Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Visitor Guide Conversation 5

VG = Visitor Guide
AS = Animalspirits

AS: Can we talk about language and how the two of us are able to understand one another?

VG: Yes.

AS: Is it all right if I post this to the Board?

VG: Yes.

AS: Can you explain how the two of us, completely different species, are able to communicate and understand one another?

VG: Yes. Our languages are very different with great differences in context, subtlety, and complexity.

AS: As you teach me your language, I am beginning to understand that.

VG: Yes, you are. You will be able to understand it but you will never be able to speak it, as the two of us do not have the same physical abilities. Our bodies are vastly different in their physical makeup. Language or as Humans describe it 'words' are unique to each of us. Each word or emotion carries its own unique energy. We are able to understand the energy of each word. We also understand each Human emotion for they carry energy as well. When you state something, I feel the energy of each word and understand what you are saying. In order for any species to understand the language of a different species, they must be able to take the energy from each word or sound and convert it into terms that they understand. This is extremely difficult to do if one begins the process and they do not trust themselves or are afraid to listen. Humans do not listen with their souls as much as they should. They let their minds and emotions dictate what they hear. Humans have lost much of what enabled them to do this.

AS: So Humans that are able to feel energy or as I put it 'read energy' are better equipped to begin to talk with not only your species, but with other species as well?

VG: Yes. You began by enhancing your ability to communicate with other species on Earth. You are quite gifted in your ability to talk to animals. You have been able to access the ability to do this from what your soul has learned in previous lives lived. You trust what you are told, what you hear, and more importantly what you feel. It never makes you afraid nor do you question where this comes from and if it is true. You speak soul-to-soul, not body-to-body. This is very important. The soul understands but the body does not. The physical body is here for just one cycle while the soul is eternal. The physical body has no memory of its past while the soul does.

AS: I feel as though this has been a part of my life ever since I was born. Is this correct?

VG: Yes. You were born with this ability.

AS: Do all Humans have the ability to do this?

VG: Yes.

AS: I have recently begun to remember my lives lived in the past. I am always with a Native group as opposed to being with a more modern group. Why is this?

VG: Your immediate past lives have been with Native people. This is where your abilities were honed. The Aborigines were completely telepathic. Since you lived so many lives with them, you were born with already knowing how to do this. You simply had to access that knowledge. It was already with you within your soul.

AS: How is it that I have been able to do this while others can't?

VG: Your lack of fear and your depth of understanding and the ability to access your soul without allowing your physical body to interfere with what you hear, learn, or remember has allowed this to manifest in this life.

AS: So many Humans question why they have an ability or question whether they are being tricked. Why is that happening to them?

VG: They have not yet remembered what their souls know. When they do, they are afraid to trust it because their physical body does not remember. Those Humans dismiss the vast knowledge of their souls and rely only on the physical body that they have had only this one Earth cycle. It is a huge mistake on their part. They limit themselves greatly. It manifests itself in an inability to listen to what those that can do this are saying.

AS: Many Humans are remembering past lives lived in the bodies of people that either lived or existed during periods that Humans were living in, for example, Europe. They seem to be having trouble connecting to their souls on a deeper level.

VG: Yes. For those people, they must go further back in their previous lives to the time when all Humans were telepathic and understood their Earth connection at a soul level.

AS: So they must continue to expand backward until they reach this knowledge?

VG: Yes.

AS: There are Humans that say they are channeling an alien species and make predictions as to what will happen. Often this does not happen and then they lose their credibility even though the information they are providing may have merits. Why is this?

VG: They have either not clearly understood what they are told or they have allowed their physical body to have too much control over what they say will happen.

AS: Many people that I know feel an expansion of their souls and a greater understanding of coming change. They say it is intensifying rapidly. Is this correct?

VG: Yes.

AS: There is so much fear around the year 2012 and the perceived end of the Mayan Calendar. What will happen?

VG: Most Humans will not feel any difference at all. The change will manifest in those that can understand what is happening. For them, there will continue to be great advances in soul memory and expansion. This has begun already.

AS: There are people that simply refuse to believe that I can talk to you and that the two of us are able to have a conversation. They say I am channeling myself. Do you have anything to say to them?

VG: Yes. You are speaking directly to me and you understand what I tell you. The others are afraid of us for various reasons. However, there are people that are doing the same thing and these conversations are a help to them. It is those people that we are trying to reach. We are trying to show them validation of their experiences. The others will find their way if they are able to listen to their souls without fear. If they cannot, then they are not ready and that is fine.

AS: I am tired of typing. May we talk again soon?

VG: Yes. Never forget that this is what you are here to do.

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