Monday, April 23, 2012

Origins of Noises Being Heard and Species Dominance

As always, use it if it helps, disregard it if it doesn’t.  No worries. 

VG = Visitor Guide
AS = Animalspirits

AS:  Many Humans are worrying about the noises that they are hearing that come from within and on the surface of Earth as well as in Her atmosphere.  They are trying to use Human science to prove what they are and where they are coming from.  There seem to be many conspiracies brewing about it.  May we talk about what they are and where they are originating?

VG:  Yes, of course.

AS:  The noises seem to be more noticeable since the beginning of our new year, January 1, 2012, although some people began noticing them earlier.  Is there a reason that they heard more this year and are accelerating?

VG:  Yes, that is true.  The Earth began her shift several years ago but the sounds were more subdued and only those, such as yourself, that are quite tuned into her would have heard these earlier sounds.

AS:  Can you talk about why they are more noticeable now than before and what, in fact, they are?

VG:  Yes.  There are several reasons. 

The energy shift that occurred at midnight 2012 (Human time) thinned the veil energy and vibration-wise and resulted in a forced access to Earth awareness for all species.  The other species on Earth have been aware of this energy shift since it began.  Most Humans do not acknowledge that the Earth is a living being and as such, moves and changes constantly.  Very few Humans are sufficiently in tune with the Earth to notice the more subtle changes that were occurring prior to the Energy Shift.  A great many Humans say they are in tune with the Earth, when in fact their actions show that they are not.  These people are only in tune with the Earth as it affects them and not with the Earth as a living being of which they are only a part.  Humans make up a very small part of the Earth and they are not the most dominant species on her.

Earth intensified her shifting this year.  It has come to a point where so much has been removed from Her and so much done to alter the atmosphere for Human betterment that she has begun to bring Herself back into balance planet-wise. Humans cannot continue to remove parts of the planet and alter her atmosphere without there being dire consequences for humanity and other species as Earth brings herself back into balance.  She is filling in the missing parts that lie within her.  She is shifting everything within and atop Her.  As these replacements occur, they create noises that can be anything from a simple hum to a loud booming noise and even a loud bang.  This applies not only to what is within Her, on her surface, but in her atmosphere as well.  A shift can begin deep within Her and end in her atmosphere.  In this case, the sound would appear to be coming from Her atmosphere, when in fact is just the accumulation of a deep and far reaching shift.

Humans are basically a fearful species and look to negative reasons for these noises.  They worry about their own survival over the survival of the Earth and the rest of the species that abide on Her.  This selfishness is not only costing Humans but also a tremendous number of other species.   Nothing that any Human can do will save them as these changes become more severe, which they will over the next several years.

AS: So the so-called “proof” that many science types give for the reasons are wrong?

VG:  Yes.  Your scientific knowledge and means of testing is rudimentary.  It is a source of humor among other Alien species.

AS:  Was one of these changes the result of the massive Earthquake and tsunami in Japan last year?

VG:  Yes.

AS:  I saw the Orcas blow two of the tubes, which resulted in the tsunami.  They felt angry to me energy-wise.  Did they blow them of their own accord or did the Earth tell them to do it?

VG:  Yes, they were very angry that they were going to have to do that due to Human stupidity as they refer to it.  They don’t like Humans very much.

Yes, they were instructed by Earth to do that and they did.

AS:  I told people what I saw and they were very angry because so many Humans were killed.  They were incensed.  They are selfish to believe that the loss of one Human life is more important than the loss of life of another species.

VG:  I am sure they were.  That was one of the first changes that affected Humans in an intense manner.  The tsunami in Indonesia in 2004 was the beginning.  They better get used to it and prepare to either stay and perish or ascend and expand their souls.

AS:  Is the increase in earthquakes, especially in the United States, due in a large part to human interference?

VG:  Yes, absolutely.

AS:  Will they increase?

VG:  Yes.

AS:  What species is the most dominant on Earth?

VG:  Orcas.

AS:  Not Humans?

VG:  Absolutely not.  Humans have not progressed in soul growth sufficient to be a dominant species on this planet.

AS:  Have trees and plants?

VG:  Yes, even though they are being killed in vast numbers.  They have done very well and most have either already ascended or can at a moment’s notice.  They are only here to help the ones that are working on accomplishing this.

AS:  What about the other species such as animals, etc.?

VG:  Yes, they are all further along.  Humans incorrectly believe that other species are incapable of attaining ascension because Humans cannot communicate with them.  In order to communicate with all other species, one must be telepathic, like you.  Those that are telepathic are able to communicate with anything they would like to communicate with.

AS:  Therefore, all the noises that Humans cannot find a reason for are being done by the Earth and not by other Alien species?

VG:  Yes.  The other Alien Species that are here are not doing anything to Earth to change her in this manner.  They are watching and attempting to communicate with Humans to help them better understand the nature of these changes.

AS:  There are lots of books being written and/or religions that tell humans that the Earth is coming to an end or that they have to do certain things.  Are these true?

VG:  No.  I told you what is happening.  It is beyond fixing now.

AS:  So many Humans seem to be fixated on Aliens as the source of all our problems and that Humans are being harvested to be taken to other worlds as slaves.  Is that true?

VG:  *Laughing uproariously*.   No.  These Alien species are far beyond the need for slaves.  Humans continue to inflate their use to other species.  It is becoming tiresome for most other species.

AS:  So no Alien Species is harvesting humans?

VG:  No.

AS:  Those are all of the questions I can think of for now.  If I have others, may I ask you?

VG:  Yes.

AS:  Thank you very much for your patience.

VG:  You are welcome.