Monday, February 21, 2011

The Middle East

As always, use it if it helps, disregard it if it doesn’t.  No worries. 

VG = Visitor Guide
AS = Animalspirits

AS:  May we talk a bit about what is going on in the Middle East?

VG:  Yes.

AS:  People in America seem to have not seen this coming.

VG:  Yes, that is true.

AS:  You told me years ago to watch the Middle East because big changes were coming to that region.  I felt an energy shift change of significant force when America invaded Iraq the first time. 

VG:  Yes.  That action began the energy shift in the whole region.

AS:  I remember thinking that this is going to destabilize the whole region and that it would not be good overall.

VG:  That is true.  Nations have to understand the future ramifications that are caused by going to war anyplace on Earth at this time.  Your Government did not look to the future, but only saw the possibilities for gain if Iraq was in the hands of a more US Government friendly Iraqi government.  As you know, this has still not happened.  Nor will it.  You will pay a huge price for this miscalculation.

AS:  I had been feeling great disquiet energy wise in Egypt, Yemen, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, Israel, Syria, and the whole of Africa.  No one seemed to be picking up on this or if they were they were not talking about.  It seemed to be a “well, if we don’t pay attention to this it will just go away” mindset.

VG:  No, they did not.  You picked up on it because you are more greatly tuned to the energy of Earth and all of her Species.  This disquiet is not limited to Humans.  All species are involved.  We have talked about this many times before.  Anyone picking up on this should have known that it was coming to the breaking point in Egypt and should not have been traveling there for some time.  This turmoil is far from over in Egypt and it is going to take years for real change to manifest there.  As for the other countries, as you often state: “All Hell is breaking loose there.”  This too, is going to take years to be resolved and the United States and other oil dependent countries are not going to like what the end result is.  Your Country has had the opportunity to shift to other energy producing technologies and has chosen not to do so for political reasons.  Your politicians are short sighted and the vast majority of them are there for the power and money they get…yet Americans keep electing them.  As a nation, Americans are lazy.  They consume too much and give too little in return.  This is why the rest of the world is beginning to turn on the United States.  This, too, is going to intensify to a very dangerous level for Americans.  As a people, you must learn what is really going on worldwide.  Your media does not report much of this.  You have the ability to view news from other countries on your computers.  If you want to know what is going on in the Middle East, you better begin to watch Arab broadcasting outlets such as Al Jazeera English: Live Stream.  Your media has a seven-day limit when relaying an important story.  After about seven days, they find something less intense to report and the American people forget.  Americans should not stand for this and they control this with the ratings for these news corporations. 

I realize that there are people on UC that are already doing this because they feel the great energy shift going on there.  There are not yet enough people doing so.  Americans are so used to being first in everything that when some Country or people challenge this, then they are incorrectly designated as enemies of the United States or they are called Terrorists, Communists, or Fascists. 

People that fight tyranny fight with what they have.  The so-called Terrorists do not have the sophisticated weapons you have, so they fight with suicide bombings, roadside bombs, etc.  If they had the same weapons the United States has then this would be a very different story and a very different war.

It is going to be a very long time before Egypt calms down and forms the government that the people want and even longer for the whole region to do so.

A very good example of media disinformation is the Gulf of Mexico oil spill that happened last year.  There are devastating environmental things going on in the Gulf still.  The media has decided not to report what scientists are finding on the sea floor in the Gulf.  That is why I told you not to eat anything coming out of the Gulf for years.  It is why your Roscoe and the other spirit animals protecting the Gulf are so angry.  They are seriously considering not keeping the hurricanes out of the Gulf this season.  The Government, in an effort to prop up the seafood industry there, is buying this tainted seafood and feeding it to your troops.  This is very bad energy wise and will have serious ramifications for those that have made this decision.  We can talk more about this in a future conversation if you wish.

AS:  Yes, I would like to do that.

VG:  That will be fine.

AS:  What should Americans be doing to begin to prepare for these Earth changes?

VG:  Solar and wind energy will help, but it will not be enough.  Water availability is the key.  Without it, there will be worldwide famine.  That is on the horizon also.

AS:  Is this tied to the 2012 hysteria?

VG:  No. 

AS:  Thank you for talking to me.

VG:  You are welcome.


  1. Animalspirits and VG.. Excellent post. I totally agree with you on the need of having a good clean water supply. We're tapped into a huge underground water sourse thankfully.

  2. Thank you. She just keeps hammering the water thing into me over and over. It must be VERY important. I have the feeling the need is going to be sooner than later.

  3. When all is said and done, will the events in the arab world be a good thing for the human race?

  4. AS- Nevermind my last post. I reread the blog and realized it already answered my question. :)

  5. She said:

    VG: No. Not for the stability or freedom of the Human race.

  6. Dax,

    She was too fast with the answer. LOL