Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Night Thoughts

I really want to thank Whitley for recording this and Anne for saving and posting it.  It has clarified things that have been happening to me recently that I have not written or talked about.

My soul continues to expand outward in all directions…and this includes the past.

For some reason, I have never had any interest in my past lives.  I have always stated that my soul lies with the Aborigines in Australia.  I never understood why I felt that way until recently.

Now that has changed. 

I am having repeated glimpses of past lives.  All but one of these has been with old tribes in Australia.  I know these are quite old because I never see or hear any European footprints.  Sometimes I am a female, sometimes a male, and sometimes a child.  I am also aware that I am a member of different tribes.  I know this because of the food we eat and the terrain of the land.  We don’t talk in a speaking language, but telepathically. 

The one other life I have seen is that of a Neanderthal female.  That one surprised me immensely.  It validates for me what I saw when I went to the center of the galaxy.  I now know that the Neanderthals did not die out, as anthropologists believe.  We left…the whole race of us just left this planet.  The one life that I remember includes this.   I remember getting ready for this transition, being overjoyed with it, and it happening. 

I am not easily astounded, but this did astound me.


  1. Animalspirits,
    I'm happy that you're posting about past lives. I too have experienced these also.

  2. I would like to hear more about this.

  3. Dax,

    I will post more as I get the information.