Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Intention Meditation With Earth (5/10/09) Part 2

I was pulled from the liquid planet to the center of our galaxy so fast I did not have time to ask for permission as I approached the Black Hole. Bang...I was there. That was a real shock.

I found myself at what must have been right outside the event horizon of the Black Hole at the center of our galaxy. There was what looked to be some kind of energy field that separated where I was from the Black Hole.

There were so many different life forms there I could not even begin to count them. They ringed the Black Hole.

When I am somewhere I am not sure of, I always remain quiet and allow contact to be initiated by others as a sign of respect. I just sat there.

Then they all started talking at once...explaining where I was and what was going on. For some reason I could actually understand each one of them separately with no trouble. They are all extremely ancient and represent life forms that live on each of the planets in our galaxy, including Earth.

The told me that they are protecting the separation of the Black Hole and the galaxy. I asked them from what and they replied 'damage.' That was the only word they used.

I asked how many of them came from each planet and they said, 'One.'  I asked what happens when that representative dies. They said, 'They don't.'

Interestingly, the human from Earth did reveal herself to me in physical form and she looked like early man, not modern man. She is very, very ancient and wise.

The most amazing thing to me is that I am still connected there, just like I am connected to Earth. I guess I will be told why when the time is right.

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