Tuesday, December 28, 2010


As always, use it if it helps, disregard it if it doesn’t.  No worries. 

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VG = Visitor Guide
AS = Animalspirits

AS:  There is always so much talk about what humans call “dimensions” and what they are.  Can you help me try to explain in the Human language what they are?

VG:  I will try.  As you already know, your language is not sufficient to adequately talk about them, which is why I have explained them to you both verbally and non-verbally.

AS:  I understand, but lets give it a try.  Is that all right?

VG:  Yes.  Most humans view what they call “dimensions” as separate parts of the time stream.  They believe that each so-called “dimension” is a separate level of their awareness/knowledge.  It is not.  A more correct term is “expanded perception levels.” 

Most of the Earth’s species are born aware of three of these expanded perception levels or what you Humans call 3-D.  Some are born with a greater awareness of more than three levels.  These are older souls that have learned this in previous lives on Earth.

There is one time stream that flows in all directions.  We have talked about its ability to flow forward (future) and backward (past).  We have not talked about how it flows in all directions.  Time actually flows in every direction.  One could visualize it as flowing in a “ball” instead of a river, which has three dimensions.

These expanded perception levels flow within the time stream.  Expanded perception levels are always found within the time stream.  It is the ability to understand how to access them and when one does that perplexes Humans.  They try to put limits and definitions on these which cannot be done in your current Human verbal language.  They exist.  They have and always will exist.

Each expanded perception level brings new abilities that the soul is able to use.

For example, when one goes from expanded perception level three to level four there is not a membrane/veil they go through.  This happens instantly and they will find that they have all the perceptions they had before plus new ones.  As they learn to understand and use this expanded perception level, they instantaneously move to the next one and so on.

I believe that if those reading this conversation go back and re-read our Conversation 6 about vibrational energies, it will help them.  They must be able to separate those vibrational streams in order to do this.

Also, as they attain higher expanded perception levels they must not fear what they become aware of as these perceptions bring with them the ability to see things that they have not been able to see visually before.  Many Humans become extremely afraid when presented with new visual abilities, as they believe they are being controlled or Alien species are doing things to them, when in fact it is only that they have attained another expanded perception level.  Fear of soul expansion thereby attaining expanded perception levels mires a Human in a static situation where they will not gain higher perceptions.

AS:  Pertaining to these expanded perceptions:  Is that why I am able to see so many spirits/other species and communicate with them?

VG:  Yes.  You continue to expand and your perception level continues to elevate and expand.

AS:  How many am I able to do now?

VG:  Eleven.  You attained the eleventh expanded perception level when you were able to see the door to get into the crop circles and view them from the inside.  You will soon move to the twelfth level.

AS:  What are what some people refer to as time-slips?

VG:  They are merely the advancement or regression of time along the time stream.  They are not occurring outside of the time stream.  This is also what happens with what Humans refer to as “missing time”.   Sometimes a soul just jumps a bit along the time stream or regresses along it.  It is really quite common and most Humans are not aware that it has happened.  The Humans that seem to be the most focused on it are the ones that feel they are having UFO experiences and that “Aliens” are responsible for this.  They are not.  They have the ability to place a Human back at exactly the correct time.  It is quite a simple thing for an advanced Species to do.  It is fear that has caused the apparent “time slip”.  Some Humans, such as you, who are unafraid of inter-species interaction do not experience this.  The ones that are afraid will cause the fear emotion to control their time perception and it manifests as a “missing time” experience.  Of course, these people are adamant that they have had “missing time” experiences and one cannot dissuade them from believing this.  It is as it should be for them because they do not have enough expanded perception to understand.  With work and less fear, they will understand.  More often than not the Human brain has just forgotten a period of time that the Human moved through.

It is not a matter of who has a higher awareness, but rather it is a matter of a soul being at the level it has worked to be at.  The harder they work, the greater the advancement. 

All of this work must be done at the soul level.  None is occurring at the physical body level.  In order to do this, one must be able to separate the physical body and the soul both physically and within the mind/ego.  As long as the mind/ego controls the soul, growth is stopped.

AS:  Thank you very much.  It is a quite clear explanation of this.

VG:  You are welcome.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays To All Species On Earth

We wish a happy and peaceful Holiday to all species on Earth.

Be kind to one another and help another soul this Holiday season.

~Visitor Guide speaking for Her Species


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Thursday, December 16, 2010

How I Received My Obsidian Shield

I was gifted with the Obsidian and I will tell how that happened in this post.

I work very closely with Black Jaguar.  Actually, I have a mated pair of Jaguars, the male is a regular spotted Jaguar and the female is Black.  They protect my left direction.  That direction is left/female/healing.  She controls the Obsidian shield.  She is extremely old…ancient.  I have worked with her over many lifetimes.

