Thursday, November 25, 2010

Crop Circles -- How To See Them Multi-Dimensionally

It is my Visitor Guide that showed me the mult-dimensionality of those crop circles. She actually took me inside one of them. She showed how to see the doors to get out.

To me, they do not appear like a door to a house, but rather very small points in entrance and exit. It can be as simple as moving between to of the stars you see or the vision you have. Let yourself be drawn to that spot and your soul will do the rest.

It took me practicing for a while to become more proficient at doing it. It requires patience. Remember that you are entering them as a pure soul without your physical body. Your soul always knows how it came in so you cannot be trapped. If you have trouble getting out, telepathically ask for help and you will get it.

I am not sure if each soul is going to perceive what they see differently depending on the dimensional level they are able to 'see.' Don't look with you eyes only, use your other senses and your intuition.

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