. Can you describe it a bit?

VG: Time is not linear in the sense that it is a more or less straight line. It is circular with a slight exception. This circle is infinite. One cannot reach the end of if. When I say it is circular, think of it as a circle with a very small gap in it. This gap is very important, as I will explain later. If time were linear, it would not be possible for it to fold as it does because it would be too rigid.

While time is infinite, it does not encompass everything. It has a very definite shape. If you visualize it as an enormous tube, that will help you to understand what I am going to talk about later. It is important that you understand that this time tube is extremely large.

Because time is not a closed circle, it can fold back on itself an infinite number of times. The only thing I can think of is the intestinal track and how the intestines fold to fit into the space that is defined by the body. That should give those reading this a reference as to what I am talking about. In the case of time, there is no confined space to fit into.

Time, being infinite, can fold back along itself an infinite number of times. These folds do not constitute separate sections, but are simply folds that belong to the one timeline that is at the same time circular.

Do you understand what I am talking about so far?

AS: Yes, I do.

VG: Anything else is outside time, but not outside of space.

AS: I understand. One can go outside of time, but never outside of space.

VG: Yes.

AS: What happens when time folds back along side itself?

VG: Alternate time sections.

AS: So the term 'alternate universe' is incorrect because these other 'universes' are actually part of the same timeline we are in?

VG: Yes, that is correct. The closest term I can name it in your language is 'alternate time sections.' These alternate time sections are also infinite.

AS: So there is infinity within infinity?

VG: Yes. Your scientists do not yet understand this concept nor will they for a long time.

AS: Do these alternate time sections ever touch the place along the timeline we are in now?

VG: No. There is always space between them.

AS: So when people talk about bleed-over from an 'alternate universe' into ours that cannot happen?

VG: No.

AS: Are there ever instances of beings from one of these alternate time sections visiting ours?

VG: Very, very rarely because it takes enormous energy and knowledge of how to do it. Very, very few species know how to do this. Using such enormous amounts of energy does not make it a viable practice.

AS: Are there other alternate time sections where they have mastered the energy problem and are able to move back and forth at will?

VG: Yes. Those that have mastered this process do not wish nor need to do so. They are at such an advanced level of consciousness that it is no longer attractive to them.

AS: Is it possible to move along the timeline we are in to visit other worlds?

VG: Yes. In order to do that, one must have mastered the ability to suspend time where you are currently, form a tube, and move in that tube to those places. In essence, you form a bubble around yourself and are therefore able to change the rate of speed that you move through your timeline.

AS: Is that what I do?

VG: Yes. Your soul learned to do it in your past lives. Your soul remembers how to do it, but your physical brain does not. This is why you tell others that you can do it, but can't explain how you do it.

AS: Will I ever be able to explain it?

VG: No. Those that are able to do it understand already. Those who cannot will never understand it no matter how hard you try and explain it.


Visitor Guide Conversation 8

This discussion began about Orcas and, as it progressed, it totally changed as I asked further questions regarding her answers.

VG = Visitor Guide
AS = Animalspirits

AS: May we talk so I can post another of our conversations?

VG: Yes.

AS: I have some questions about the Orca that killed its trainer and wild species in general. Is that all right?

From what I have read, it seems that the Orca was just engaging in normal Orca play behavior. Is that correct?

VG: Yes.

AS: Are animals that are kept in zoos and parks such as Sea World happy? Do they have a quality of like that is acceptable to them?

VG: No.

AS: I do know that some of the Orcas that are in captivity have been born in captivity. How do they know normal play behavior for Orcas in the wild?

VG: They have been taught what is normal for them in the wild by their parents. This began with the first Orca that was captured and held in captivity. As you already know, Orcas are very sophisticated in their language skills. Humans do not understand the vast majority of that language. They believe they have deciphered it, but they have not. Orcas are capable of changing their language at any time to add or subtract new sounds that Humans fail to observe no matter how sophisticated their computer programs are. Those computers have software that has been written by Humans, not Orcas.

