Monday, March 21, 2011

The Art of Being "UN"

This is another slant on meditation.

I don't meditate. Never have, never could....always got blocked.

Meditation is a tool used to achieve an altered state of consciousness...that's all.  Some people find meditating easy.  For me, it creates static that prevents me from entering an altered state.
If you are having trouble doing "meditation" try this.
Sit somewhere quiet. Form the intent of connecting with what you need to connect to.  Don’t put any parameters on it.  Don’t form the intent to connect with something specific.

Now, just let go, UNfocus, don't think about anything. At first, you may get a rush of seemingly physical world things; just let that flow off of you. It is very important that you DON'T concentrate on anything...if you send out intent to do anything; it can be a kind of static that prevents incoming information. You will begin to get information and it will not be what you expected. When you are first starting out, it is good to write this down.  Keep the journal for about six months and DO NOT read what you have written down before that.   When you do read it, it will astound you.  What are seemingly just bits and pieces will take form into lengthier messages/knowledge.  You will see patterns to these messages.  Often it is too intense for you to do it when you are beginning.  The more you do it, the easier it becomes…and the easier it becomes to enter an altered state of consciousness.  Once you are in this state, telepathy is a given.  It will be how you communicate with spirits and Aliens.  They are already telepathic.

Also, don't try to do this for a long period of time, just a few minutes to start with...and build up the time.  You may have a lot of junk stuff that comes out at first...just routine daily life stuff.  Write down anything that is not part of your personal physical daily routine.

Very important message come in the oddest ways.

Hope this helps.



  1. D...
    Another excellent post. I also can't meditate, have tried several forms of medation... Nothing. I've also tried something similar to what you've posted and all I got was things about family ... nothing earth shattering.

  2. MM,

    Just keep doing it. At some point that will stop because you have gotten it all out and the things you want to will come in.

    It takes patience, lots of patience.


  3. Hmmm....interesting. It sounds like what you're describing here actually is meditation--but maybe just not a conventional sort of meditation.

    Thanks for the post.

  4. Lisa,

    No, it is the opposite of meditation. It is non-meditation.

  5. Interesting timing. Thank you for this. I am at the point with meditation that I just want to chuck it all away. Thought it was just me. Will give it a try. One question, though. How do I know with whom or what I want to connect with? Wrong approach?

  6. Nick,

    That is a decision you have to make. You can try and connect with a decreased relative or animal...or you can form the intent to connect with an Alien. Start with something easy and as you get more adept at doing git, then you can begin to form the intent to connect with other Beings.

    Personally, I just allow myself to be pulled to where I need to go. However, I have been doing this for a long time. The pull is always gentle and steady. If I am approaching another world and a being that lives there, I always ask permission to approach. It is a sign of respect.

    Remember to let the junk stuff in your mind/ego to just get out and leave room for the real contact to begin.

    Have patience, a lot of it if need be.