Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Past Life Glimpses: Part One

I have known that I lived many, many lives as an Australian Aborigine.  I believe I even told Anne about that during our interview.

I have very brief visions of these lives.

Two of them are longer and I am going to write about them now.

Number one:

Before I went to Australia in the 90s, I had two waking visions.  The first one occurred when I was standing in my laboratory at work and all of a sudden there was an Eagle sitting on my shoulder.  It looked real to me but I am sure it was in spirit as no one else saw it.  I turned my head and looked at it.  I was trying to figure out what kind of Eagle it was when it simply said, “Go to the Northern Territory of Australia as soon as you can.”  I began to plan that trip which took some doing because I only wanted to do Aboriginal led tours into the Outback.  I was watching a National Geographic program on Kakadu National Park on TV about a week after my vision.  There it was, the great Australian Sea Eagle.  The planning for the trip really accelerated after that.  I went into the Outback on a 5 day tour just as Hurricane Andrew was set to hit Florida.  I remember thinking that it would come roaring out into the Gulf, re-intensify, and strike again somewhere along the Gulf Coast.  I thought, “Hum.  I wonder if I will have a home to come back to.”  Then I forgot all about it until after the tour was over as there were no TVs or Radios out there.

I had a waking vision of being a native man taking part in a corroboree ceremony.  I was the focus of the ceremony.  A double pointed crystal was put into my third eye charka.  The ceremony continued for a good while.  Then I came out of the vision.

When I was in the Northern Territory on that trip in the 90s, I went on a 4 day tour to the Land of the Lightning Brothers led by Bill Yidumduma Harney, a senior elder for the Wardaman Tribe.  Bill is responsible for maintaining their rock art…that rock art primarily being the story of the Lightning Brothers. 

Usually there are about ten to twelve people on the tour, but this time there was just myself and one other couple.  They did not seem as interested in his culture as I was and as a result I was able to spend a good deal of time alone with him talking. 

I told him about my vision and asked him if he knew what it meant.   He said, “Yes.  It means that you are protected from the weather.  Those around may die, but you will live.”  This would be very important to anyone living there during the Wet, as there are a huge number of lightning storms in that area.

I also have come to know that this is also an implant that I use to see in ways that others don’t.  When I am through reading Dark Sparklers by Bill, I will write more about the connection that I believe I am going to find in that book.

Past Life glimpse #2:

I got the movie Whaledreamers from Netflix and watched it a couple of days ago without knowing much about it.

I sure had no idea what was going to happen when I watched that movie…and the past lives that I would remember.

When they first showed the Whale Tail rock, I burst into tears of such exquisite joy (and I don’t do that) that I almost lost my breath.  All at once I was standing on a cliff singing the Whaledreaming that calls the Whales in.  I knew the words, I knew the Dreaming, and I knew song.  Then later in the movie, someone does just that.  I knew that some of the words they were singing were not exactly correct, but close enough for the Whales to understand.  Sure enough, a Whale appeared.  I have been blown away by that experience for the last few days.  Had I seen that movie in a theater or with others, I am not sure I would have had that experience.

I know I am working with Orcas during this life and asked my Visitor Guide about that.  I am going to post that conversation later today or tomorrow as she explains to me what is occurring between the Orcas and myself.


  1. Animalspirits,
    What a beautiful experience. You are a very lucky and gifted person.