AS: Is there a connection to the 28 whales that beached themselves elsewhere?

VG: No.

AS: The animals that I talk to are beginning to show me pictures of all the species, except Humans, coming together and changing the energy of Earth to benefit all rather than continuing to allow Humans to use up the Earth's resources at will. I have been getting these images for a good while now and they are intensifying. Is that a correct statement?

VG: Yes.

AS: I have known all my life that the life on Earth is interconnected and communicating within that interconnectedness at will. I do not have the feeling that most Humans are included in that interconnectedness. Is that correct?

VG: Yes. However, there are a few Humans that are part of that and they know who they are. We have been working with them for eons to be able to be a part of this.

AS: So what you are saying is that the Earth and her species will actually turn on Humans and stop this insane overpopulation and rape of our planet?

VG: Yes. It has happened before. Your scientists see the results, but come to the wrong conclusions because they cannot prove by their antiquated scientific understanding what really happened.

AS: Is this why Atlantis disappeared?

VG: Yes.

AS: Will Humans ever find the ruins of Atlantis?

VG: No. It was obliterated. There are no ruins to find.

AS: Are Humans that are in power now building underground facilities in an attempt to escape what will happen?

VG: Yes, but it will do them no good. They believe it is the Aliens that will do this. Aliens will not. It will be the Earth herself that completes this task. The change will begin deep underground and come to the surface. Those underground complexes will be the first destroyed. All of their work will be useless. We allow them their paranoia and attempts at control and power. It gives them something to do and helps us ready the Humans that will survive to gain the knowledge needed to.

AS: Will I survive?

VG: No. You already know this. (At this point she gave me a gentle and loving smile). You have been here before helping others in their preparation. You were in Atlantis and remember that happening, don't you?

AS: Yes.

VG: If it becomes necessary, we will withdraw enough of the other species to be placed back on Earth when the time comes. It takes very little time for us to do this and we have been ready for a good while.

AS: As you already know, I am posting this to a message board under the Contactee thread. There are quite a few people that make fun of our conversations and my ability to talk to spirits.

VG: Yes, I know. That doesn't matter because you are reaching those that need to hear what I say. The ones that are posting the fear filled and posts calling you a liar are terrified of us. Then there are others that are posting these kinds of posts to promote fear so that other Humans that could make the transcendence will stop their progression. It is the ones that constantly talk about fear that are attempting to do this.

AS: Why is it that some Humans have such horrific memories of their time with you?

VG: They either do not remember that we have been together before or we are just beginning to work with them. If they continue to be so fearful that the reasons for our coming together and do not make progress this time on Earth, they will be able to continue the work in the next life. It takes many, many lives to transcend the fear and learn to become part of the All.

AS: I am accused of being manipulated by you and that you are after my soul. Do you have anything say about that?

VG: (Laughing). I can assure you that we have no use for Human souls. They are not as evolved as we are. Those saying you are being manipulated seek to stop your dialogue about the knowledge you have. It is an easy way to try and discredit someone. What they fail to understand is that they are the ones being manipulated by those that seek to stop Humans from becoming one with their souls. It really does not matter because those that fall for the manipulation are not at a place where they are open to all possibilities. They will have another opportunity. Those that are ready to move forward will while those that aren't won'
t. It really doesn't matter to us one way or the other. The accusations being made at you are actually quite humorous. I also know it doesn't bother you because you have moved past that.

AS: I am tired of typing. Can we talk again soon?

VG: Whenever you want to.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Relationship With My Visitor Guide Over My Lifetime

I am going to try and give you as much information about our relationship as I can. Let me know if you have any questions about anything I am writing.

Remember that she has been with me since I was born.

