Thursday, November 25, 2010

Visitor Guide Conversation 11, Part 2

written 6/20/10.

AS: Are there parts of the governments of the World, including ours that believe they have built craft that is the same as yours? They call it reverse engineering.

VG: *Laughing uproariously.* Yes, they believe they are quite clever. The problem is that they don't have a clue how to really build these craft, let alone operate them. We are all laughing at them.

AS: Can these 'new' craft reek more havoc on the innocent species on Earth?

VG: Yes, they can.

AS: Will they be allowed to?

VG: Yes, if your species wishes to destroy itself, that will happen. We will know this beforehand and remove what is necessary to re-populate your planet once it calms down enough that life can be sustained again.

AS: I am assuming that you will remove everything needed, including plants, water, and so on?

VG: Yes.

AS: When will that begin?

VG: It has already begun.

AS: What will actually cause these great changes?

VG: A complex set of events including your Sun, Moon, and the Earth herself. They are living beings and have already begun to set up the sequence of events necessary to do this.

AS: A lot of people believe it will happen in 2012. Is that correct?

VG: No, but within 10 to 75 years it will. I cannot give you a certain date, as these things must be set in progress by each entity in its own time, which is not the same as yours.

AS: Is there anything that a Human can do to prepare for this and be saved?

VG: No. They may live a bit longer than some, but they will die. The whole planet is going not sustain life for a while. Humans will be chosen based on their soul growth, understanding of sustaining life for the greater good, knowledge of caring for the planet as she recovers, lack of selfishness, and so on.

AS: So those in power now will not be among those saved?

VG: No. They have built their fortresses deep in the Earth believing that they will be spared. They fail to understand that the change that Earth herself makes will begin in her core and they will be the first to die.

AS: Why are Humans afraid of returning the One?

VG: Fear and lack of faith in what they supposedly believe.

AS: Do you believe it will take as long as 75 years?

VG: No. The acceleration has already begun and it will intensify quite quickly once it gets going.

AS: Has this happened on Earth before?

VG: Yes.

AS: Did it happen for the same reasons?

VG: Yes.

AS: Why do we forget?

VG: Immaturity.

AS: Are we any more mature than the last time it happened?

VG: No. Humans are actually less mature now than then?

AS: What happened?

VG: Humans forgot what is in their souls. Many are beginning to remember, but it is too late now for them to affect the changes necessary.

AS: So all we can do is to watch this horrible thing happen to the Gulf of Mexico?

VG: Yes. There are equally horrible things occurring over the whole planet, but Americans are only fixated on themselves.

AS: Thank you for talking to me.

VG: You are welcome.

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