Wednesday, November 24, 2010

VG Comments on the Norway Spiral (posted 12/12/09)

AS = animalspirits
VG = Visitor Guide

AS: May we talk about the sighting in Norway on December 9, 2009?

VG: Yes.

AS: Earth's scientists are telling us that it was a missile launch from Russia and nothing more. There have been a lot of people on the news dismissing it.

VG: Yes, I know.

AS: Was it a simple missile launch as they say?

VG: No.

AS: You showed me videos and what I saw was not what others saw. Can you explain what it was?

VG: Yes. A very large ship left Earth in a manner that was meant to be a trigger for millions of people. They saw what actually happened. Others were unable to because they only 'see' with their eyes and not all of their senses. Your cameras are not able to capture everything; even your most sophisticated ones. The ship was not ours. It was the ship of a different species that we are in close contact and work with. The fact that the blue color was the major color was not by chance. It was that color combined with the tail and opening of the portal that is of major significance for those that understood its meaning. You knew immediately, didn�t you?

AS: Yes, I did.

VG: There was no doubt in your mind what it was, was there?

AS: No.

VG: That is because the trigger activated within you.

AS: I said 'goodbye.' Why?

VG: Because in your soul you knew there were some humans aboard that ship. It was their decision to leave since their reason for being on Earth at this time was finished?

AS: Were they under mind-control or were they made to leave?

VG: No. They had been waiting to leave for years.

AS: Was this ship one of the Reptilian ships?

VG: Absolutely not. We do not work with Reptilians, Humans do.

AS: What I saw was much larger and the colors much more intense than what I saw either on television or on the Internet. Why was that?

VG: You see many more things than most humans do. You have expanded your visual abilities so you are aware on a multi-sensual scale. Many humans have acquired this ability. All of you saw what you were meant to see. The rest of the world did not as they are not ready for this information yet.

AS: Why are the physicists and rocket scientists trying so hard to dispel what really happened? They show analyzed frame-by-frame pictures to prove their points.

VG: If they acknowledged what really happened, the world would turn to them for answers. They do not have any answers. They are afraid of appearing stupid. This is a problem with your scientists as it prevents them from really expanding their scientific knowledge.

AS: If there anything you want to say further about this incident?

VG: Yes. If you saw the event in its full scale, do not doubt that you saw that. You did and you were supposed to. You did see the ring expand outward. You did see the enormous portal open. You did see the ship go through it. You did see the portal close again. You did see the blue light. Now you have triggered information that was shielded from you until now because this is the time for it to be known to you. You have work to do. Each of you has different work and each will shortly begin to shift your consciousness toward these goals.

AS: Is this a form of mind control?

VG: No. It is part of each of your destiny. It was a joyous event. Celebrate it.

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