During most of my life (I am near 70 now) she was gentle voice that whispered in my right ear...always my right ear. Her voice is not human, but I can't describe it, as there are not words in the Human language that adequately allow me to do so. I always knew she was my guide and not Human. As such, I paid attention to what she told me. It was never a 'do this or do that' type of message, but more of explaining either my feelings or instincts to do something quite different than what was the norm at the time. Sometimes I did not pay attention to what she said and paid a price for ignoring her wisdom in that my life became either more confusing or harder. It is her suggestions that have allowed me to wander spiritually and physically to places that I learned much more knowledge than I would have learned had I just stayed put. All of this wandering occurred around a very stable core life in that I worked for the State of Fla. for 32 years, raised one child, helped raise 2 grandchildren, and cared for my mother in the last few years of her life. During the last 10 years of my working life, I was very sick with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The people I worked with did not make it easy on me, but I managed to hang in there until I could retire. I always have felt that she protected me from all sorts of hassles during that time.

In all these years, she has only told me not to do one thing and that was that I was never to be hypnotized. I did ask her why and she told me that I knew things that were not to be known at the time or I knew too much. I have always respected that. Oddly, I only considered this one time and that was when I was sixteen and the book, The Search for Bridey Murphy came out. I remember thinking that would be fun to do and it is at that time she told me I was not be hypnotized. After that one time, I have never thought of doing it again. This is probably due more to the fact that I don't care if anyone believes what I say or not. Also, I don't need proof that the things I have experienced over my lifetime are really happening. I believe this is due to my lack of fear in communicating with her and other species. I have found that if I am patient all of the answers to my questions are revealed, but not until the time right for the information to come to me.

My contact with her has been accelerating over the last 15 to 20 years. At first I would see her in spirit form and not often. Over time that has changed. Gradually she has become more physical in nature. Now I see her more in her physical form than spiritual form. When I said she was sitting on the porch with me, I could reach out and touch her. Also, she has begun to talk to me in her native tongue and oddly I can understand her and respond back in that speech. It is done telepathically as my mouth is not constructed in the manner needed to speak her native tongue.

When she comes into my home, I really don't know how she gets in as I will just look up and there she is. She doesn't knock on the door. She loves to watch the chats and is usually with me when they are going on. She never says a word or makes a suggestion. She just watches. She seems to enjoy the interaction with the others in the chat room at the time.

Since I live alone, can't drive, and am more or less homebound, there are very, very few Humans around me. She has never come to me when there are others around. The people close to me know about her, but she chooses not to interact with them. I believe that if she did show up, they would have an adverse reaction to being around a non-Earth species and she would never do that. She is really a very gentle and wise soul.

None of my animals have ever reacted to her. They will look at her and go back to sleep, licking, or whatever they are doing. They don't run up to her to sniff her. It is sort of like they are saying: "Oh, its you. Hi."

None of my friends are even remotely interested in the UFO stuff or her or the animal spirits. They all are living very Earth based physical lives and really don't pay attention to either Her or my abilities to communicate with animals. None of them belong to my forum. Some may think this is odd, but I don't. Actually it is a great relief to me to not have it in my personal life. It allows me to get away from the UFO and spiritual stuff and take a break, which we all are in great need of. It keeps me from burning out.

When I am on the either message boards or my forum, I am totally engaged in that. Otherwise, I live in the present doing mundane daily things.

Of course, my spiritual nature always interacts with my physical nature but somehow they don't mix unless I need them to do so. It is the same way when I see spirits, Human, Animal, Plant, etc. I have the ability to turn that aspect off totally should I choose to. How I do that, I honestly don't know. I suspect that I have learned over these last 20 years to do so in order to protect my sanity. One can't have it going on all the time. My house is full of spirits of all manners...but I only see them when I choose to do so and they don't interfere with me when I am doing something else. It is a kind of understanding that is respected by all of us.

This interaction doesn't bother the plants or animals in my yard at all. In fact, I have more of them than any other yard in my neighborhood. People walking by sometimes just stop and watch them all.

