Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Intention Meditation With Earth (5/10/09) Part 1


I actually went to two places. This is the first one.

Part Two will describe what happened when I went to the center of our galaxy.

It is very difficult to describe what happens when I do this using English, as there are not words to adequately describe some of the things that happen.

I have found that often experiences that don't seem overly important will, in fact, turn out later to have great significance. There must be a reason I went here first.

I ended the 5/10 Earth Meditation.

This began a few minutes after the intention. I was off again and approaching another planet. It appeared to be a liquid world. As I always do, I asked permission to approach it.

I was immediately told 'yes' with great warmth. I was under liquid (don't know what kind) and surrounded by intelligent energies/souls. I thanked them for calling me to them. Since I 'talk' telepathically soul-to-soul, I don't know what they looked like. They felt very ancient, warm, compassionate, and extremely intelligent.

They knew where I was from. They formed a picture of our galaxy and Earth in its appropriate spiral in my head, and then Earth. I asked if they come to Earth to visit us also and was told 'yes' they do but we don't know it when they do. They also were very explicit that they do not interfere with our planet.

I swam on their world for a bit and we were all silent. I sensed it was time to go and thanked them for inviting me. I expressed a desire to visit again if they would have me and they said 'yes' with love.

Beautiful energies--beautiful souls.

Then I was quickly pulled to the center of our galaxy.

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