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VG = Visitor Guide
AS = Animalspirits

This conversation is not just about water and where to live to survive, but rather it is Her view on what Humans need to do to understand the changes that are now in progress.  It is through this understanding that Humans will have a chance to exist here longer before they become unable to exist within the severity of the changes. 

She is brutally honest in this conversation.  Do not confuse bluntness with anger.  She is not angry, but more exasperated with Humans. Please bear in mind that I am talking to a member of an Alien species who has spent many millennia on Earth.

Also, fear is not an option if one is to understand what She is talking about.  Fear will prevent you from actually grasping what She is talking about.

This conversation has not been done in one sitting, but over a period of months as these changes have become more obvious.   She prevented me from posting this until now because the time was not right.  This is when She told me to post it.

It is long, so be prepared for that.

AS:  People are continually asking me where they should move to have adequate access to clean and plentiful water in the coming years as the Earth changes intensify.  They are beginning to fear for their own ability to obtain potable water.

VG:  That is the wrong question.  The question should be:  “How do I help the Earth sustain clean drinking water for all species for as long as possible?”  The other question shows a lack of sophistication and understanding of the connection of all species that live on Earth.

AS:  It seems to me that most people lack a real connection to the Earth.  They say and probably believe they do, but I can tell from how they talk, write, and the questions they pose that they don’t.

VG:  You are correct.  You have always had a much deeper connection with Earth and her species.  You have had this connection since you were born and, to your credit, you did not allow your society to wipe that connection from your knowledge. It has not been easy for you to do this and you have taken some real shots over your lifetime for doing so.

Most Humans have not done this and now they are confused, scared, and drifting without the anchor that the Earth is.  It is critical that they rekindle this connection.  It should be their priority.   Establishing this connection is not done over night and they must begin this work NOW.  I cannot emphasize how important this is for the Human race.  They are now facing the real possibility of extinction from Earth within a decade if they don’t stop their selfish behavior and learn to become a real member of Earth.  All species are equal in value.  Humans are merely one of those species.  The other species of Earth would not miss Humans if they were gone.  To the contrary, it would be far easier on the other species if Humans were not on Earth.  That is something Humans need to give a great deal of thought to.  Their time is running out…and fast…because the other species have grown weary of Humans and are beginning to show their power to do something about it.

AS:  I understand.

VG:  As for where the potable water is, it is nowhere.  Humans with their selfish behavior have succeeded in polluting the water deep within the Earth.  They mine without regard to the poison that the runoff contains.  It goes into the streams, rivers, and on to the Seas.  They do not raise animals in a healthy manner.  They fill these animals with antibiotics, steroids, etc. in order to produce more meat for Humans to eat.  Farmers use pesticides and fertilizers to a degree that is criminal.  Humans living in cities use pesticides and fertilizers to grow grass that has no value to anything.  Then they allow their children to play in the grass.  The children absorb the fertilizers and pesticides and it alters their DNA at a very early age.  Where do they believe this is going?  It is going into their bodies and into the ground water.  It is toxic to the other species on Earth.  The Earth is amazing in how it has evolved species that eat species that eat plants.  However, the secret to achieving this balance is to allow the time to pass for it to come into balance.  For a time, it will not be balanced.  With patience and time it does.  This is how your water garden came into balance.  You allowed the Mosquitoes to live in the water until the Frogs and Dragonflies laid their eggs and the babies ate the Mosquito larvae.  You understood that the balance had to have time to occur.  Now you have a well-balanced water garden.

There are too many Humans on Earth now and the way that is going to right itself is through starvation and disease.  This is not only going to affect the poor countries, but the rich ones as well.  This is done so that the food in your stores looks pretty.  Plant your own gardens.  Grow your own food without pesticides and fertilizers.  Use compost as fertilizer.  If a Human understands the nature of the insects, they will understand how to use a beneficial insect to eat an insect that destroys a crop.  Not all Humans will have the ability to garden, but they can begin with containers if they live in the city.  Even a small amount of food grown in this manner helps.

Humans do not seem to understand that through their pollution of the water and land, mutations are occurring in other species as well as in Humans.  With these mutations come diseases without cures.  They do not realize that it is the simplest organisms that are able to mutate quicker because they are not as complex as Humans.  Diseases are able to mutate fast because they are not complex.