VG Comments on the Norway Spiral (posted 12/12/09)

AS = animalspirits
VG = Visitor Guide

AS: May we talk about the sighting in Norway on December 9, 2009?

VG: Yes.

AS: Earth's scientists are telling us that it was a missile launch from Russia and nothing more. There have been a lot of people on the news dismissing it.

VG: Yes, I know.

AS: Was it a simple missile launch as they say?

VG: No.

AS: You showed me videos and what I saw was not what others saw. Can you explain what it was?

VG: Yes. A very large ship left Earth in a manner that was meant to be a trigger for millions of people. They saw what actually happened. Others were unable to because they only 'see' with their eyes and not all of their senses. Your cameras are not able to capture everything; even your most sophisticated ones. The ship was not ours. It was the ship of a different species that we are in close contact and work with. The fact that the blue color was the major color was not by chance. It was that color combined with the tail and opening of the portal that is of major significance for those that understood its meaning. You knew immediately, didn�t you?

AS: Yes, I did.

VG: There was no doubt in your mind what it was, was there?

AS: No.

VG: That is because the trigger activated within you.

AS: I said 'goodbye.' Why?

VG: Because in your soul you knew there were some humans aboard that ship. It was their decision to leave since their reason for being on Earth at this time was finished?

AS: Were they under mind-control or were they made to leave?

VG: No. They had been waiting to leave for years.

AS: Was this ship one of the Reptilian ships?

VG: Absolutely not. We do not work with Reptilians, Humans do.

AS: What I saw was much larger and the colors much more intense than what I saw either on television or on the Internet. Why was that?

VG: You see many more things than most humans do. You have expanded your visual abilities so you are aware on a multi-sensual scale. Many humans have acquired this ability. All of you saw what you were meant to see. The rest of the world did not as they are not ready for this information yet.

AS: Why are the physicists and rocket scientists trying so hard to dispel what really happened? They show analyzed frame-by-frame pictures to prove their points.

VG: If they acknowledged what really happened, the world would turn to them for answers. They do not have any answers. They are afraid of appearing stupid. This is a problem with your scientists as it prevents them from really expanding their scientific knowledge.

AS: If there anything you want to say further about this incident?

VG: Yes. If you saw the event in its full scale, do not doubt that you saw that. You did and you were supposed to. You did see the ring expand outward. You did see the enormous portal open. You did see the ship go through it. You did see the portal close again. You did see the blue light. Now you have triggered information that was shielded from you until now because this is the time for it to be known to you. You have work to do. Each of you has different work and each will shortly begin to shift your consciousness toward these goals.

AS: Is this a form of mind control?

VG: No. It is part of each of your destiny. It was a joyous event. Celebrate it.

Visitor Guide Conversation 7

VG = Visitor Guide
AS = Animalspirits

AS: Can we talk about souls and what they are?

VG: Yes.

AS: Humans have so many concepts of what the soul is and where it goes after the physical body dies depending on the belief system of each.

VG: Yes.

AS: From what I have been taught, souls are simply unique energies. Some are more complex than others and their ages vary. I suppose that I have been taught this through my contacts with other species.

VG: Yes. That is true.

AS: Can you explain what a soul is?

VG: Everything that exists has a unique energy. This unique energy constitutes the soul. Humans believe that their souls are so unique that they expect them to hold a higher place in the All than other souls. This is not true. The All does not differentiate on the basis of perceived advancement. It is true that the older the soul, the closer it is to re-uniting with the All. That does not mean that the All views those souls as more important than the simplest soul. To the All, all souls are equal.

AS: Are souls created by the All?

VG: Yes. They are created and also reabsorbed as cycles are completed and begun anew.

AS: So the souls of the older species are closer to being reabsorbed?

VG: Yes.

AS: Most Humans perceive themselves as being above animals, plants, trees, other species, etc. They believe that their souls are more advanced and that they vibrate to a higher frequency than do animals. Is this true?

