Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Visitor Guide's Eyes

A few days after my interview with Anne that was in the subscriber section, my Visitor Guide showed me what her eyes look  like.

As I told Anne in the interview, she wears a floor length hooded robe that is a shimmering purple with tiny gold flecks in it. The color depth is quite amazing for cloth.

I have known for some time that what looks to us to be lifeless black eyes are in fact done for a different reason. I cannot speak to all the different other world species here on Earth at this time, but for Her only.

I often wondered why...not anymore.

You are going to need to be patient with me regarding this post and I will try to answer your questions as best I can in my very limited Human language if you have any because vision is just one sense, with many, many more being available to us. I 'see' with more than vision in that I use my other senses at the same time.

As just about all of you know, I can see multiple dimensions at once and have been able to do this all of my life (I am 70 years old). As I have grown older with more practice and teaching, I have become able to see multiple dimensions more clearly than I did in my early life.

She was standing in my living room several days after we taped that interview. She said to me, "It is time for me to show you my eyes."

She smiled. Her lens became clear. My breath was taken away.

Her eyes contain all the colors found on Earth and many that aren't. There were so many colors that I was flooded with awe. These colors looked like very, very tiny glittering stars...and the depth of them was damn near infinite. It was like looking into the universe if all the stars were crammed together. The dimensional depth was astounding. There were colors behind colors, colors within colors, etc. I would say maybe 8-10 dimensions at least, probably more that I cannot yet grasp...all shimmering to a different vibration. The colors are so vivid and intense that I cannot do them justice in Human speak. As I looked into them, I did not breathe. Normally, I cannot hold my breath that long. This time I did. I simply wasn't breathing. Did I care? Nope. What I was privileged to see was worth it.

I was able to view them for not longer that one minute when she darkened the lens. I am not sure that my brain would not have fried trying to process that much new information had she left them open longer.

The beauty in and from them is just indescribable.

I understand that many, probably most, abductees talk about the terror they feel when they look into those black eyes/lens. After seeing hers, I honestly believe that most would go insane if they saw what they truly look like, because it is so foreign to the vast majority of humans.

I am left with the question: Do they have to allow the fear to happen to most in order to keep them from insanity? Is that the reason? After what I saw, I believe so.

If you have any questions, I will try and answer them.

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