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Visitor Guide Conversation 8/12/09

This post represents a series of conversations I had with my Visitor Guide some time ago.

AS = animalspirits
VG = Visitor Guide

AS: Can we talk some more so I can post on the forum?

VG: Yes

AS: There have been several discussions about implants on the forum and message board in the last few weeks. I was hoping to talk to you a bit about them and some other things as well.

VG: That will be fine.

AS: A lot of people say they have implants and know where they are. Some have even had them removed and found advanced technology in at least one. I was hoping to talk to you about this.

VG: I will be as helpful as I can.

AS: Is your race responsible for all the implants in humans?

VG: No.

AS: How many other species are using them?

VG: A lot.

AS: Do you know who they are?

VG: Yes.

AS: So they are not able to hide the fact they are implanting us from you?

VG: No. We know who they are.

AS: Some people say implants are bad. Some say they are helpful. Some people say other Humans have implanted them. Others believe they should all come out. What can you tell me about that?

VG: It is true that members of your species have put some implants in your species.

AS: Are those humans working with other species or are they working alone?

VG: Both. There are some species that do not have the best interest of the Human race in mind. There are others that are here to stop that. When we implant, we do so to help humans.

AS: Do you ever remove implants put in by other species?

VG: Yes.

AS: Does that put your race in jeopardy? Do these other species try and take action against you?

VG: Sometimes, but they can�t harm us. We are too old a species and have more at our disposal to prevent harm from coming to us.

AS: So there is a kind of alien species war going on on Earth?

VG: You could put it that way. Humans would not know about it though.

AS: You told me that your species has been working with Humans for as long as we have been here. Is that correct?

VG: Yes.

AS: Did your species have anything to do with our rapid evolution type growth?

VG: Yes.

AS: So what Earth scientists call evolution does not account for Human evolution happening solely on our own to the point we are currently?

VG: No.

AS: Can the instruments used by Human doctors and scientists detect all implants?

VG: Absolutely not. Only those that are rudimentary in nature can be seen and measured by your people.

AS: Do these less sophisticated implants have important functions to the humans that they are in?

VG: Some do. Some are obsolete and no longer function.

AS: Can you turn them on and off when you want to?

VG: Yes.

AS: I am interested in the so-called �junk DNA� and what the function of it actually is.

VG: Junk DNA is not a good word to use. Over the great period of time that we have been here with Humans, we have tweaked your DNA. We have added and subtracted, as we felt necessary for the advancement of your species. All Humans have this in their DNA and it is passed from generation to generation that way. One could say that these are our most sophisticated implants. They cannot be understood nor detected.

AS: You told me that I have 2 implants in my head that cannot be detected. Can you talk about that?

VG: Yes. They are made of materials that are found in your own body and do not appear to be abnormal to your scientists.

AS: I can feel mine vibrating from time to time. Why is that?

VG: We are communicating with you and you are communicating with us. We are enhancing your ability to move in other worlds and outside time and space. Its vibrating now isn�t it?

AS: Yes. Sometimes it vibrates when I am doing other work or going to other worlds. Is that also coming from you?

VG: No. You have learned how to use this as a communication and access device so you can do your own work.

AS: Are you controlling me?

VG: No. Not in the sense that people seem to believe we control others. I do offer suggestions to you at times when you need to begin to move in a new direction with regard to acquiring the knowledge you need to know to help others. I am your Guide not your Master. You know we have been doing this for many thousands of years. I was the one that suggested that you go to the center of the Galaxy. You learned a lot by that visit didn�t you?

AS: Oh yes! It blew my mind. What if I said �No� to a suggestion?

VG: You won�t because I will not ask you to do anything that you would not want to do. I do not want you to be my slave. I am helping you grow to meet your destiny with the rest of the Universe.

AS: Are others being worked with in this manner on the planet now?

VG: Oh my, yes. Far more that even you imagine.

AS: Do the other species attempt to interfere with this?

VG: Yes, they try because they do not want humans to achieve transformation and growth beyond where they are now.

AS: Do you stop them?

VG: In the case of those that are working with us such as yourself, �Yes.�

AS: So you don�t stop all the bad stuff that is going on.

VG: No. The species that are attempting this must learn that they are being harmful to another species, and as such, will not be good members in standing with the rest of the races of the Universe.

AS: Don�t we pay a terrible price for this?

VG: Yes, in some cases you do. But you also do terrible things to each other that other species have not instigated. What happened to the Native people of what you call North America when you people came from across the sea is a good example.

AS: There are a lot of reports of horrific abduction stories on the board and elsewhere. At least some of these beings look like you. If your species is here to help us, why do these people have to go through these terrible experiences? Is there any benefit from them?

VG: There are a lot of us here now. Some of us are very young. They have not learned to be gentle caretakers yet. Some have allowed power to go to their heads. This is not all right and they do pay a price for what they do. Most of the time, they have to leave here and go back. Humans become so paralyzed by anger and fear that they are not able to move past this once it happens. We try and come back to them and help them. Often we are not successful, often we are. If they can move past the anger first and then the fear, they will find that their level of communication with all species has been enhanced as has their ability to move in time and space. It takes a lot of courage for these people to achieve this and we take notice and honor that courage. We cannot go back and reverse what happened, but we can try and help those that have been mistreated. Unfortunately, there are humans that are only interested in power, control, and what you call wealth and they try to take advantage of this for their own gain. In order for humans to evolve high enough to join the other species of the Universe, they must learn to let go of their old fashioned and pre-conceived beliefs. These beliefs tie them to the Earth and prevent the advancement of humanity as a species.

AS: Why have I never been abducted or seen a UFO?

VG: You do not need to. You are very old and you and I have worked long and hard to get you where you are now. When you were born, you already knew we were here and how to communicate with us. It was already in your DNA and your implants were already in place. You began using those implants before you were born. We were communicating with you already.

AS: I have often talked about the fact that my mother was afraid of me and really did not raise me in the traditional sense of the word. She was a good woman and cared for me as well as she could. Why do I feel she was afraid of me?

VG: She knew that you were very old. She knew you already knew things you should not have known at your age and that made her afraid of you. She did not understand.

AS: Did I do something wrong that made her fear worse?

VG: No. It was something that would have happened no matter who your parents were.

AS: I didn�t get the feeling my father was afraid of me. Was he?

VG: Yes, but he was working and not around you so much so you did not see it as you did in your mother.

AS: I am tired of typing. I would like to talk about hybrids, what they are, why they are here and some other things. If I have some other questions or people on the board have questions, could we talk again?

VG: Yes. (She smiled and was gone.)

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