Monday, May 30, 2011

Orca and the Tubes

Orca is one of my lifelong Animal Spirits and, as such, I have been working with him for over 70 years.  I have known for all of that time that he is with me and has been with me over multiple lives, as have Black Jaguar and Crow.

I do not like the term “God” because it immediately throws one into the conventional views that organized religion wishes us to believe.  I prefer to call this the Source or the All.  I will talk more about this when I post my thoughts on the content of The Key, which will be my next Blog post. 

Orca is a child of the Stars.  He is born of the stars.  He has amazing abilities and has taken me on some mind-blowing trips out among the universe and even to the place before existence.  The place before existence (his words, not mine) is where the primordial soup that is the building blocks of universes, galaxies, stars, species, and all contained within the universe waits to be formed into life.  I have swum in this soup with all the glory that comes with this experience.

I have seen Orca ingesting this soup and excreting formed galaxies, stars, etc.  It is the most wonderful thing I have ever been privileged to witness.  He swims the darkness between these formed objects and plants them where they are needed.  It is stunningly beautiful…this birthing process.  I know with certainty that Orca is a Creator Being.  The Darkness where he swims to complete this process is itself beautiful and peaceful.

In the mid-eighties Orca began showing giant tubes that looked like they contained this same primordial soup.  These tubes are located in the water along the coasts of all oceans, seas, and large lakes on Earth.   There is nowhere that is void of these tubes.

About five or so years ago, Orca began to talk more about them to me.  He took me up to one of them and I touched it.  It felt like nothing I have ever felt before.  It is cool, transparent, and not rigid at all.  Once I touched it, I realized that it is a living entity.

These tubes extend deep into the bowels of the Earth and far into space.  Until recently, I did not understand what the use of these tubes was for.

Orca and my Visitor Guide took me to one of them.  I was told that when the great Earth changes come that these tubes would bend from the top end and meet over all these bodies of water.  They then have formed a protective dome.  The purpose of this dome is to protect the water on Earth from boiling away.  The seas may boil, but the water will not be lost.  It will be here for the next set of species to use.  For now, these tubes remain in their non-dome stance…waiting.  I remember asking if they would be used if something needed to be done to begin this protection before the extreme Earth changes manifest.  The answer I was given was “Yes.”

Now they have been used.  Orca blew two of the tubes, causing the Earthquake and Tsunami that hit Japan a few months ago.  I saw it happen.  The tubes came down and their tops went into the Ocean off of Japan.  The energy that was in these tubes was expelled and we all know the consequences of this action.

I asked why something was done that killed so many Humans.  This is what I was told:

“Japan continues to hunt Whales and Dolphins under the guise of research, when in fact it is to provide food to Humans that should know better.  Whales and Dolphins are more sentient than Humans.  What the Japanese continue to do amounts to mass genocide and will not be tolerated.  This was a wake up call to Humans to stop this insanity and stop it now or there will be even greater consequences because we control the weather.  These tubes give us the ability to control weather over the entire planet, even on land.  Your so-called industrial nations bear a greater responsibility to begin to alleviate the stress on Earth and if they do not, we will.”

I told Orca I understood.

To date, I have not met anyone else that has the ability to see these tubes, but I have been told that there are others.  Perhaps these others are not going to talk about it, but I was told to do so and to write this blog.

However, Orca has told me that if Humans do not heed this initial use of the tubes we will be seeing more violent displays of its power…and that we really do not want this to occur.


  1. Blogs such as this aside, how is the Japanese government intended to make the connection between Whaling and the recent Earthquake? Or is there someone reading this blog that can do something about it?

    Just wondering about the missing link, is all.


  2. I understand.I have not seen the tubes but know that changes are coming . The planets are lining up getting ready for new beginings. It's sad that people don't heed warnings.As it is the oceans are being poisoned and whales are being hunted still.I hope the wake up call is heeded.
    How is Shadow? Hope the medicine is working.

  3. Dax, I knew almost immediately when that Tsunami hit what had happened. It was as if a giant Whale tail had slapped a massive part of the Ocean. The Japanese will not believe it. They have to understand the ramifications of their actions. If they fail to understand that there are sentient beings besides Humans on Earth that will act, we are all going to pay a price. I have had the feeling for years that it no longer matters...that it is too late for us to reverse this. I hope not...but this is far past the time when love is going to solve what we have sown. I am sure they will have more to say in the near future as I have a very bad feeling about this Hurricane Season worldwide.

  4. MM: Shadow has had a bad weekend and will get fluids tomorrow. I heard hard knocking (sounded like it was on the hardwood floor) at 3 AM this morning. I looked over and saw she was not in her bed and immediately came out to the living room where she was. She vomited shortly after that. I gave her one of her anti-nausea pills and she held it for 45 minutes, then did it again. She has eaten well and drank water today,so I guess enough of the medicine was absorbed into her system before she did it again. I am hopeful she will be OK tonight...but we shall see. I know that most people would have believed they were about to be taken by Aliens when the knocking happened, but I (not being afraid) looked for the reason. So a huge thank you to either Roscoe, Spirits, or Aliens for helping her out in her time of need. She thanks you for asking about her.

  5. I never knew the Japanese, or anyone for that matter, ate whales and dolphins. I just did a google search on it and was surprised. Thanks for your post.

  6. Animalspirits,
    Thank you for posting about the spots of light on your thread, it's the only thread I visit on that web site. I've seen these lights for such a long time, wondered what they were.
    Our little Abbie sends light and love to Shadow : )

  7. Animalspirits,
    How does a person enter his or her radiant body to work on becoming closer to the sourse ( light ) ?

  8. Way to go Animalspirits: ) I just read your thread on Whitleys message board, and you hit the nail on the head ( so to speak.)

  9. MM:


    I have not forgotten your question above, just have been dealing with a quite sick Doggy for the last week.

    I will do it as soon as I can.

  10. Understood : ) Is Shadow feeling a little better? I will send healing thoughts in her direction.

  11. Great post! I look forward to hearing more about the work of the Orcas and these tubes as you learn more. Thank you for sharing. I hope that others who know about them will also share.

    It's been great to meet you again.

    Your friend,

  12. Can't wait for the new site to be up and running. Way to go Animalspirits.

  13. Hi Again AS

    I saw something very similar to what you describe on a Yopo journey in Colombia.

    The tubes looked like holographic circular entities that rested on the surface of the earth (and completely covered it). They popped out of the earth like huge worms (aka the movie Dune) and swallowed up humans who were expressing any form of violence, taking them down to some cavernous underground space, presumably for some kind of processing?

    I asked to go see where they went, and got a ride down a tube into the deep dark cave. I was told to wait and something important seemed about to happen, unfortunately, I lost concentration and ended up somewhere else, so missed the show :0(