AS:  We are seeing greater swings in climate change in this country now such as:  Droughts, floods, fires, etc.  Is this going to continue?

VG:  It is not only going to continue, it will accelerate.

AS:  So there is nowhere that you suggest is safer than another place here in the United States?

VG:  No, not at the present.  Oh, there are places where it seems to be better than other places, but those places will also have their share of problems soon.  The Earth’s glaciers are melting.  The rainfall is erratic.  The storms are intensifying.  It is going to move from area to area.  If one moves to an area that appears to be good now, it won’t be in the near future.  If one stays where they are, it may become better for a while.  The ideal method for Humans would be to revert to a nomadic existence.  That is not an option for the vast majority of humans due to overpopulation; the way they make their income and the ownership of land.  There is no land that is free for them to use for a sustained period of time.  That option has been lost.

AS:  Are there things that you can suggest for Humans to begin to do in order to strengthen their connection to the Earth?

VG:  Yes, watch the animals.  They have begun to alter their migration patterns.  In most cases, it is nuanced change and not obvious, but it is happening.  They have already begun to change how they live.  Humans can begin to do this by observing the animals in their own area and how many of certain species there are.  Are the birds not as plentiful during certain times of the year as they once were?  This does require that they know what the abundance of these animals were before now. 

AS:  I began to notice significant change several years ago.

VG: Yes, I know you did.  So many humans are very good at writing about the Earth and the changes that are coming, yet they rarely, if ever, spend any significant time outside observing or really feeling the vibrations of the many species found on Earth.  It is the new “in” thing for writers these days.  If they don’t, they fall behind in their self-perceived importance.  Always watch what these people actually DO, not what they write or say.  Be aware of what conferences they attend, what they speak about.   Are they camping out in nature?  Are they staying hotels? They read a lot of books written by others and begin to see that they have to change what they write or be left behind with regard to book sales and notoriety.  Be very aware of these people because they really have no clue and are quite dangerous because they lead Humans down a false path.  They make Humans believe that they are all important, even while saying otherwise.  Their writings are filled with nuance and fear, instead of hope and knowledge.  They talk about the future and its beauty while still holding on to the past with all the fear they have been carrying for years.  You will see that fear slip out and rear its ugly head as anger that has no bearing on anything.  It is just anger at the first person they can unleash it towards.  You were the victim of that not too long ago.  It is not healthy behavior and anyone that witnesses it should call it for what it is…but fear of being unpopular will keep them from doing it.

AS:  LOL.  Yes, I was. 

VG: We have talked for years about how you can feel the hurricanes breathing from a thousand miles away.  You told anyone that would listen that Hurricane Isaac was going to be bad even if it hit as a Hurricane with 80 mile per hour winds.  You said it was going to approach the Northern Gulf of Mexico, slow down, and pound it for days. You started saying that when it was moving past Haiti. You were right.  No one listened to you, but you were right. You understand the language of rivers and seas. You understand the language of all species. You understand the language of storms.  Humans do not yet understand that storms have souls and as such can be communicated with.  You have had this ability since you were born.  All babies have this ability.  Yet their parents and fear drive it from them.  You knew no fear, so it remained with you over your lifetime.  You also see into the future quite well, even though you don’t speak of it…to your credit.  You have also seen the walls of fire since you were very, very young.  You are also correct about that as well.  You are not afraid, just curious.

AS:  Thank you.  I consider that a great compliment. 

VG:  No, it is a statement of fact.  Until a very large majority of Humans also have this ability, they will not be able to prepare for the coming changes.  It does not only entail a change of being, but it entails an enormous change of how Humans perceive the Earth they live on.  Humans must begin to prepare to ascend.  They cannot begin this until they understand the planet they live on, as they cannot be separated.

AS:  People do not seem to care to learn the patience that they must have in order to achieve this.

VG:  No, they don’t.  They need to not worry about the availability of water, but rather whether they are able to talk to Earth and her species to get the information they need.  This information is going to change very frequently as they changes increase.  They will not have time to go buy a book, read it, and move.  They will need to adapt far quicker and they will have to do it without fear that they are not acting as they should.  They must learn to have absolute faith in their instincts.  I cannot emphasize that enough.

AS:  I believe this conversation is long enough.  I have several more subjects that I would like to talk to you about soon.  Would that be all right?

VG:  Of course it will.

AS:  Thank you for your wisdom and patience.

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