VG: No. There are many animals, plants, and stones on Earth that have accomplished movement to the inner vibration rings. In that sense, they are more advanced than many Human souls.

AS: Why do Humans believe they are the center of knowledge and that the knowledge of the other species is not of as great a consequence as they are?

VG: They are vain. They seek to give themselves importance that has not been earned. They have not acquired the knowledge they need or they would already be aware of this.

AS: Do the Earth's religions stifle this growth?

VG: Yes.

AS: How have humans come to the place where they believe that each of them has the answer to who �God� is?

VG: It is fear of the unknown that feeds this. Most Humans have a great fear of the death of their physical bodies. They say they believe they have souls, but yet they are afraid to leave those bodies. This occurs because they allow their physical bodies to have too much influence over both the body and the soul. They fail to understand that it is the soul that is eternal and that the body is just a shell that allows the soul a means of interaction with its planet and other species.

AS: There are a fair number of Humans that believe other species are here to harvest our souls for their own use. Is this true?

VG: Absolutely not. Why would any species capable of coming to Earth want to acquire the soul of a species that cannot do what they can already do?

AS: It is said that these species lack emotion and the capacity to love, even the species that do not treat us well. Is this true?

VG: No. All souls have emotions. It is inherent in what a soul is. When a species ages it becomes far more adept in understanding the nature of its emotions and how to use that ability positively. As a species moves farther and farther within the vibration rings and away from the outer ring, they expand their souls until they become one with the All. Their journey is then complete. There are emotions that other species have that Humans do not. Your species is fairly limited in the emotions it has to work with.

AS: To me, Humans seem to have a fundamental lack of patience of path. I believe that this lack of patience keeps them from understanding the concept of vibration rings. They seem to believe that they can vibrate to a higher vibration and then merge with the All and do this in one or two lifetimes. It seems to me that this takes many, many lives to accomplishment. Is that true?

VG: Yes.

AS: Is it true those souls have different colors and that the colors denote age?

VG: Yes.

AS: There has been a thread on the Board that I will post our conversation to that talks about 'Light vs. Dark, and Evil as something separate.' Can you speak to that?

VG: Yes. Light and Dark are simply two things that balance each other. Evil is hurting another for the purpose of personal advancement.

AS: What happens if a soul becomes evil?

VG: It is reabsorbed by the All immediately upon the death of the physical body.

AS: It that soul punished?

VG: No. Being reabsorbed immediately means that the evil soul has ceased to exist as it was. It can no longer exert its evil nature over other souls. The All is so large that to reabsorb such a soul has no effect on it.

AS: Can animals come back as Humans or another species?

VG: Yes, if they so choose. They very rarely do as to be Human is not seen to be a positive thing by most species.

AS: So we are not seen as good?

VG: No. Humans do tend to return as Humans because they have lessons and growth that need to be achieved in order to rise to higher levels of vibration. Most species prefer to learn in a less violent environment.

AS: If it this way with all species not from Earth?

VG: Yes, but not to be degree as it is on Earth and some of the other worlds.

AS: Are we are relatively young species?

VG: Yes. Humans are very young.

AS: So as new worlds are formed, then new species come to inhabitant those places?

VG: Yes. Not all of the species are young though. Some are quite old.

AS: Do the souls of Humans and other species not from Earth mingle when their physical bodies die?

VG: Yes. The soul world is where all souls go between physical incarnations.

AS: Do some souls choose to come back here as pure souls or spirits?

VG: Yes.

AS: Are all of them here to help us or are there those that are evil in nature.

VG: No evil souls incarnate on Earth. Sometimes a soul that is behaving badly will refuse to leave Earth. Then the All must reabsorb it. You have to remember that the timeline of the All is not the same as the timeline of those on Earth so the process of reabsorbing may seem to take a long time, when in fact on the scale of universal time it is quite fast. Time on Earth seems faster than time elsewhere in the universe. This is a perception issue with Humans. They have the ability to recognize time in a more universal manner if they so choose. Most Humans don't take advantage of this ability. It makes their lives harder for them.

