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Visitor Guide Conversation 3A

I cannot find a Conversation #2.

This post represents Part 1 of a conversation I have had with my Visitor Guide in the past few days. I tried to ask as many questions as I could about what is reported on the board. It is so long that it will be posted in two parts.

As always, use this conversation if it helps you�otherwise disregard it�no worries from either of us.

AS = animalspirits
VG = Visitor Guide

AS: Can we talk some more so I can post on the forum?

VG: Yes

AS: I told you that I wanted to talk about what Humans refer to as Hybrids when we next talked. Would it be all right if I asked you a few questions that I have first?

VG: Certainly.

AS: There is what I call an entity that told me that his name is Rex. He comes into my home at times and just sits with me. I feel very peaceful and protected when he is with me. I see him as gray all over with no face. It is as if he has on a jumpsuit that covers his whole body. Is he what humans refer to as a �gray?�

VG: No. He is from a different place. He is an observer and protector of sacred places. He does not interact with Humans if at all possible.

AS: Why does he come to me?

VG: He likes you and your home. He told me that the energy on your land and in your home is very centered and peaceful. He comes there when he needs to rest.

AS: I have also seen him as solid gold in some of my journeys outward.

VG: That is closer to what he truly looks like. You should feel honored that he showed himself to you in that manner. It signifies trust on his part.

AS: I am honored. You said he protects sacred places. Sometimes when I am in nature I have an intense feeling that I should not either be in that place or should leave immediately. Does that feeling come from either Rex or another of his kind?

VG: Yes. You always respect that and leave. It shows you understand.

AS: There are a lot of reports of different types of Aliens here on Earth such as Reptilians, Mantis-types, etc. Yet I don�t feel that I have had any contact with them. Have I?

VG: No. They will not approach you because they know of my relationship with you. You also have been given additional protection.

AS: I have? Who is that?

VG: Dragons. Have you ever wondered why they are living on your roof? You already see them protecting you and you know how they do it. For some reason, Humans do not understand that their so-called mythical animals are actually Alien species. Dragons fall into this category. Dragons are an incredibly old and wise species. No one will want to cross an old Fire and Chaos Dragon. They are peaceful except when they are awakened and then they have no problem defending what needs to be defended. They are among the oldest and most respected warrior species in the universe. They only defend against wrongs. There are not many of them here at this time.

AS: I also work with quite a few animal spirits. I can talk to them and interact with them at will. Why is this?

VG: Because you know how to and you understand the immense value of their wisdom.

AS: May I ask a question about your eyes?

VG: Certainly.

AS: A lot of people, in fact most people, say your species has eyes that have no feeling to them, that they are cold and unkind. I don�t find your eyes to be that way. Can you elaborate on that please?

VG: Humans seem to believe that all species have the same senses that they do and that we use those senses in the same manner. That is not correct. My species does not have eyes, we do not need what Humans call vision in order to see clearly. We have chosen to present what is termed �face� in that manner in order to give humans a reference point. They are not cold. They are just non-functioning.

AS: Why do I not feel as though your eyes are cold?

VG: Because you are not looking at my physical being, but my soul. You see my soul and as a result, you understand that eyes are of no consequence to us.

AS: Most people being abducted have a sense of sheer evil from your species. Can you talk about that?

VG: Certainly. Those of my species that have done invasive and painful abductions are quickly removed from Earth and returned home where they are dealt with and re-educated into correct inter-species behavior. It is never acceptable to do that. They are young and become overwhelmed with what they see as power over others. That is not our way and it is not tolerated.

AS: Why don�t you remove all of them and stop abductions?

VG: Some abductions are necessary, but those that are are not done in a manner that is traumatic.

AS: Can we talk about what Humans refer to as Hybrids?

VG: Yes

AS: Humans designate Hybrids as people that are half Human and half Alien. Is that an accurate definition?

VG: No. It is far more complex than that simple definition.

AS: Many people on this message board talk about being raped, impregnated, and giving birth to children that are then taken from them. Is that an accurate description?

VG: Remember that we are not the only species on Earth that are interacting with Humans. Other species do not have the best interests of Humans in mind. We interfere with their ability to do this. We cannot stop occurrences from happening, but we can put a stop to it once we become aware of it. If this is done by one of my species, they are removed. The answer to your question is yes, in certain instances.

AS: What happens when you stop it?

VG: We send them packing back to where they came from. Most of the time, they simply come back and try it again. It requires is a constant state of vigilance on our part.

AS: Are you conducting medical experiments on Humans to better your own species?

VG: No. We must monitor your species to see if it is progressing as it should. If your species fails to evolve to a certain level, then you will not survive the coming changes.

AS: Will most Humans survive?

VG: No.

AS: Why are you helping us in this manner?

VG: So that you can meet your destiny as a species by becoming members of the inter-galactic community.

AS: So we are not members yet?

VG: No. Not as a species. There are Humans that have already ascended to this and are in communication with other species. They visit other worlds and travel in time. There are a great many of these Humans doing this now. Most are very quiet about what they are doing. Some have been given the task of putting their experiences out there for others to read. The others will become more vocal in time. Not everyone who travels outward is doing it for the same reason. The knowledge needed by Humans is vast�too vast for just a few to understand and talk about.

AS: Is part of my soul�s work during this lifetime to talk about this?

VG: Yes. That is why you were taught to not be afraid or to care what others think of you. You did not learn this during this life, but in many of your preceding lives. You will take a lot of what you call �flack� for doing this, especially for these next conversations. The vast majority of Humans will not pay attention to you, but the ones that we need to reach will understand. There are those that will react to you with great anger and hostility. Remember the anger comes from them and not what you are talking about.

AS: Why do I not care about my past lives or what I was doing during them?

VG: You understand that they are of no consequence in that knowing this will not have any affect on your current life.

AS: Am I a hybrid?

VG: You are all hybrids of a sort. Remember my answer about the �junk DNA� when we talked last time?

AS: Yes. I remember. I asked that question for others on the board.

VG: I understand.

AS: There are those that say they can recognize hybrids and know who they are. They saw that they look very difference from normal humans. Can they?

VG: No, absolutely not. Hybrids look just like a normal human. There are those among you that give off energy that most humans do not understand, so they accuse them of being hybrids. This is very unfortunate for those people because it makes their lives miserable and they do not understand why. It causes them great spiritual harm. It is a very negative and destructive thing for a human to do to another human. Consider it a test of the integrity of Humans in general. Most are not doing a good job of this, but there are those that are behaving wonderfully. We certainly take note either way.

This is the end of Part 1 of this post. Part 2 with follow it immediately.

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