Thursday, November 25, 2010

Portals - Questions Answered

These questions were asked on another Message Board.  I have removed the name of the person that asked them for their privacy.

Can you please describe portals?

The simplest way I can describe them is that they are like wormholes. It takes whatever enters them to another place instantly. They suspend time or are outside of time. If you think of a tube that punches a hole in the time stream thereby suspending it. They are not outside our existing time stream.

Can these doorways be seen with the naked eye?

Yes. I can see them and others can as well. Most people can't because they have not allowed their perspective to change from what is considered normal to Humans. It takes a lack of fear of what will be seen as portals are not the only thing one will see. You will see all manner of spirits...from all over the universe. They do not look like us and as such, are often seen as being either evil or the devil by those with limited perspective.

Can these portals be opened in a home?

Yes, they can be opened anywhere one wants to open one. When I open a portal, I just form the intent to open it with a specific destination and it opens...and off I go. I always close the portal when I return.

And my last question where do they take you if you were to enter one?

Each portal has its own destination. The one in my backyard is used by the Dragons that live on my roof. Rex, a protective entity, protects the portal. He has told me that I am not to disclose where it is (I know) and that I am NEVER to go through it. I talked about Rex in my interview with Anne Strieber which can still be listened to in the Subscriber Section of . She refers to me as "Diana" and it was done in March of this year, if I remember the date correctly.

There are portals such as this all over the Earth and most are not at what Humans designate as sacred sites. They are all guarded. They will be protected and these entities will put a world of hurt on anyone using one without permission.

I don't view this as control by them, but rather it needs to be viewed as us not encroaching on their boundaries, respecting them, and for our own protection.

Can you imagine coming out in the middle of a world of Dragons? Yum-yum! Lunch is here!

I know lots of questions.

Questions are welcome. Let me know if you have anymore. Hope this helped some.

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