Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Relationship With My Visitor Guide Over My Lifetime

I am going to try and give you as much information about our relationship as I can. Let me know if you have any questions about anything I am writing.

Remember that she has been with me since I was born.

During most of my life (I am near 70 now) she was gentle voice that whispered in my right ear...always my right ear. Her voice is not human, but I can't describe it, as there are not words in the Human language that adequately allow me to do so. I always knew she was my guide and not Human. As such, I paid attention to what she told me. It was never a 'do this or do that' type of message, but more of explaining either my feelings or instincts to do something quite different than what was the norm at the time. Sometimes I did not pay attention to what she said and paid a price for ignoring her wisdom in that my life became either more confusing or harder. It is her suggestions that have allowed me to wander spiritually and physically to places that I learned much more knowledge than I would have learned had I just stayed put. All of this wandering occurred around a very stable core life in that I worked for the State of Fla. for 32 years, raised one child, helped raise 2 grandchildren, and cared for my mother in the last few years of her life. During the last 10 years of my working life, I was very sick with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The people I worked with did not make it easy on me, but I managed to hang in there until I could retire. I always have felt that she protected me from all sorts of hassles during that time.

In all these years, she has only told me not to do one thing and that was that I was never to be hypnotized. I did ask her why and she told me that I knew things that were not to be known at the time or I knew too much. I have always respected that. Oddly, I only considered this one time and that was when I was sixteen and the book, The Search for Bridey Murphy came out. I remember thinking that would be fun to do and it is at that time she told me I was not be hypnotized. After that one time, I have never thought of doing it again. This is probably due more to the fact that I don't care if anyone believes what I say or not. Also, I don't need proof that the things I have experienced over my lifetime are really happening. I believe this is due to my lack of fear in communicating with her and other species. I have found that if I am patient all of the answers to my questions are revealed, but not until the time right for the information to come to me.

My contact with her has been accelerating over the last 15 to 20 years. At first I would see her in spirit form and not often. Over time that has changed. Gradually she has become more physical in nature. Now I see her more in her physical form than spiritual form. When I said she was sitting on the porch with me, I could reach out and touch her. Also, she has begun to talk to me in her native tongue and oddly I can understand her and respond back in that speech. It is done telepathically as my mouth is not constructed in the manner needed to speak her native tongue.

When she comes into my home, I really don't know how she gets in as I will just look up and there she is. She doesn't knock on the door. She loves to watch the chats and is usually with me when they are going on. She never says a word or makes a suggestion. She just watches. She seems to enjoy the interaction with the others in the chat room at the time.

Since I live alone, can't drive, and am more or less homebound, there are very, very few Humans around me. She has never come to me when there are others around. The people close to me know about her, but she chooses not to interact with them. I believe that if she did show up, they would have an adverse reaction to being around a non-Earth species and she would never do that. She is really a very gentle and wise soul.

None of my animals have ever reacted to her. They will look at her and go back to sleep, licking, or whatever they are doing. They don't run up to her to sniff her. It is sort of like they are saying: "Oh, its you. Hi."

None of my friends are even remotely interested in the UFO stuff or her or the animal spirits. They all are living very Earth based physical lives and really don't pay attention to either Her or my abilities to communicate with animals. None of them belong to my forum. Some may think this is odd, but I don't. Actually it is a great relief to me to not have it in my personal life. It allows me to get away from the UFO and spiritual stuff and take a break, which we all are in great need of. It keeps me from burning out.

When I am on the either message boards or my forum, I am totally engaged in that. Otherwise, I live in the present doing mundane daily things.

Of course, my spiritual nature always interacts with my physical nature but somehow they don't mix unless I need them to do so. It is the same way when I see spirits, Human, Animal, Plant, etc. I have the ability to turn that aspect off totally should I choose to. How I do that, I honestly don't know. I suspect that I have learned over these last 20 years to do so in order to protect my sanity. One can't have it going on all the time. My house is full of spirits of all manners...but I only see them when I choose to do so and they don't interfere with me when I am doing something else. It is a kind of understanding that is respected by all of us.

This interaction doesn't bother the plants or animals in my yard at all. In fact, I have more of them than any other yard in my neighborhood. People walking by sometimes just stop and watch them all.

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