AS: Thank you. That is all of the questions I can think of now.

VG: You are welcome.

Visitor Guide Conversation 6

VG = Visitor Guide
AS = Animalspirits

AS: Can we talk about vibration energy and what that is?

VG: Yes.

AS: I believe I finally am beginning to understand it, but it is very difficult to explain it in our Human language as we do not have words that adequately describe what is happening.

VG: Yes. That is true.

AS: Many Humans are focusing on raising their vibration energy to higher levels in order to become more connected to the All and expand their spiritual or soul knowledge.

VG: Yes. I understand this. However, the soul vibrates to more than one vibration.

AS: Lately, I have been feeling more than one vibration within what I used to call my vibration energy. It is as if one strand suddenly separated into several strands.

VG: Yes. That is correct. That is a large step for you.

AS: Does it require that one attain a certain vibration level in order to feel the separation?

VG: No. The ability to feel the separation is dependant on how adept one is at feeling subtle energies.

AS: So any of us are capable of feeling the separation?

VG: Yes. Most Humans believe that there is only one vibration, which is not correct. They seek to raise the whole strand higher. They will have some success with this. At a certain point, they will not be able to advance higher if they do not understand the separation aspect.

AS: As they raise this single vibration energy higher and higher does that mean they are closer to an understanding of the All?

VG: No. Vibration energy is circular. There are several of these circular vibrations, each one subtler than the other. If they vibrate higher and higher as a single strand, they will hit the top and be unable to continue. They must understand the multiple strand concept.

AS: Does having a higher vibration mean they are able to access more knowledge than if they vibrate at a lower frequency?

VG: No. The older species vibrate at lower frequencies because they have completed their time at the higher frequencies. The raising and lowering of these frequencies occurs over thousands of life times. The oldest and wisest species vibrate with such subtly that unless one is at that particular stand it will feel as though they are no longer vibrating at all. They are, but it is very subtle. These species are either directly with the All or very close to merging with it. The Species have successfully moved from strand to strand and are now within the subtlest strand.

AS: So there is no short cut to moving from strand to strand?

VG: No. Certain knowledge is required to move between strands.

AS: Can these older species actually move from the subtle strand to the first strand as they wish?

VG: Yes. They have the knowledge of how to do this.

AS: Are you able to do this?

VG: No, not yet. We are in the more subtle strands, but not the subtlest one yet.

AS: So those of us that are vibrating either in the single strand or in one that is closer to it will not feel the more subtle ones yet?

VG: Yes.

AS: How do Humans begin to feel the separation of the vibration energy strands?

VG: They must first learn to feel very subtle energy. Everything that occupies space has energy. If they begin to focus on objects that they believe have no vibration until they can feel the vibration, it will help them realize when their own strand separates. If one does not understand this, they can become very afraid that they have done something wrong. They have not. They have actually had a great leap in understanding this energy.

AS: Is vibration energy and which strand one is in connected with overall spiritual knowledge?

VG: Yes.

AS: Is the expansion of understanding and moving from strand to strand occurring within the soul, the physical body, or both?

VG: It is occurring within the soul only.

AS: Thank you. I cannot think of any more questions that I have about this.

Visitor Guide Conversation 5

VG = Visitor Guide
AS = Animalspirits

AS: Can we talk about language and how the two of us are able to understand one another?

VG: Yes.

AS: Is it all right if I post this to the Board?

VG: Yes.

AS: Can you explain how the two of us, completely different species, are able to communicate and understand one another?

VG: Yes. Our languages are very different with great differences in context, subtlety, and complexity.

AS: As you teach me your language, I am beginning to understand that.

