Thursday, November 25, 2010

Visitor Guide Conversation 13

As I have stated many time before, every time I ask my Visitor Guide where she is from she shows the Pleiades. Every time I ask her where I am from, she shows me the Pleiades.

I listened to this week's Unknown Country Dreamland and then asked if I could talk to her about its content and interviewee. She said "yes."

As always...use if it is helpful...disregard if worries from either of us. It will reach those it needs to reach.

This is a conversation with my Visitor Guide mainly concerning the Dreamland with Christine Day about the Pleiadian Initiations of Light.

VG =Visitor Guide
AS = Animalspirits

AS: I just listened to this week's Dreamland broadcast with a woman named Christine Day about what she calls the Pleiadian Initiations of Light. Could we talk about it and what I have been taught?

VG: Yes.

AS: As I was listening to this broadcast, I became more and more uncomfortable with its content even though quite a bit of it I was taught as a child.

VG: Yes, you would because you understand the parts that are not as she has determined them to be. She has misinterpreted a lot of what she has been taught.

AS: Would paying for and going to her seminars/talks be harmful?

VG: Knowledge must be freely accessible to everyone. When people have to pay money, especially this much money it is confining in who it reaches. It is harmful because the people taking them believe they are at levels they are not at yet. This causes harm to the soul in that they will not longer attempt to advance. Her top level is very low when compared to where a Human soul can advance to and it is much too simplified to encompass the All or the One consciousness. People that seek to make their living by imparting their knowledge are trapped by their own egos and will never fully advance.

AS: As I was listening to it I could not help but think about the Michael Harner Shamanic Institute courses. They cost a lot of money and are quite structured in what is taught. They allow for no variance outside of the core course. There are levels that one must complete before they are certified to teach this. Am I correct in drawing this similarity?

VG: Yes. It confines soul growth and spiritual awareness.

AS: I found the part where she was told to leave her children and move within one month to the United States to be a quite selfish act or request. Could she not have been taught in her own country?

VG: Yes, she could have. Mt. Shasta is a powerful place, but evidently she has never sat at the bottom of Uluru or she would have realized that it is far more powerful than Mt. Shasta.

AS: Was she actually told by Pleiadians to leave her children or was it a vision she misinterpreted?

VG: No, we would never have inflicted that kind of trauma on her children. That is not the way of the light. One person is not that important to us regarding the knowledge we wish to impart to Humans. She is not that important to us. She is but one of thousands, including you, that have this ability. In fact, your understanding is greater which is how you are able to communicate with us on a one-on-one basis.

You were drawn to move to Australia when you finished college, but did not do so because it meant trauma to your Son. Did we insist you do that?

AS: No, you did not. I wasn't pushed one way or the other. It was my decision that he come first and the rest would have to wait. It is a decision that I am grateful I made.

VG: It was a test of priorities. Would you put yourself first and your child second or would you complete your responsibilities to him first? You passed that test. You listened to your soul and understood. It reflects soul maturity and the understanding that soul knowledge is not reflected in where one lives. If one can expand their soul sufficiently, they don't need to physically travel to other countries to 'study' under others. That knowledge is free and available to all regardless of where they live.

AS: She stated that every Earthquake that happens now affects the vibration of the Earth and we should adjust our frequencies each time that happens. I found that odd. The Earth has been having natural changes since she was born. Why would they matter more now?

VG: . Good point. You do understand! That is what you Humans call "poppycock." The Earth is constantly changing and SHE is adjusting HER vibration. That does not mean Humans need to try and keep up with Her. They can't! Humans need to be concentrating on expanding their souls individually and let the Earth do her work.

AS: You have told me my home is in the Pleiades. I know that to be true because I have visited what I call the 'Red Planet' since I was a very small child. Is that where this planet is located?

VG: Yes and that is your real family you visit. That is why you feel at home and peaceful when you are there.

AS: You have told me that I am not an Alien/Pleiadian or a hybrid. Is that correct?

VG: Your soul is both Human and Pleiadian, while your body is Human. You are not a hybrid in the sense that you had one Alien parent and one Human parent. Both of your parents are Human. You have lived on Earth many thousands of times this way. You also live on Pleiadian planets they same way. When you live there even though your soul if part Pleiadian and part Human, both of your parents are Pleiadian.

AS: Do my Human parents know that I am part Pleiadian?

VG: No.

AS: Do my Pleiadian parents know I am part Human?

VG: Yes, because they are much further advanced soul wise and this knowledge is not fearful to them.

AS: She stated somewhere that she channels the Pleiadians. I don't feel as though I channel you or other species, but am actually talking with you and others. Am I correct?

VG: Yes. You are actually communicating with us telepathically. You are not channeling. You were taught how to do this in past lives and brought that knowledge with you when you came back for this life.

AS: I may think of some more questions later. Would it be all right if we talked about this again if I need to?

VG: That will be fine

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  1. Hi There Animalspirits,
    I love your new blog site. I also agree with you and VG that you shouldn't have to pay large amounts of money to gain knownledge.