Friday, November 26, 2010

Forming Intent To Journey Outside of Time And Outward Into The Universe

I am writing about how to form intent and allow the Soul to expand moving into the Universe while outside of time.

Not everyone will use this method.  As always trust your instincts and follow your path.   If you are already able to do this, then you will not need these instructions.

  1. This should to be done without the chance that you will be interrupted by outside distractions in your own physical life.

  1. Form the intent to be patient. Quiet yourself and clear your mind.  Do not concentrate on anything.  Unfocus.

  1. Make your Soul neutral.  It should not be in fight or flight mode.  Neutrality is the key to all of this.  Remember you are not looking for anything in particular and having your Soul neutral will allow this to happen.

  1. Call your protective Guides, Animal Spirits, Angels, Stones, or whatever you use for protection in your normal life.  You will sense their energy around you as a shield or bubble of protection.  It is extremely important that this protection be neutral also.  If it is required, the protection will manifest without you having to do anything.  For some of you, this protection is automatic and you will not have to do this step.

  1. Remove any fear you may have of encountering hostile spirits or beings.  Fear will stop this faster than anything.  Also, fear draws fear-based entities.  Remember that your have neutral intent and your protection.

  1. Let go of your mind/ego and connect to your heart/soul.  For those of you that have not done this before: let go of the static, fear, and doubt that your mind is trying to create in order to keep you from accessing your Soul.  Go to your Heart Space and acknowledge your Soul.  Ignore your Mind/Ego.  If necessary, tell it to go away.

  1. Once you are connected with your Soul just let go of everything external.  Become totally Soul-based staying neutral and without fear.

  1. You will feel a very subtle pull on your Soul.  Allow yourself to be pulled outward into space.  This is going to happen very fast for most people.  You are going to be moving outside of time, but not space.  For beginners, you may be pulled somewhere on Earth.  As you become more adept at doing this, you will go off Earth.

  1. When you feel the presence of either another entity, spirit, or space-based object, ask permission to approach.  You will know if it is granted, as the pull will continue.  It is extremely rare that you are denied approach.  Remember that remaining neutral is the key.  If you are denied approach, allow yourself to change direction, as the pull will do that automatically.

  1. As you approach, allow the other entity, etc. to begin the dialogue.  At this stage the most important thing to remember is that you have no fear.  Non-Human entities can look very different than we do.  If you have no fear, you will not be afraid of the difference in appearance.  Our society has labeled certain physical characteristics as being either evil or bad.  This is not the case.  They look different and you must allow these differences to not deter your soul growth.  It can be helpful to put the shoe on the other foot and think how you must look to them.  If they can allow you to appear the way you do, then you can allow them to do likewise.  Remember that contact is a gift and the gift is coming from them, not you.

  1. Above all, faith that your Soul cannot die or be harvested is the key to this.  If you fall into fear mode, you will be thrown back here.  If that happens, try again.  Keeping working on it until you succeed.  You will succeed if you have patience and courage.

  1. Have fun, learn a lot, and above all be grateful for the knowledge you receive.  Always thank them for taking the time to share knowledge and understanding with you.

  1. This is the most important step, yet the hardest to accomplish.  Do not dismiss what you see or are told even if it is confusing to you at the time.  Your mind/ego is going to continually attempt to make you doubt or dismiss your experience.  As you grow a library of experiences, you will see that they begin to meld together and that the knowledge is not just a series of bits and pieces but like a jigsaw puzzle, the pieces begin to fit together.  It can be helpful to keep a journal as you begin this.  You will be astounded when you re-read it after six months or so.

Your questions are always welcome.  You can post them in the comment section. 

Have fun out there and enjoy your trips as much as I do mine!


  1. I find it so hard to calm my mind, but will give it a try.

  2. Love to follow your posts. Thank you for the detailed information.

  3. Thanks. What follows is my first brief attempt with this:

    I approached something that was a mass of light and just knew something was there, but didn't really see the form, that's just the way it works for me sometimes.

    SS - Is there anything I need to know right now?
    VG - No.

    SS - Is there anything I can help you with or you help me with?
    VG - Just keep playing music . (I got the impression to play irrespective of anything else, that it's somehow important to play for the sake of playing, in devotion, and I was reminded of the phrase 'The devotional of aspect of prayer' that a Sufi teacher told me was the meaning of Mustaqeem, an arabic name that came to me several years ago.)

    SS - The thought came to ask about relationships, and as I was thinking it was not important to ask, I got the message...
    VG - That will work itself out.

    SS - Do I have a connection to the Pleiades?
    VG - You already know this.