Thursday, February 10, 2011


Have you ever been bitten, attacked, or had another kind of significant encounter with an animal? 

Do/did you have dreams about a particular animal, especially as a child?  

Did you have one as a special friend when you were a child?  

Do you feel close to or collect one? 

Trust your instincts...who do you think it is?

You can post your answers to these questions in the comment section and I will try and confirm the animal.  Most of the time they will validate that it is among your lifelong animal spirits.  However, sometimes they will tell me that it is none of my business or refuse to answer.  This is rare though.


  1. Oh my gosh... I was writing to a friend who recently lost his beloved cat... sometimes harder to grieve over our pets than it is our humans. Lynne's profile picture is my "Jade" I lost several years ago.

    So, cat, hummingbird & hawk would be my guess.

    Thanks Diane!

  2. ManyMansions:

    Yes, you are surrounded by tons of Cats. Hawk, Hummingbird and Crow also showed up when I was reading your comment. So they are also among your lifelong animal spirits. I realize you did not list Crow, but he decided to make it known that he is also with you on this life path.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.


  3. Animalspirts.. I'm drawn to crows, wolf, deer, dogs, cats, but would add I love all creatures.

  4. Some relevant animal experiences in my life:

    -When I was a small child, barely able to walk, my family was at a neighbor's house where I played in the front yard as the adults talked on the porch. Another neighbor living in the house next door opened their front door and a big black dog charged out the house and whipped straight across the yard with me in his sights. This dog bit me on the butt and took me to the ground before my dad chased him off.

    -After moving to the country we used to have problems with copperheads coming into the house and usually I was given the job of killing them. I feel a lot of regret from this.

    -As a teenager I was out riding my bike, like I did every day, when I came across a mountain lion by the road. I didn't know what to do, so I stopped and looked her in the eye. Eventually, she shrugged and walked off.

    -Since moving back to town, I have seen more deer than I have the entire time I lived in the country. I often look forward to seeing them.

    -My sister bought a pomeranian for her kids. It became obvious very quickly that the kids were to rough to have a dog around so we adopted him, with the girlie name of "Princy" and all. I quickly fell in love with the little guy. We always kept him in the house because he didn't have enough sense to be afraid of some of the stuff outside. One day he got out of the house, and my bother's girlfriend ran over him with a truck. This loss still hurts.

    -A few months ago I was thinking about the dog that bit me as a child and although I didn't really think of that event as something that still affected me, I made the decision to forgive him for biting me. A few minutes later another big black dog ran at me from the shadows but instead of biting me he slobbered all over my hand, ran happily in circles around me a few times and then ran off.

    Just a few of my experiences. Any ideas? :)


  5. Oh, yeah... Crow. LOL (Duh) Yep, Crow is there too for sure. Crow comes up just before a death on one side of my family while The Owl shows itself on my mothers side. And I should say "Crows" show up. They fill a tree and make a lot of noise.

  6. Crows, wolves, and deer. I cannot begin to describe how often these animals have appeared in my dreams, or how powerful my interactions with them have been.
    In one dream, I experienced what it was like to be a crow, flying over a scene where a wolf was chasing a deer... then I was the wolf, tearing through the underbrush with hunger gnawing at me, and then I was the deer, heart pounding in my throat, desperate to get away.

    These three animals are -so- sacred to me.

  7. Milady, What 3 wonderful animals to have walking and flying with you this Earth path. All of the examples you listed are classic ways they confirm they are among your lifelong animal spirits. Crow is so very are the others. I love that Deer teaches us to listen and to use gentleness in our intent, words, and deeds. You have experienced the predator-prey relationship in such a vivid manner. There are not many people that have had that experience. Diana/animalspirits

  8. Thank you, Diana - I appreciate your wisdom and insight, and am honoured to have these spirits in my life.
    - Lana

  9. I am what you can call an "animal lover" in the sense that I really bond with them. My heart expands ten-fold whenever I am with an animal.
    My mom told me that as a little girl, I would always bring a stray cat/kitten home.
    However, I am puzzled as to a traumatic experience I had with a police dog (German Shepherd) as a toddler during WWII at a Displaced Persons camp in Germany. The dog was chained up but broke loose. All of the children in the yard ran away except for me, so he bit my head. A German army doctor sewed my forehead and eye up without any anesthesia.
    I have absolutely no memory of this event, nor do I have any fear of dogs. Quite the contrary, I love dogs. So, being a lover of animals, it puzzles me why a dog attacked me so viciously as a little girl? I don't blame that dog, because he was trained to attack during the war.

  10. Hi AS

    Your friend Mark referred me to your new site and I ended up here. Love the articles.

    As a child I watched the movie Grizzly Adams and was haunted by the bear for years after. In fact, as a young boy (6 or 7) I would sleep with a knife under my pillow in case he showed up ;)

    A few years ago I went to the Brazilian Rainforest and journeyed with Ayahuasca. I experienced becoming many animals: Stag, Eagle (or similar), Wild Pig and one or two others I am not sure about.

    The shaman said they were all totems for me, but my 'main' totem is Bear! It felt right, but I have still not felt his presence the way I felt and feel other animals.

    Things are moving very fast for me now, and it would be nice to connect with Bear at this time. Any advice?


  11. About 35 years ago, I was walking along a trail in Southern California and came upon a lizard walking toward me on the saem trail. He and I both stopped and looked at each other for a long time. Neither of us were frightened. Then, at the same time, we both walked away. This incident has always stayed with me, and I felt a deep respect or this creature. Also, I have had memorable experiences with spiders (brown recluse), dogs and meadowlarks. Thank you for this forum and your astonishing insights.