Sunday, July 17, 2011


It is with great pleasure that I announce the new website:

Most of the member interaction is going to take place in the forum, so please make sure that you join it.

First, please be sure to read the thread titled: All Members:  Read this before posting, please.

There is a thread in the Basic Concepts Folder for each of the audio recordings that I did.  There is an order to the recordings.  You will get the greatest benefit from them if you listen to them in order.  They are not long.  Most are around ten minutes.  The last one is a bit longer.

If you have a question or comment, please make sure it is in the appropriate thread for the particular audio interview you are referring to.  That way, things will stay orderly for newcomers. 

I hope you will find this place on the web to be a positive and useful learning experience.

Posts from Trolls, Spammers, etc. will be deleted and the member banned. 

See you in the new site!