Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Visitor Guide Conversation 6

VG = Visitor Guide
AS = Animalspirits

AS: Can we talk about vibration energy and what that is?

VG: Yes.

AS: I believe I finally am beginning to understand it, but it is very difficult to explain it in our Human language as we do not have words that adequately describe what is happening.

VG: Yes. That is true.

AS: Many Humans are focusing on raising their vibration energy to higher levels in order to become more connected to the All and expand their spiritual or soul knowledge.

VG: Yes. I understand this. However, the soul vibrates to more than one vibration.

AS: Lately, I have been feeling more than one vibration within what I used to call my vibration energy. It is as if one strand suddenly separated into several strands.

VG: Yes. That is correct. That is a large step for you.

AS: Does it require that one attain a certain vibration level in order to feel the separation?

VG: No. The ability to feel the separation is dependant on how adept one is at feeling subtle energies.

AS: So any of us are capable of feeling the separation?

VG: Yes. Most Humans believe that there is only one vibration, which is not correct. They seek to raise the whole strand higher. They will have some success with this. At a certain point, they will not be able to advance higher if they do not understand the separation aspect.

AS: As they raise this single vibration energy higher and higher does that mean they are closer to an understanding of the All?

VG: No. Vibration energy is circular. There are several of these circular vibrations, each one subtler than the other. If they vibrate higher and higher as a single strand, they will hit the top and be unable to continue. They must understand the multiple strand concept.

AS: Does having a higher vibration mean they are able to access more knowledge than if they vibrate at a lower frequency?

VG: No. The older species vibrate at lower frequencies because they have completed their time at the higher frequencies. The raising and lowering of these frequencies occurs over thousands of life times. The oldest and wisest species vibrate with such subtly that unless one is at that particular stand it will feel as though they are no longer vibrating at all. They are, but it is very subtle. These species are either directly with the All or very close to merging with it. The Species have successfully moved from strand to strand and are now within the subtlest strand.

AS: So there is no short cut to moving from strand to strand?

VG: No. Certain knowledge is required to move between strands.

AS: Can these older species actually move from the subtle strand to the first strand as they wish?

VG: Yes. They have the knowledge of how to do this.

AS: Are you able to do this?

VG: No, not yet. We are in the more subtle strands, but not the subtlest one yet.

AS: So those of us that are vibrating either in the single strand or in one that is closer to it will not feel the more subtle ones yet?

VG: Yes.

AS: How do Humans begin to feel the separation of the vibration energy strands?

VG: They must first learn to feel very subtle energy. Everything that occupies space has energy. If they begin to focus on objects that they believe have no vibration until they can feel the vibration, it will help them realize when their own strand separates. If one does not understand this, they can become very afraid that they have done something wrong. They have not. They have actually had a great leap in understanding this energy.

AS: Is vibration energy and which strand one is in connected with overall spiritual knowledge?

VG: Yes.

AS: Is the expansion of understanding and moving from strand to strand occurring within the soul, the physical body, or both?

VG: It is occurring within the soul only.

AS: Thank you. I cannot think of any more questions that I have about this.

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