Monday, January 17, 2011


As always, use it if it helps, disregard it if it doesn’t.  No worries. 

I have two implants in my head.  One is located in the top of my head in the area of the crown chakra.  The other is located in the area of my third eye area.

It is the one that is located in the area of my third eye that I want to write about.

I have had vision of it since I was a young child and, to me, it has always looked like a double pointed, very clear crystal.  Now mind you, I am 70 years old and the vision began at least 65 years ago or longer and has continued to this day.  Same vision…exactly the same vision.  Of course, back then I knew I could see this, but did not have a name for it.  Also since that period of time, I have had a vision of a wall of fire before me…everything burning.  I am quite close to the fire.  It appears the whole Earth is on fire.  I am not afraid of the fire, but rather understand it and feel as though I am watching something happen that is supposed to be happening.  I always say to myself  “So it has begun.”

I have also had a vision since I was a very young child of these crystals/implants being placed in me during a corroboree by an Aboriginal Elder.  I also know I have lived many, many lives as an Aborigine with different tribes.  I know that I have been a Whale Dreamer at least once in those past lives. That is why I always feel my soul belongs there more than any other place on Earth.

Anne and I talked about how Whitley has seen the Visitors flying/controlling craft using a crystal.  Could I fly one?  I have no idea as I have no memory of doing so.

When I was in Australia during the early nineties, I was on a tour led by the Wardaman Elder Yidumduma Bill Harney.  Normally, tour has about 10 people on it.  This time there was only one couple and myself.  He told us that he had thought about canceling the tour because so few people were booked, but decided to do it anyway.  The other couple were not as interested in the area or its culture as I was.  This gave me virtually unlimited access to him during those few days.

I work with an Australian Sea Eagle and had hoped to see one while I was on the various tours in the Northern Territory.  While we were in Kakadu National Park, I saw one with a Little Eagle sitting near it.  I remember I was so happy.  I took pictures of them and both showed up on the film when I had it developed. There are three Eagles in Australia:  the Great Sea Eagle, the Little Eagle and the Wedge-Tailed Eagle.

I was sitting with him at the edge of the billabong that was adjacent to the campsite (about 50 miles in the middle of nowhere).  I told him about my vision.  He told me that in meant that I was protected from being harmed by the weather.  He said that there could be fierce weather and everyone around me would die, but I would not because of the protection from the crystal.

I remember looking up and seeing my Sea Eagle sitting in a tree and a Wedge-Tailed Eagle sitting next to it.  I took pictures of them.  When I had the film developed, only the Sea Eagle was in the pictures.  There was no sign of the Wedge-Tail.  I did not learn until recently that the Wedge-Tail is a Wardaman Totem.  Had I known at the time, I would have never photographed it.  It did not matter, as he had made sure the Eagle would not show up on the picture.

When I was a child, I used to sleep with my head at an open window during lightening storms.  It scared the bejesus out of Mother, but for some reason she never made me move or stop doing it.  The lightening would be popping very close and I would be sleeping peacefully with my head at the open window.  The more fierce the storm, the better I slept.

It wasn’t until a few day ago that I had a ‘duh’ moment in which I put all of this together.

The lightening was actually charging the implant.  There was an interaction between the lightening and the implant.  The more it happened, the more I could use multiple senses to see what others do not see.  Those storms were somehow enhancing my ability to use the implant to access the spirit world and communicate with spirits and my Visitor Guide.

I have found through the years that sometimes there are those occurrences in our lives that we do not put much import to, but in reality they are extremely important to advancing our abilities to see and communicate with that which others are not able to.  I have always tried to allow these types of experiences to happen as they are supposed and I believe I have been diligent in this respect.  The more experiences I have, be greater the abilities.

Of course, I do not fear these.  I have had no fear since I was born.  I don’t care what others think of me.  I am not afraid of these wondrous events that would terrify most.  I view them as learning experiences and am grateful for them.  I have gotten answers from these occurrences that have been of great benefit to my spiritual soul path.


  1. I'm going to share what happened to me. Years ago we lived in an old farm house that didn't have lightening rods. It was a warm sunny day, not a cloud in the sky. I was at the window speaking with my Mom when there was this huge bang. Lightening left a red circle in my third eye area. I was not knocked out. I'm not afraid of lightening, but have a healthy respect for it. I think that VG can confirm this and probably add more details.

  2. MM,

    Yours got loaded all at once. You needed an open third eye faster for some reason. You needed the ability to see what others didn't and you needed it quickly. Try and thing back about what was going on in your life then and see if you were able to 'see' more completely after that experience.

  3. animalspirits,

    I thought it was very interesting that when you were a child you used to sleep with the window open during electrical storms, and later decided that your implant was being charged with the energy.

    Electrical storms have traditionally been associated with strange happenings, and author John Keel thought they supplied energy to paranormal entities, and helped to open portals to other places where strange animals and beings lived.

    I also enjoyed reading about your photographing the Wedge-Tailed Eagle which later didn't appear in the photograph.

    Stephen in AZ

  4. I've had an experience a year or two ago where I was laying in bed, being in my body, while a thunderstorm raged outside. Every time the thunder hit I felt a surge in my body which I at first welcomed. But then the word "vampire" flashed through my mind and I didn't like this so I stopped accepted the energy.

    Any thoughts on this? I've asked others before and never gotten a response.

  5. Dax,

    Sorry I didn't see this comment until now.

    I have never heard of electrical energy being caused by Vampire energy.

    Do you have means to protect yourself from negative energy?

    I use Obsidian to do it. I have lots of Obsidian in my home and have an Obsidian shield around me. Obsidian neutralizes any energy passing through it, so it would neutralize any taking of energy from you by an energy Vampire. These souls don't need a thunderstorm to do this. You are more likely to come in contact with one in your daily life. They do not energize you, but take energy away leaving you with a drained feeling.

    Hope this help some. Let me know...and sorry it took so long to answer this.