Thursday, November 25, 2010

Visitor Guide Conversation 10, Part 1

I had a conversation with her titled Visitor Guide Conversation 9, but that was covered in my conversation with Anne so I won't post it here.

This is going to be a very long conversation for reasons you will understand as you read the conversation. There are a lot of short questions with one-word answers and we are talking about a lot. I am going to post it as two conversations titled Conversation 10A and Conversation 10B.

You may need to read these two posts more than once because they are very different than what we are used to.

VG = Visitor Guide
AS = Animalspirits

AS: May we take about time, alternate universes, soul movement and the other things that will come up as we progress into the conversation?

VG: Yes.

AS: Lets start with time. Can you describe it a bit?

VG: Time is not linear in the sense that it is a more or less straight line. It is circular with a slight exception. This circle is infinite. One cannot reach the end of if. When I say it is circular, think of it as a circle with a very small gap in it. This gap is very important, as I will explain later. If time were linear, it would not be possible for it to fold as it does because it would be too rigid.

While time is infinite, it does not encompass everything. It has a very definite shape. If you visualize it as an enormous tube, that will help you to understand what I am going to talk about later. It is important that you understand that this time tube is extremely large.

Because time is not a closed circle, it can fold back on itself an infinite number of times. The only thing I can think of is the intestinal track and how the intestines fold to fit into the space that is defined by the body. That should give those reading this a reference as to what I am talking about. In the case of time, there is no confined space to fit into.

Time, being infinite, can fold back along itself an infinite number of times. These folds do not constitute separate sections, but are simply folds that belong to the one timeline that is at the same time circular.

Do you understand what I am talking about so far?

AS: Yes, I do.

VG: Anything else is outside time, but not outside of space.

AS: I understand. One can go outside of time, but never outside of space.

VG: Yes.

AS: What happens when time folds back along side itself?

VG: Alternate time sections.

AS: So the term 'alternate universe' is incorrect because these other 'universes' are actually part of the same timeline we are in?

VG: Yes, that is correct. The closest term I can name it in your language is 'alternate time sections.' These alternate time sections are also infinite.

AS: So there is infinity within infinity?

VG: Yes. Your scientists do not yet understand this concept nor will they for a long time.

AS: Do these alternate time sections ever touch the place along the timeline we are in now?

VG: No. There is always space between them.

AS: So when people talk about bleed-over from an 'alternate universe' into ours that cannot happen?

VG: No.

AS: Are there ever instances of beings from one of these alternate time sections visiting ours?

VG: Very, very rarely because it takes enormous energy and knowledge of how to do it. Very, very few species know how to do this. Using such enormous amounts of energy does not make it a viable practice.

AS: Are there other alternate time sections where they have mastered the energy problem and are able to move back and forth at will?

VG: Yes. Those that have mastered this process do not wish nor need to do so. They are at such an advanced level of consciousness that it is no longer attractive to them.

AS: Is it possible to move along the timeline we are in to visit other worlds?

VG: Yes. In order to do that, one must have mastered the ability to suspend time where you are currently, form a tube, and move in that tube to those places. In essence, you form a bubble around yourself and are therefore able to change the rate of speed that you move through your timeline.

AS: Is that what I do?

VG: Yes. Your soul learned to do it in your past lives. Your soul remembers how to do it, but your physical brain does not. This is why you tell others that you can do it, but can't explain how you do it.

AS: Will I ever be able to explain it?

VG: No. Those that are able to do it understand already. Those who cannot will never understand it no matter how hard you try and explain it.


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