Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Visitor Guide Conversation 7

VG = Visitor Guide
AS = Animalspirits

AS: Can we talk about souls and what they are?

VG: Yes.

AS: Humans have so many concepts of what the soul is and where it goes after the physical body dies depending on the belief system of each.

VG: Yes.

AS: From what I have been taught, souls are simply unique energies. Some are more complex than others and their ages vary. I suppose that I have been taught this through my contacts with other species.

VG: Yes. That is true.

AS: Can you explain what a soul is?

VG: Everything that exists has a unique energy. This unique energy constitutes the soul. Humans believe that their souls are so unique that they expect them to hold a higher place in the All than other souls. This is not true. The All does not differentiate on the basis of perceived advancement. It is true that the older the soul, the closer it is to re-uniting with the All. That does not mean that the All views those souls as more important than the simplest soul. To the All, all souls are equal.

AS: Are souls created by the All?

VG: Yes. They are created and also reabsorbed as cycles are completed and begun anew.

AS: So the souls of the older species are closer to being reabsorbed?

VG: Yes.

AS: Most Humans perceive themselves as being above animals, plants, trees, other species, etc. They believe that their souls are more advanced and that they vibrate to a higher frequency than do animals. Is this true?

VG: No. There are many animals, plants, and stones on Earth that have accomplished movement to the inner vibration rings. In that sense, they are more advanced than many Human souls.

AS: Why do Humans believe they are the center of knowledge and that the knowledge of the other species is not of as great a consequence as they are?

VG: They are vain. They seek to give themselves importance that has not been earned. They have not acquired the knowledge they need or they would already be aware of this.

AS: Do the Earth's religions stifle this growth?

VG: Yes.

AS: How have humans come to the place where they believe that each of them has the answer to who �God� is?

VG: It is fear of the unknown that feeds this. Most Humans have a great fear of the death of their physical bodies. They say they believe they have souls, but yet they are afraid to leave those bodies. This occurs because they allow their physical bodies to have too much influence over both the body and the soul. They fail to understand that it is the soul that is eternal and that the body is just a shell that allows the soul a means of interaction with its planet and other species.

AS: There are a fair number of Humans that believe other species are here to harvest our souls for their own use. Is this true?

VG: Absolutely not. Why would any species capable of coming to Earth want to acquire the soul of a species that cannot do what they can already do?

AS: It is said that these species lack emotion and the capacity to love, even the species that do not treat us well. Is this true?

VG: No. All souls have emotions. It is inherent in what a soul is. When a species ages it becomes far more adept in understanding the nature of its emotions and how to use that ability positively. As a species moves farther and farther within the vibration rings and away from the outer ring, they expand their souls until they become one with the All. Their journey is then complete. There are emotions that other species have that Humans do not. Your species is fairly limited in the emotions it has to work with.

AS: To me, Humans seem to have a fundamental lack of patience of path. I believe that this lack of patience keeps them from understanding the concept of vibration rings. They seem to believe that they can vibrate to a higher vibration and then merge with the All and do this in one or two lifetimes. It seems to me that this takes many, many lives to accomplishment. Is that true?

VG: Yes.

AS: Is it true those souls have different colors and that the colors denote age?

VG: Yes.

AS: There has been a thread on the Board that I will post our conversation to that talks about 'Light vs. Dark, and Evil as something separate.' Can you speak to that?

VG: Yes. Light and Dark are simply two things that balance each other. Evil is hurting another for the purpose of personal advancement.

AS: What happens if a soul becomes evil?

VG: It is reabsorbed by the All immediately upon the death of the physical body.

AS: It that soul punished?

VG: No. Being reabsorbed immediately means that the evil soul has ceased to exist as it was. It can no longer exert its evil nature over other souls. The All is so large that to reabsorb such a soul has no effect on it.

AS: Can animals come back as Humans or another species?

VG: Yes, if they so choose. They very rarely do as to be Human is not seen to be a positive thing by most species.

AS: So we are not seen as good?

VG: No. Humans do tend to return as Humans because they have lessons and growth that need to be achieved in order to rise to higher levels of vibration. Most species prefer to learn in a less violent environment.

AS: If it this way with all species not from Earth?

VG: Yes, but not to be degree as it is on Earth and some of the other worlds.

AS: Are we are relatively young species?

VG: Yes. Humans are very young.

AS: So as new worlds are formed, then new species come to inhabitant those places?

VG: Yes. Not all of the species are young though. Some are quite old.

AS: Do the souls of Humans and other species not from Earth mingle when their physical bodies die?

VG: Yes. The soul world is where all souls go between physical incarnations.

AS: Do some souls choose to come back here as pure souls or spirits?

VG: Yes.

AS: Are all of them here to help us or are there those that are evil in nature.

VG: No evil souls incarnate on Earth. Sometimes a soul that is behaving badly will refuse to leave Earth. Then the All must reabsorb it. You have to remember that the timeline of the All is not the same as the timeline of those on Earth so the process of reabsorbing may seem to take a long time, when in fact on the scale of universal time it is quite fast. Time on Earth seems faster than time elsewhere in the universe. This is a perception issue with Humans. They have the ability to recognize time in a more universal manner if they so choose. Most Humans don't take advantage of this ability. It makes their lives harder for them.

AS: Thank you. That is all of the questions I can think of now.

VG: You are welcome.

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