VG: Yes, you are. You will be able to understand it but you will never be able to speak it, as the two of us do not have the same physical abilities. Our bodies are vastly different in their physical makeup. Language or as Humans describe it 'words' are unique to each of us. Each word or emotion carries its own unique energy. We are able to understand the energy of each word. We also understand each Human emotion for they carry energy as well. When you state something, I feel the energy of each word and understand what you are saying. In order for any species to understand the language of a different species, they must be able to take the energy from each word or sound and convert it into terms that they understand. This is extremely difficult to do if one begins the process and they do not trust themselves or are afraid to listen. Humans do not listen with their souls as much as they should. They let their minds and emotions dictate what they hear. Humans have lost much of what enabled them to do this.

AS: So Humans that are able to feel energy or as I put it 'read energy' are better equipped to begin to talk with not only your species, but with other species as well?

VG: Yes. You began by enhancing your ability to communicate with other species on Earth. You are quite gifted in your ability to talk to animals. You have been able to access the ability to do this from what your soul has learned in previous lives lived. You trust what you are told, what you hear, and more importantly what you feel. It never makes you afraid nor do you question where this comes from and if it is true. You speak soul-to-soul, not body-to-body. This is very important. The soul understands but the body does not. The physical body is here for just one cycle while the soul is eternal. The physical body has no memory of its past while the soul does.

AS: I feel as though this has been a part of my life ever since I was born. Is this correct?

VG: Yes. You were born with this ability.

AS: Do all Humans have the ability to do this?

VG: Yes.

AS: I have recently begun to remember my lives lived in the past. I am always with a Native group as opposed to being with a more modern group. Why is this?

VG: Your immediate past lives have been with Native people. This is where your abilities were honed. The Aborigines were completely telepathic. Since you lived so many lives with them, you were born with already knowing how to do this. You simply had to access that knowledge. It was already with you within your soul.

AS: How is it that I have been able to do this while others can't?

VG: Your lack of fear and your depth of understanding and the ability to access your soul without allowing your physical body to interfere with what you hear, learn, or remember has allowed this to manifest in this life.

AS: So many Humans question why they have an ability or question whether they are being tricked. Why is that happening to them?

VG: They have not yet remembered what their souls know. When they do, they are afraid to trust it because their physical body does not remember. Those Humans dismiss the vast knowledge of their souls and rely only on the physical body that they have had only this one Earth cycle. It is a huge mistake on their part. They limit themselves greatly. It manifests itself in an inability to listen to what those that can do this are saying.

AS: Many Humans are remembering past lives lived in the bodies of people that either lived or existed during periods that Humans were living in, for example, Europe. They seem to be having trouble connecting to their souls on a deeper level.

VG: Yes. For those people, they must go further back in their previous lives to the time when all Humans were telepathic and understood their Earth connection at a soul level.

AS: So they must continue to expand backward until they reach this knowledge?

VG: Yes.

AS: There are Humans that say they are channeling an alien species and make predictions as to what will happen. Often this does not happen and then they lose their credibility even though the information they are providing may have merits. Why is this?

VG: They have either not clearly understood what they are told or they have allowed their physical body to have too much control over what they say will happen.

AS: Many people that I know feel an expansion of their souls and a greater understanding of coming change. They say it is intensifying rapidly. Is this correct?

VG: Yes.

AS: There is so much fear around the year 2012 and the perceived end of the Mayan Calendar. What will happen?

VG: Most Humans will not feel any difference at all. The change will manifest in those that can understand what is happening. For them, there will continue to be great advances in soul memory and expansion. This has begun already.

AS: There are people that simply refuse to believe that I can talk to you and that the two of us are able to have a conversation. They say I am channeling myself. Do you have anything to say to them?

VG: Yes. You are speaking directly to me and you understand what I tell you. The others are afraid of us for various reasons. However, there are people that are doing the same thing and these conversations are a help to them. It is those people that we are trying to reach. We are trying to show them validation of their experiences. The others will find their way if they are able to listen to their souls without fear. If they cannot, then they are not ready and that is fine.

AS: I am tired of typing. May we talk again soon?

VG: Yes. Never forget that this is what you are here to do.