Thursday, November 25, 2010

Visitor Guide Conversation 8

This discussion began about Orcas and, as it progressed, it totally changed as I asked further questions regarding her answers.

VG = Visitor Guide
AS = Animalspirits

AS: May we talk so I can post another of our conversations?

VG: Yes.

AS: I have some questions about the Orca that killed its trainer and wild species in general. Is that all right?

From what I have read, it seems that the Orca was just engaging in normal Orca play behavior. Is that correct?

VG: Yes.

AS: Are animals that are kept in zoos and parks such as Sea World happy? Do they have a quality of like that is acceptable to them?

VG: No.

AS: I do know that some of the Orcas that are in captivity have been born in captivity. How do they know normal play behavior for Orcas in the wild?

VG: They have been taught what is normal for them in the wild by their parents. This began with the first Orca that was captured and held in captivity. As you already know, Orcas are very sophisticated in their language skills. Humans do not understand the vast majority of that language. They believe they have deciphered it, but they have not. Orcas are capable of changing their language at any time to add or subtract new sounds that Humans fail to observe no matter how sophisticated their computer programs are. Those computers have software that has been written by Humans, not Orcas.

AS: Is there a connection to the 28 whales that beached themselves elsewhere?

VG: No.

AS: The animals that I talk to are beginning to show me pictures of all the species, except Humans, coming together and changing the energy of Earth to benefit all rather than continuing to allow Humans to use up the Earth's resources at will. I have been getting these images for a good while now and they are intensifying. Is that a correct statement?

VG: Yes.

AS: I have known all my life that the life on Earth is interconnected and communicating within that interconnectedness at will. I do not have the feeling that most Humans are included in that interconnectedness. Is that correct?

VG: Yes. However, there are a few Humans that are part of that and they know who they are. We have been working with them for eons to be able to be a part of this.

AS: So what you are saying is that the Earth and her species will actually turn on Humans and stop this insane overpopulation and rape of our planet?

VG: Yes. It has happened before. Your scientists see the results, but come to the wrong conclusions because they cannot prove by their antiquated scientific understanding what really happened.

AS: Is this why Atlantis disappeared?

VG: Yes.

AS: Will Humans ever find the ruins of Atlantis?

VG: No. It was obliterated. There are no ruins to find.

AS: Are Humans that are in power now building underground facilities in an attempt to escape what will happen?

VG: Yes, but it will do them no good. They believe it is the Aliens that will do this. Aliens will not. It will be the Earth herself that completes this task. The change will begin deep underground and come to the surface. Those underground complexes will be the first destroyed. All of their work will be useless. We allow them their paranoia and attempts at control and power. It gives them something to do and helps us ready the Humans that will survive to gain the knowledge needed to.

AS: Will I survive?

VG: No. You already know this. (At this point she gave me a gentle and loving smile). You have been here before helping others in their preparation. You were in Atlantis and remember that happening, don't you?

AS: Yes.

VG: If it becomes necessary, we will withdraw enough of the other species to be placed back on Earth when the time comes. It takes very little time for us to do this and we have been ready for a good while.

AS: As you already know, I am posting this to a message board under the Contactee thread. There are quite a few people that make fun of our conversations and my ability to talk to spirits.

VG: Yes, I know. That doesn't matter because you are reaching those that need to hear what I say. The ones that are posting the fear filled and posts calling you a liar are terrified of us. Then there are others that are posting these kinds of posts to promote fear so that other Humans that could make the transcendence will stop their progression. It is the ones that constantly talk about fear that are attempting to do this.

AS: Why is it that some Humans have such horrific memories of their time with you?

VG: They either do not remember that we have been together before or we are just beginning to work with them. If they continue to be so fearful that the reasons for our coming together and do not make progress this time on Earth, they will be able to continue the work in the next life. It takes many, many lives to transcend the fear and learn to become part of the All.

AS: I am accused of being manipulated by you and that you are after my soul. Do you have anything say about that?

VG: (Laughing). I can assure you that we have no use for Human souls. They are not as evolved as we are. Those saying you are being manipulated seek to stop your dialogue about the knowledge you have. It is an easy way to try and discredit someone. What they fail to understand is that they are the ones being manipulated by those that seek to stop Humans from becoming one with their souls. It really does not matter because those that fall for the manipulation are not at a place where they are open to all possibilities. They will have another opportunity. Those that are ready to move forward will while those that aren't won'
t. It really doesn't matter to us one way or the other. The accusations being made at you are actually quite humorous. I also know it doesn't bother you because you have moved past that.

AS: I am tired of typing. Can we talk again soon?

VG: Whenever you want to.

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