Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Visitor Guide Conversation 3B

This is Part 2 of my conversation with my Visitor Guide.

AS = animalspirits
VG = Visitor Guide

AS: I would like to talk more about abductions and the Human responses to them.

VG: That will be fine.

AS: Many members of the message board where these conversations are being posted to have a great deal of anger and fear associated with these abductions, experiments, and forced participation. I want to ask some questions for them if that is all right.

VG: It is.

AS: I have no way of knowing what percentage of the abductees feel this way, but certainly a number of them on the board do. They are very angry about being forced into this without being asked. I understand that members of your species that acted inappropriately did a fair number of these on the sly, so to speak. You also admitted that there a number that were done out of necessity. Is that correct?

VG: Yes.

AS: Why were these people not asked before hand to be willing participants?

VG: They were. But this occurred in their past lives and they do not remember this.

AS: So this spans many generations and lives?

VG: Yes.

AS: Are any of those that have been abducted managed to transcend the abduction and remember what they are here to do?

VG: Yes.

AS: It is disquieting to me that the ones that do not remember are undergoing such anguish and pain over this. Is there anything you can tell them that might help them deal with this incredibly traumatic part of their lives?

VG: Yes. One of the foremost reasons that your species has not yet been accepted into the inter-galactic community has to do with you inability to process and deal with emotions. Every species has emotions they are required to learn to understand so they can act appropriately when presented with great trials in their lives. Most humans react with anger and fear first, and then with love and compassion. Those that have had these experiences have not been able to let go of the fear or anger, so they are stagnated in the horror of their perceived situation. Unless they learn to deal with it, they will never be able to move past this and lead productive lives. Fear is like Cancer. It will grow and spread into all aspects of their lives. It stays hidden and not dealt with. When each Human was abducted, they were given the knowledge necessary to both understand and move through the fear and anger. Whether they choose to do this or remain locked in fear is part of the test we have placed on them.

AS: They would say that you were wrong to do this.

VG: No, we were not wrong. We have been on this planet with your species ever since you have been on Earth. You were abducted many life times ago and you moved through it quickly. So can they if they really wish to. They must. They do not have much time left in order to complete this transformation.

AS: What happens if they don't complete the transformation?

VG: They return to what you call the soul world and wait for another opportunity to do so.

AS: Many, if not most reading this, will say that you lack compassion and caring.

VG: That is not true. They have to understand that we are a different species than you Humans and our values long ago transcended wars, disease, and other ills that are alive and well on Earth at this time. If we did not care about Humans, we would not be here trying to maintain some kind of balance in order to allow you to grow, as you need to. We would have just let those species that do not have your best interest in mind have at you and things would be far, far worse than they are.

AS: I am going to take a lot of angry flack for this aren't I?

VG: *Laughing* Oh, yes my dear. It's a good thing your hide is tough. I answered the questions with truth and what others take from these conversations is up to them. It is not your responsibility.

AS: I know. Thank you again.

That ended the conversation.

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