Thursday, November 25, 2010

Visitor Guide Conversation 11, Part 1

...written 6/20/10.

I have been having an ongoing conversation with her about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the coming changes to Earth, and other things.

This is going to be a very long conversation for reasons you will understand as you read the conversation. There are a lot of short questions with one-word answers. I am going to divide the conversation into two posts as I did for the last one. So there will be 11a and 11b.

VG = Visitor Guide
AS = Animalspirits

AS: May we talk about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico?

VG: Yes.

AS: Was this spill caused by other species that do not come from Earth?

VG: No.

AS: Was this spill intentionally done?

VG: No.

AS: What caused it?

VG: Greed.

AS: Is it going to get worse before it gets better?

VG: Yes.

AS: How long will the ramifications of this spill affect the Gulf of Mexico?

VG: The Gulf of Mexico will not return to normal for at least 50 years.

AS: Will we be told that it is back to normal in a few years?

VG: Yes, but that will not be true.

AS: There are a lot of animals that are dying from the oil. Will any of them become extinct?

VG: Yes, on Earth they will be extinct. We have already removed those species to the new Earth in order to preserve them. We removed enough of them to ensure that they have a healthy reproduction pool.

AS: Will we know of all of the ones that become extinct because of this?

VG: No, Humans do not know many of them yet.

AS: Could you or the other species not from Earth stop this spill?

VG: Yes.

AS: Why not?

VG: Humans are at the point in their evolution that they must finally begin to take responsibility for their actions. Humans do not need to consume as much as they do. A simple life is better. Some Humans have begun to do this, but most have not. You do not even pay attention to the misery of you own species. Why would we help a species that refuses to help itself?

AS: You have disdain for Humans, don't you?

VG: Yes, for most of them. They believe they know so much when in fact they know nothing. Humans are babies.

AS: A lot of people laugh at me when I talk about the energy tubes that the Orcas are maintaining. Could that stop this leak?

VG: They are fools that are unable to accept that which they do not believe has been proven. Yes, they could stop the leak.

AS: But they will not?

VG: No, they will not. The Orcas have discussed this and they have refused to 'bail out Humans again'. These are their words, not mine. They are disgusted with Humans now. This is not a good place for Humans to be at this time. The Whales and Dolphins are all mad, as some of them have died. Whale and Dolphins are the most powerful of your species on Earth, not Humans. It is true that Humans have built a lot of useless things and even things that could destroy the whole planet. They are stupid. We keep telling them and they keep building.

AS: Not all Humans agree with this.

VG: That is true and they will be the ones that are moved off Earth when the changes come.

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