Thursday, November 25, 2010

Visitor Guide Conversation 10, Part 2

AS: What are the out of body experiences (OBEs) that Humans talk about?

VG: Those are people that are able to separate their soul from their physical body. The ones that are able to actually go somewhere have formed the bubble and are able to travel accordingly.

AS This makes many people either confused or afraid.

VG: Yes. That is because they do not fully understand what is happening to them at the time.

AS Is there a way to learn to be more comfortable doing this?

VG: Yes, with practice and lack of fear that they will be lost from their physical bodies. This can never happen because the soul always knows its home body.

AS: I am able to see all manner of beings and spirits that others do not. Others are able to do this as well. Why is that?

VG: You and the others have expanded your ability to perceive them. Most Humans are afraid to look at things differently than their brains tell them they can look. One must let go of the fear to see.

AS: I see Dragons, Unicorns, and other animals that Humans have relegated to mythical status. Do they exist in our timeline?

VG: Yes. Many species have the ability to cloak themselves from other species. This is what Dragons do. They actually exist along side of Humans and the other species at the same time. The species that have cloaking ability are far older than Humans.

AS: Do they ever harm Humans?

VG: Only in order to defend themselves, which occurs very rarely, or to defend Humans with whom they have become protectors for. They will protect what they feel needs protecting.

AS: Are there beings that are living in our timeline that are either ahead or behind us with regard to their own time frame?

VG: Yes.

AS: Does time slip? By that I mean does time jump forward or backward for us?

VG: No. It can feel as though it has sped up or slowed down and give one the false perception that it has slipped. At times one can feel something happened faster or slower because of the time speed change. That is what happens during missing time events for Humans.

AS: What causes this to happen?

VG: Fear, distraction, anxiety, inexperience to name a few.

AS: So during these periods of time, time itself has not been altered in its flow but rather the perception that it has?

VG: Yes.

AS: Are there alternative Earths in these alternate time spaces? Am I living another life in another time space?

VG: Yes, in some of them.

AS: I have a portal in my backyard. Where do portals go?

VG: They go into space without time.

AS: That would seem to not be a very good place to be.

VG: No, not without the knowledge of how to do work there.

AS: Where is the soul world or Heaven as some call it?

VG: In the very center of the circle that is time.

AS: How do souls get there?

VG: Pure souls know how to leave time and move in space to that place. Souls that return to time spaces to begin new lives know how to do the reverse.

AS: You stated that you would talk about the gap the circular time.

VG: Because time is infinite, the end cannot be reached. Linear time is a straight time line while circular time is curved and folded.

AS: So there are an infinite number of alternate time sections?

VG: Yes.

AS: How is it that I am able to form intent and then be drawn to other worlds?

VG: You do so as a pure soul. Because pure souls have no physical body, they do not need constraints. What you are doing is opening a travel tube that your soul uses to rapidly move in time. While these travel tubes are inside your timeline, they are outside of the speed at which time moves normally within that timeline. Therefore, you and others doing this can move very rapidly to places that would not be possible to do if you were traveling at the normal rate of speed for your particular timeline.

AS: I see many different what we Humans call 'Alien Species' here on Earth now.

VG: Yes. There are many. Some are not nice, but most are working to keep Humans from destroying the planet. There are races that are far more advanced than the bad ones. We will not allow those species to interfere profoundly with Earth. We have been here for longer than Earth has supported life.

AS: I can't think of more questions, so I will stop for now. Thank you very much for explaining this to others and myself. This is going to drive the science oriented board members crazy because it is so new, isn't it?

VG: Yes. It is good for them because they need to begin to perceive differently.

With that she smiled.

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