I was gifted with it in quite an unusual way.  I was on a trip out West with three friends.  We were camping in Monument Valley.  When we got there, we asked to be given a group campsite because we had two tents.   The one that was given to us was probably the best one in the whole campground because it was on the edge of the bluff looking out over the whole of Monument Valley.  I went to sleep feeling fine and woke up with a terrible pain in my left knee.  I could hardly stand.  It felt as though there was something under my kneecap.  I was pretty miserable for the next week, as it didn’t get any better.  When I got home, I went to an Orthopedic Doctor who x-rayed it and said he couldn’t find anything wrong with it.  It was just unrelenting pain wise.  It finally dawned on me that I needed to have my friend that did Native healing work on me take a look at it. Duh! She did a journey, found the Obsidian in the knee, and blew it into my heart space.  She said that was what she was told to do.  I could feel this warmth spread throughout my body and out of it.  Within twelve hours, the knee was pain free.  Later, I was with an Apache Holy Man who told me that it was the Crow Mother Kachina that put it there.  I do have a very deep connection to Crow as well.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Past Life Glimpses: Part One

I have known that I lived many, many lives as an Australian Aborigine.  I believe I even told Anne about that during our interview.

I have very brief visions of these lives.

Two of them are longer and I am going to write about them now.

Number one:

Before I went to Australia in the 90s, I had two waking visions.  The first one occurred when I was standing in my laboratory at work and all of a sudden there was an Eagle sitting on my shoulder.  It looked real to me but I am sure it was in spirit as no one else saw it.  I turned my head and looked at it.  I was trying to figure out what kind of Eagle it was when it simply said, “Go to the Northern Territory of Australia as soon as you can.”  I began to plan that trip which took some doing because I only wanted to do Aboriginal led tours into the Outback.  I was watching a National Geographic program on Kakadu National Park on TV about a week after my vision.  There it was, the great Australian Sea Eagle.  The planning for the trip really accelerated after that.  I went into the Outback on a 5 day tour just as Hurricane Andrew was set to hit Florida.  I remember thinking that it would come roaring out into the Gulf, re-intensify, and strike again somewhere along the Gulf Coast.  I thought, “Hum.  I wonder if I will have a home to come back to.”  Then I forgot all about it until after the tour was over as there were no TVs or Radios out there.

I had a waking vision of being a native man taking part in a corroboree ceremony.  I was the focus of the ceremony.  A double pointed crystal was put into my third eye charka.  The ceremony continued for a good while.  Then I came out of the vision.

When I was in the Northern Territory on that trip in the 90s, I went on a 4 day tour to the Land of the Lightning Brothers led by Bill Yidumduma Harney, a senior elder for the Wardaman Tribe.  Bill is responsible for maintaining their rock art…that rock art primarily being the story of the Lightning Brothers. 

Usually there are about ten to twelve people on the tour, but this time there was just myself and one other couple.  They did not seem as interested in his culture as I was and as a result I was able to spend a good deal of time alone with him talking. 

I told him about my vision and asked him if he knew what it meant.   He said, “Yes.  It means that you are protected from the weather.  Those around may die, but you will live.”  This would be very important to anyone living there during the Wet, as there are a huge number of lightning storms in that area.

I also have come to know that this is also an implant that I use to see in ways that others don’t.  When I am through reading Dark Sparklers by Bill, I will write more about the connection that I believe I am going to find in that book.

Past Life glimpse #2:

I got the movie Whaledreamers from Netflix and watched it a couple of days ago without knowing much about it.

I sure had no idea what was going to happen when I watched that movie…and the past lives that I would remember.

When they first showed the Whale Tail rock, I burst into tears of such exquisite joy (and I don’t do that) that I almost lost my breath.  All at once I was standing on a cliff singing the Whaledreaming that calls the Whales in.  I knew the words, I knew the Dreaming, and I knew song.  Then later in the movie, someone does just that.  I knew that some of the words they were singing were not exactly correct, but close enough for the Whales to understand.  Sure enough, a Whale appeared.  I have been blown away by that experience for the last few days.  Had I seen that movie in a theater or with others, I am not sure I would have had that experience.

I know I am working with Orcas during this life and asked my Visitor Guide about that.  I am going to post that conversation later today or tomorrow as she explains to me what is occurring between the Orcas and myself.

Night Thoughts

I really want to thank Whitley for recording this and Anne for saving and posting it.  It has clarified things that have been happening to me recently that I have not written or talked about.

My soul continues to expand outward in all directions…and this includes the past.

For some reason, I have never had any interest in my past lives.  I have always stated that my soul lies with the Aborigines in Australia.  I never understood why I felt that way until recently.

Now that has changed. 

I am having repeated glimpses of past lives.  All but one of these has been with old tribes in Australia.  I know these are quite old because I never see or hear any European footprints.  Sometimes I am a female, sometimes a male, and sometimes a child.  I am also aware that I am a member of different tribes.  I know this because of the food we eat and the terrain of the land.  We don’t talk in a speaking language, but telepathically. 

The one other life I have seen is that of a Neanderthal female.  That one surprised me immensely.  It validates for me what I saw when I went to the center of the galaxy.  I now know that the Neanderthals did not die out, as anthropologists believe.  We left…the whole race of us just left this planet.  The one life that I remember includes this.   I remember getting ready for this transition, being overjoyed with it, and it happening. 

I am not easily astounded, but this did astound me.